31 August 2006

Back in His Arms

“Aw crap!”
“What is it?”
“I left my calculator in the car!”
He sighed. “Go get it.”
“No. Whatever. I don’t care. Sorry, no offense.” I said to my teacher as he passed out our chemistry test on the last day of class.

I had plans to have sex. With Jefferson. After not seeing him for 6 weeks. I didn’t want to waste even 5 extra minutes on that test.

I raced through it, doing the calculations the best I could without a calculator and handed it in and headed straight to the train station. Since I made good time on my test I was able to catch an earlier train.

“Hello?” Jefferson said over the intercom.
“You’re early!”
“Is that Ok?”
“Yeah, come on up.”

It was a real struggle for me to contain my excitement while waiting for the elevator.

I knocked on his door, but there was no answer so I let my self in and found Jefferson was in the shower.

I bounced on the balls of my feet outside the bathroom door waiting for him to come out. As soon as he stepped into the hall I mauled him, wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him tight.

“Baby you’re heart is racing!”
“I’m just so excited to see you!”
“Don’t ever leave me for 6 weeks again!” I said flicking him on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry sweetie, I won’t.”

He kissed me, his body pressing me into the wall, his hands firmly on my hips. I felt Jefferson growing hard and I ached to strip and feel his skin against mine.

We kissed and kissed, ignoring the need for air.

I broke away, desperate to get naked.

“So, wanna see it?”
“Uh huh.”

We moved to the bedroom and I stripped out of my clothes and laid on the bed, spreading my legs open for him.

“What a minute, what’s this?” he said about a tattoo on my hip.
“Aww it’s just fake. But I want to get it done one day.”
“Oh, phew! Well look at this. It’s pretty!” he said lightly fingering my new jewelry.
“That’s what I said!”

He climbed in between my legs and took my clit in his mouth flicking his tongue over and around the barbell. My fingers ran through his hair and down his cheek gently as he ate me out.

“Mmm” I moaned as my body heated up.

Jefferson’s tongue poked under the barbell reaching my clit directly.

“Uunnh!” I groaned, my hips jerking off the bed.

I squirmed under him as he worked that spot until I felt the orgasm take over, my toes curling, my pussy clenching, my hands gripping the sheets as I cried out.

“Oh fuck!” I said, panting.

Jefferson moved up on the bed and took me in his arms and kissed me deep, his tongue probing the inside of my mouth, as his fingers tweaked my nipples.

I let out a sigh, happy to be back in his arms.

“Let’s fuck,” he said grabbing a condom.
“’Bout time.”

He hugged me close as he gently slipped inside me. I buried my face in his chest and neck, inhaling his scent and I wrapped my legs around his calves and rocked my hips in sync with his. His lips delivered gentle kisses on my skin and I moaned softly in his ear as we made love.

I held him as tight and as close as possible, having missed him so much, and it wasn’t long before I came, grabbing Jefferson tight and crying out sweetly as my toes curled.

As my orgasm subsided, Jefferson withdrew and rolled next to me, pulling me tight into him, spooning me from behind. He wrapped his arms around me and we just laid together silently.

And there’s really nothing I love more than when Jefferson hugs me tight like this. I always feel so safe and loved and protected when I’m in his arms.

After a little bit of just lying quietly, I turned to face Jefferson. I nuzzled my face in his chest as he kissed the top of my head. Then I tilted my head up and kissed his chin, then his lips, my tongue darting in his mouth. My fingers ran through his hair as we kissed while his rubbed my cheek sweetly.

He broke away and reached for a condom. I turned on my back, ready for him, as he slipped it on. I pulled my knees to my chest and Jefferson pushed back into me making me sigh with pleasure. We fucked some more until Jefferson gave me another orgasm.

“So, did I tell you, before I left, I had a meeting with this cute submissive boy,” Jefferson said as we laid resting.
“No, you didn’t!”
“Yeah, we only met once, but he’s stayed in touch while I was away. What do you think about seeing if he’s free to come over tonight so we can fuck him and beat him?”
“Yes, definitely!” I said after giving it a moment’s thought.
“Alright, I’ll send him an e-mail.”

Good thing I brought my strap-on and new flogger to try out.

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Holy Fuck! That's Hot!

God, I'm such a lesbian!

Hippity Hop Hop

Easter’s on it’s way?


But my Rabbit came!

I had hopped (no pun intended) on the bandwagon of all my friends and signed myself up for a test run.

I chose the Impulse, to be different from everyone else.

I woke up late today, and it hadn't occurred to me for a little bit that today was when I was expecting my package. When it dawned on me, I opened my front door and squealed with delight when I saw the cardboard box sitting on my stoop.

Even though I was only in a shirt and my skivvies, I dashed outside the door to grab it.

I tore the box open and pulled off the newspaper to reveal the contents.

There it was. All pretty in it's package. I pulled the packaged toy out of the larger box only to find a surprise toy underneath!

Along with my rabbit, the water dancer vibrator had been included!


I unwrapped them both, added batteries, and retreated to my bed.

Before putting it in me, I just played around with the buttons to see what everything did. Shit, this is gonna be fun!

Jumping right into it, I pushed it in, turning on the ears first.


Ok, let's see what this baby can really do.

I turned on the shaft, just starting on low.

"Oh yeah."

I moved it around until I found a good depth and then started to play around with the different functions of the ears. I liked the different sensations, the pulsating and escalating, but I knew I needed the steady vibrations to cum. As I felt myself getting closer to cumming, I returned to the high vibrations setting and turned up the speed of the shaft.

I moaned loudly and my hips bucked as my body got closer.

I felt my pussy clench and I cried out as I came.

I turned the toy off and pulled it out as I lay panting.

Hot damn.

After resting for a few moments, I decided to try out the bonus vibe. I slipped on the ears and turned it on, and positioned it over my clit. The little ears slipped under my hood and tickled my clit in a way that reminded me of how Jefferson's tongue does the same.

I only used it for a few moments because my clit was still sensitive from cumming, but I know it's going to get a lot of use in the future.

I have a feeling I'm going to want to invest in some rechargeable batteries...

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Vodka, bourbon, and wine.

Damn that was the best.

30 August 2006

Sugasm #44

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28 August 2006


Condoms? Check

Lube? Check

2 best friends? Check. Check.

Beach and suntan lotion? Double check.

Rainy forecast? Che---wait! That's not supposed to be on the list! Damn it.

27 August 2006


“I really need some ice cream. Chocolate. Maybe a milkshake. Is there anywhere to get it around here?” I asked Gabriel as soon as I reached his place.

Traffic had not been my friend that Friday. I missed a doctor’s appointment because of standstill traffic on 78 (even before it was closed) which caused me to drive for 3 hours with no purpose. Then on my way to the train station to go see Gabriel, I missed two, count them- 2, trains into the city because of rush hour traffic directly in front of the station.

Plus it was hot and humid and it made me all sticky.

There wasn’t an ice cream shop so I settled on chocolate milk and Haagen Daz Cookie Dough from the grocery mart.

We returned to Gabriel’s place and I stripped down to my tank top and underwear trying to get cool and not be so sticky.

“Maybe I should turn on the air?”
“Oh my God yes!”

The machine worked its magic quickly and efficiently and Gabriel and I quickly found ourselves naked after putting the ice cream away.

He kissed me with such a sweetness and gentleness. On my lips. Down my neck. My nipples.

He trailed kisses down my stomach and sucked my clit in his mouth. His tongue slowly circled it making me moan softly. He flicked it faster and faster until I came in his face, my toes curled, my back twisted.

Gabriel would be the last one to suck on my naked clit.

And then he was in me. His cock slid in effortlessly and he plunged into me. He held me close as our bodies rubbed against each other, building sweat on the hot summer night. My body shuddered as I came again.

I was on my hands and knees and I felt the cool liquid hit my ass. Gabriel spread it around before pushing into me. I moaned into the bed as he fucked me. My pussy throbbed and ached to cum. Gabriel’s hand covered mine as my fingers rubbed my clit. I felt my ass and pussy spasm and I wanted to scream, but held back to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

He cock was in my mouth and his hands held my cheeks as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I could feel the calluses on his fingers from his guitar playing rub against my skin. He pumped faster and I slackened my jaw as he fucked my face. He jerked deep in my throat and I felt the hot, salty fluid flow down my throat. It was the first time I’d seen Gabriel cum, in fact.

His arms wrapped me tight as we drifted off to sleep.

It was early morning, too early for a Saturday when we woke up for our morning fuck.

We drifted back to sleep and my excitement dragged Gabriel out of bed and into the shower a little after 11.

Why was I so excited? Because I was finally getting my piercing!

“Ok, you can touch me on the air conditioned train, just not here,” I told Gabriel as we waited on the hot platform for the downtown train.

It took forever to get down to St. Mark’s. Or well my anticipation just made it seem that way. Though we were coming from Washington Heights in all fairness.

We walked around, Gabriel giving me a tour of lower Manhattan since I ‘m not a frequent visitor.

“And now we’re in the East Village” he said as we crossed Broadway. (?)

We were on our way to get Gabriel his morning caffeine fix (since I was tired of repeating myself) when we were stopped by a Greenpeace vulture. Well she was kinda nice, so maybe I shouldn’t say vulture.

“Can I talk to you guys about Greenpeace for a moment?”

Damn and the Starbuck’s was in sight too!

“Um sure, but walk with us to Starbucks,” Gabriel said.

She gave us her spiel and somehow managed to get Gabriel to sign up. I was thankfully without an income and thus had a good excuse.

Forms filled out and coffee in hand we make our way down St. Mark’s to the piercing studio, Andromeda.

“Look at that, you can see his balls!” Gabriel pointed out as we passed a hobo.
“Eww! You can! Oh God that’s disgusting! That’s the most vile thing I’ve seen on the streets of New York! Eww!!”
“Think we should go tell him?”
“He probably already knows!”

“She wants to get her hood pierced,” Gabriel blurts out as soon as we walk in the shop.
“Gabriel! At least wait until I’m all the way in!”
“Sorry, I just blurt things out. We wanted to see if we need to make an appointment.”
“No, you don’t need an appointment,” the shop girl told us.
“Ok, well were going to have breakfast first.”

“You really have no sense of decorum, do you?” I chide him over breakfast.
“No. Not really.”

“Oh God,” I said as we were finishing breakfast.
“I think I’m gonna throw up. I’m so nervous now!”
“You’ll be fine.”
“I know, I know. Ok, let’s go before I chicken out.”

“Ok, I’m just going to clean the area and place a dot for positioning,” the piercer informed me as he sat between my legs. “How’s that look?” he asked handing me a mirror.
“Looks fine. I heard this doesn’t hurt that much, right?”
“Some people have said it’s like plucking eye brows.”
“Oh that doesn’t hurt!”
“Then this shouldn’t either! Now I’m going to place a receiving tube under the hood so I don’t pierce your clitoris.”
“Thank you,” I joked making Gabriel and the piercer laugh.
“I’ll count to three when I’m going to do the piercing.”
“Hand please, Gabriel,” I asked, grabbing it tight.
“One, two, three. Deep breath in.”
“Aaaahhh!! Fuck!” I said breathing out. Plucking eyebrows my ass!!
“And now I’m going to insert the jewelry” he said inserting the barbell and screwing on the end ball. “Here you go” he said handing the mirror to me.
“Oh my God it’s so pretty!” I exclaimed.

“It really didn’t hurt too much. Just when he put the needle through. And I didn’t even squeeze your hand that hard!”
“Um, yeah you did, but that’s ok.”
“Aww! I’m sorry! Ok, but still to muggy for you to be draped on me!”

Gabriel and I parted ways on the subway as I headed home and he headed to do laundry.

“Guess what baby, I’m pierced!” I e-mailed to Jefferson in Paris. I couldn’t wait until he was home and I could show him.

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25 August 2006

Help Me Clay Aiken!

Just as we were finishing and our guests were leaving, Jefferson's surprise had arrived. He met Farahnaz at the door as she was walking in. After they said their hellos, they came into the living room where she and I exchanged introductions.

(For those of you who don't read Jefferson's blog, Farahnaz is a beautiful Persian princess with a mile of leg and a very engaging personality. She also happens to be a post-op transsexual, But who could tell really?)

Farahnaz, Mitzi, and I all went and sat on the terrace and I listened in as the two friends caught up. Jefferson joined us after having set up for the party.

"Is everyone getting on well out here?"
"Yes," I nod.
"I was just filling them in on my jack ass soon to be ex-husband," Farahnaz said.
"I'm sorry to hear that," Jefferson responded.

The phone rang, signaling the arrival of someone else and Jefferson got up to let them in.

One by one guests arrived, including everyone's favorite, Mmm...Mark (at my special request), a young and very shy Russian boy, Andrei, and another fellow, Larry.

As everyone was socializing, I helped Jefferson make dinner. He assembled the nachos, double layer mind you, as I chopped vegetables for the salad. Remembering my strawberries in the fridge, I gathered my ingredients to make my daiquiris.

I filled the blender with as much ice as Jefferson had. Which wasn't much. Ok, so they'd have to be small drinks.

"Why don't you have more ice?"
"I thought about getting a bag, but as you can see, there isn't much room."
"Hmm...true. Well you'll just have to drink your bourbon warm tonight."

I packed in the strawberries and my own special blended daiquiri mix, adding extra liquid to stretch it out and get a little more. I manage 4 old-fashioned sized glasses.

I took two to the terrace and offered to Mitzi and Farahnaz.

"Here you go ladies," I said handing them each a glass.
"Thanks, Avah" Mitzi said putting her cigarette down.
"Oh! I forgot to add booze! Do you want booze?"
"What is there to add?" Mitzi asked.
"Oh, well, we do have our wine. It's Ok."
"You sure?"
"Yep" they both nodded.
Mitzi took a sip.
"How is it?"
"Excellent! Thanks so much!"

I returned back inside to check on the status of the nachos. I was starving. I tried being healthy at lunchtime just having salad, fruit, and water with my sister in-law. Fuck that. I needed greasy, cheesy junk food.

"How do they look?" Jefferson asked me, opening the oven.

He set them on the table and we gave them a taste.

"Maybe we should tell everyone else the food's ready," I said, starting to fill a plate.
"Good point" he agreed, taking another bite.
"You go tell them" I insisted, pulling another cheesy chip.
"Ok, ok. Food's ready, guys" he announced to the people in the living room and terrace.
"Hey, these are kinda spicy. What's in them?" I asked.
"Probably the salsa."
"Hmm..." I thought. Oh yeah!
"Sour cream!" we both cried out at the same time.

After everyone gathered their plates, we all sat around the living room. Mark filled us in with a story of a spur of the moment orgy after watching a world cup soccer game.

Once we finished eating, Jefferson, Mark, Mitzi, and I went back to the dark, candlelit bedroom.

Mitzi and I stood next to each other, across from Jefferson and Mark, and my hand brushed hers as we watched them kiss briefly. They broke apart and began kissing us.

Mark leaned down, put his hands on my hips, and pulled me into him. My fingers ran through his hair as we kissed. I noticed next to me Mitzi on her knees in front of Jefferson.

Mark and I continued kissing, breaking only to slowly undress.

Mitzi and Jefferson moved to the bed to fuck.

The last piece of clothing left on Mark was his boxer briefs. I peeled them off and kneeled in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth. My tongue swirled around his shaft and I felt him grow harder. My head bobbed down the length of him until my nose pressed against his groin. After a little while of that, he pulled me up and motioned me towards the bed.

I lied down on the bed as Mark fetched a condom. He climbed on the bed and on top of me. He pushed himself inside me, making me moan. My hands ran over his tight, soccer-toned body as he thrusted into me. I tried to wrap my legs around him, but had to be careful not to bump into Jefferson and Mitzi. His pelvis rocked against my clit and I soon came grabbing him tight and still holding him as he came just after.

Mark got up to clean up and I turned to watch Jefferson fucking Mitzi.

Though I couldn't just watch.

My mouth found its way to one of Mitzi's nipples and my finger, the other. She moaned loudly as Jefferson thrust hard into her and my tongue flicked her nipple.

God, I really do love breasts.

Eventually, at some point, Jefferson's cock found its way to me. I remember craving for him to be rougher- to slap me, choke me, or hold me down or something! I didn't get why he was being so vanilla!

"Want Mitzi to beat you?" he asked me.
"Mmm, good" Mitzi purred. "Turn over," she ordered me.
I turned over and lied on my stomach.
"On your knees, Avah," she corrected.
I pulled my knees under me and glanced at Mark in front of me and Jefferson sitting in a chair before Mitzi slipped a blindfold over my eyes.
"Can you see anything?"
I shook my head no. She then said something that made me laugh.
"Are you laughing at me? It's not a good idea to be laughing at me right now," she said in my ear as she pushed my head into the mattress.

Mitzi stood up and walked behind me. Her hands stung against my ass as they warmed my skin up. Being blindfolded, all I could do was listen as Mitzi moved around, picking up implements from Jefferson's arsenal.

I flinched, moaned, and squirmed as she beat me. Occasionally Mark would run his hands over my shoulders, soothing me.

One strike went astray, catching me on the stomach and made me flinch.

"I think you may be wrapping a little sweetie" Jefferson interjected.
"Oh that's a fancy term, you read a book or something?" Mitzi responded, but adjusting her aim.

When she finished, Mitzi climbed on the bed pulling me into her arms. Her cold hands ran over my warm flesh as I began to leave subspace.

"I think I want me a spanking like that," Mark said.
"I can probably do that for you," Jefferson offered.

Mark moved lower on the bed and positioned himself on his hands and knees.

Jefferson gave him a few quick slaps before picking up the slapper.

I watched in awe as Jefferson brought it down hard against Mark's ass. This was the first time I've ever seen Jefferson beat someone (I've always been on the receiving end) and God it was the hottest thing in the world!

My own body jumped when the leather made impact, knowing full well what its subject was feeling. Mark moaned as Jefferson smacked him, but if you listened closer, you could hear he was really saying "Gooooaaaaaalllll..."

Mark was hit with a particularly hard strike, making him cry out.

"Help me Lord!"
"Lord can't help you tonight!" Jefferson remarked.
"Help me Clay Aiken!"

We all burst into laughter, not knowing where that even came from!

Mark took only a couple more before he had had enough.

The room began to clear; Mitzi for a smoke, Mark for some bourbon, and Jefferson and I found ourselves alone.

It was getting late and I needed to be leaving soon because I had class the next day. I wanted to fuck Jefferson once more before he went away for the month.

"Baby, I'm gonna miss you when you're away" I said kissing him.
"I know. Me too. But I'll be back before you know it" he assured me. "Turn over, I'm gonna fuck your ass."

I shook my head no.

"No? You want me to do it the regular way?"

I shook my head yes.

"So old-fashioned."

Jefferson grabbed a condom and pulled me to the corner of the bed. He pushed my legs back and slammed into me making me cry out.

He fucked me slow at first. Kissing me and caressing me, his hand brushed back my hair.

His hands moved to my breasts, grabbing them tight as he fucked me faster.

Then to the insides of my thighs, spreading them wider.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and angled my hips higher.

Jefferson grabbed a shoulder and pushed it down into the bed.

His hand came lightly across my cheek. Exactly what I had been craving.

“Finally!” I cried.

He slapped me again. Much, much harder.

And again. And another two on either cheek.

I winced feeling the fire surging through my cheeks.

And another fire surging to my pussy.

My fingers had crept to my clit and started rubbing it. I could feel I was close, but my body was going to make me work for that last orgasm.

I rubbed my clit as fast as I could as Jefferson fucked me hard, grabbing and pulling at me.

My breath caught in my throat as I felt it right there.

“Come on, come on!” Jefferson growled.

At that, I came hard, my pussy clamping down around Jefferson’s cock and I screamed hard, my fingernails digging into his flesh.

My hips made one final jerk pushing Jefferson from me.

I found myself tight in Jefferson’s arms a moment later.

I wasn’t really keen on leaving because I was not happy about starting summer classes the next day.

Mitzi walked in the room to get something and I called to her to cuddle with us.

“I’m gonna go smoke on the terrace.”
“Oh how can I resist that face” she said climbing on the bed.

I turn from Jefferson and snuggle into Mitzi.

I would have been most content to just fall asleep between the two of them. Stupid school.

“You know it’s almost 1:00” Mitzi, my designated clock watcher, informed me.
“Ok, ok. I’ll get dressed when it hits the 1:00” I said snuggling in closer.

A little after one I forced myself to crawl out of bed and I slipped my clothes on and tried to neaten my disheveled hair. I gathered my penis and other things and Jefferson and Mitzi walked me to the door.

“That was fun tonight” I said kissing and hugging Mitzi goodnight.
“It was! Let me know how classes are tomorrow.”
“Will do. And you have fun with all your world gallivanting” I said to Jefferson.
“I will.”
“Oh I’m just gonna miss you!” I moaned squeezing him tight.
“Me too. Me too,” he said kissing my forehead.

I said my final goodbye and slipped out the door to retrieve my car.

I walk to the garage and hand someone my ticket.
“Uh…wat time?” the attendant asks me.
I look at the card and it only says 11:30, no indication of AM or PM.
“11:30 AM” I honestly replied. Shoot. Why am I too good to lie?
“AM?” he asked, processing what I said.
“Yes, AM.”
He looked at the chart. Oh he wasn’t getting it.
“The morning?” I added to clarify.
“Oh, the morning! $35.”
Damn my honesty!

I hopped in my car and sailed out of the city. I had just gotten through the tunnel when I realized I had forgotten my belt. Aw crap.

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23 August 2006

Howdy Y'all from Memphis- Sugasm #43

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Leading the pack is the top 3 posts voted by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #44? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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19 August 2006

Always Read the Fine Print!

Scene: I'm at a catfish restraunt with my parents and friends of my mom, we're still deciding what to eat for lunch...
Mom: Armadillo Eggs! What?! People eat those?!
I look at the menu to see what she's talking about.
Me: Huh? What? Did you read the description?!
Armadillo Eggs: Cheese-stuffed jalapeno peppers are stuffed inside cheesy, spicy biscuits
Mom: Oh no, I just read the bold!
Me: Jesus Mom, come on!

15 August 2006

"Summertime, and the living is easy..."

Sweet Moses August is half way over already!

I Don't Tolerate racism or Constipation

10 points to anyone who know where that phrase is from!

Fighting with friends is difficult. But being on the receiving end of a irrational and cruel attack from one is even worse. "In a heated argument we are apt to lose sight of the truth." And I had the unfortunate misfortune to be on the receiving end of such an attack from a dear and truly loved friend this weekend.

The spark was lit Saturday night. And had she stopped there, it wouldn't have been so bad. "Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied." But despite my unwillingness to argue back, only defend myself, it only resumed Sunday night.

In a quick flash she stopped and saw the vileness of her words. At first her apologies were empty and I wasn't biting. Until she clued me in on some of her demons that better explained what fueled such an attack. But it took 3 martinis and a night's rest for my own anger to subside.

I no longer felt betrayed by her attack, but pained and worried over the struggles my friend was facing. I related to her on a deep level knowing the furry addictions can cause and the unforgivable, really, things people can say. And even though she pleaded for my forgiveness, I didn't give it for her to feel better or even me to feel better. I did it because I wanted my friend and I couldn't get along with her if I didn't forgive her.

I had no interest in holding this transgression over her head. I didn't want to punish her for my pain by withholding my forgiveness. And I don't want the power I could have from being "the innocent" one in it all.

But as much as I learned about my friend, I learned a lot about myself in all this. I was able to stand up to someone I had more or less been intimidated by, something I've been rather unsuccessful at in the past. And I learned how even though it was difficult to forgive when I struggled with wanting to stick with my principle of not rebuilding bridges, I put aside my stubbornness to keep my friend whom I really loved.

And honestly, this kind of intimacy is much scarier for me. Getting close to friends that it. But once I find such a special friend, it's really all worth it.

"To Friendship"

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Fucking Mitzi (100th Post!)

Editor's note: this is the continuation of my last post, Orange Isn't Anybody's Color. I'm going away for a few days to visit some family down south in Tennessee, and I'm not sure of what my Internet access will be, so if I disappear for a few days, that's where I am. But don't worry, I'll be back in no time to continue with my stories!

We all go to Jefferson's bedroom where the 3 boys strip down first. Mitzi and I start to undress our selves when Jefferson suggests we take off each other's clothes.

Mitzi goes first and slips my shirt over my head. I reach my arms around her and unclasp her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

"See Jefferson, that's how it's done" I joke.

My hands brush across her breasts and I feel her nipples harden with my touch. I tilt my head down and kiss her. My hands move to her face and my fingers dive into her soft curls. We break apart and she kneels in front of me and peels my underwear off.

Both of us naked now, I lead Mitzi back to the bed. She lays down on her back and I crawl on top of her. I kiss her deeply and hold her close, my skin craving the feeling of hers. My hands roam all over her soft skin, massaging and softly caressing, fueled by lust and passion for her.

My lips kiss down her neck, stopping at her breasts to suck and nibble on her nipples. I continue kissing down her soft belly until I reach between her legs.

I push Mitzi's legs a little further apart and settle in close to her. Before I even start, the smell of her fills my nose and I feel my pussy get wet in response. I wrap my arms around her thighs and stick out my tongue, running it over the outside of her lips.

I dip my tongue in further and spread her wetness around. My tongue finds her clip and presses against it. Her body jerks and she moans loudly as I toy with her.

I slip my fingers inside her wet pussy and gently massage her g-spot. The sounds of her moans and the faint noises of the others in the room floats around me, sometimes penetrating my consciousness.

I sit up, smiling at her.

"I'm going to fuck you now."

I step into my harness with my new penis attached. It's smaller but stands more upright. Jefferson gets me a condom from the drawer.

"Thanks baby. Are you going to put it on for me too?"
"How about I do it Italian Style?"

He puts the condom in his mouth and kneels in front of me. He places his mouth on my cock and gently rolls the condom down it.

"Damn, that's hot" I comment as he stands back up.

I go back to the bed where Mitzi lays waiting for me. I kneel between her open legs and bend down and kiss her. God, I do love those lips. I poise myself outside her and gently push in making her groan.

I watch my first few strokes to better gauge my new length. One disadvantage of having multiple penises. After finding my groove, I rock my hips, pumping in and out of her slowly. The bed rocks as my tempo increases and Jefferson moves the bedside tables to the side a bit.

"Sorry" I say.
"It's Ok."

I glance briefly at the men watching, but I'm really barely cognizant of anyone else in the room.

"Mind if I ride you for a bit?" Mitzi asks me after a bit.
"Go right ahead" I say switching places.

She straddles my hips and lowers herself on to me. I watch her as she closes her eyes and steadily rocks against me. The men close in on us and it's obvious they're getting ready to cum.

Mitzi and I watch the men get closer, stroking faster.

"Where should we cum?" one of them asks.
"Anywhere but the face" I reply.

The 2 guys cum, one after another, onto my chest.

"You switched positions on purpose, didn't you!" I joked with Mitzi.
"Not at all."
"Well how bout you gimme a kiss then" I say.

She gingerly leans down and kisses my forehead, avoiding the cum on my chest and some that ended up landing by my mouth.

Mitzi gets up, but takes my penis with her.

"Oops!" she laughs.
"You know, I thought I felt it pop out."

Jefferson leaves and gets me a washcloth and wipes me clean.

We all dress quickly because it's just about 8:00 and people should start arriving soon for the party, including a surprise guest for Jefferson.

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14 August 2006

Explaining the Pain

I was reading some articles on a site I stumbled across tonight, Sensual Service

The article I was reading was about Ritual Pain:

A woman writes,

Humans have utilized, and continue to utilize, pain in ritual to accomplish different goals: as a ceremony of purification, as a means to an altered state of mind, as a technique to travel astrally, as a healing for past pain and as an ordeal to suffer and endure before being allowed to move from one level to another, as in my first initiation. Why do we use pain in this fashion? As Doreen Valiente said, "The reason we use the scourge, is that it works!" Pain stands as a proven technique for reaching the subconscious, raising energy and achieving altered states....

No matter what class or educational background you hail from, enduring pain can give you an incredible feeling of power: power over your own body, power over your circumstances. If you can refuse to feel the pain, or to react to it, you can control your life.
These 2 excerpts, I felt, describe perfectly what was happening with me Friday night when Jefferson was giving me my beating. Needing to feel the pain to move past my anger and also needing to control my reactions to prove I won't let myself be hurt in my relationship with Jefferson.

Just thought I'd share what I discovered to better explain since I wasn't sure if my post was thorough enough.

Orange Isn't Anybody's Color

Now back to our storyline

It was another two weeks again before I got to see Jefferson. Our plans one morning had gotten cancelled by uncontrollable circumstances- his daughter getting sick. So I had to wait until the following orgy night. I was a little miffed how it worked out I only got to see Jefferson those nights that month, but I had a great consolation prize of getting to do a bukkake show with Mitzi before hand.

Deciding to kill two birds with one trip into the city I made plans to see my visiting sister in-law and niece since they stay only a few blocks from Jefferson.

I met my sister in-law, Avah (yes, we have the same name) and the youngest niece Abigail at their place to go for lunch. The two older girls were at summer camp. I knocked on the door and Abigail opened it and wrapped her arms tight around my hips.

"Hi Abigail!" I say picking her up (which becomes increasingly difficult each year!)
"Hi there" I say kissing my sister in-law.

As soon as Abigail puts her shoes on we all leave to go to lunch. I chat with Avah and Abigail about what's gone on in the past year since I saw them last.

"So, are you still seeing that guy you were with last year?" Avah asks me, diving right into the good stuff.
"Who, Mike? Nah, I ended that a long time ago. I started seeing someone in the fall, but broke up with him because he was so immature and lied about everything."
"What did he lie about?"
"His job, his religion, and other stuff."
"Wow. That's definitely no good."
"So, you dumped him?" my six year old niece asks me.
Avah and I make a face at each other and laugh. The things kids know!
"Yes, I dumped him."

I chat with Abigail about school and the art and chemistry programs she's in at the moment. She tells me about an experiment they did the other day seeing the different viscosity's (her word) of water, oil, and soap. Honest to God she's 6!

After lunch we part ways at Jefferson's street as Avah and Abigail head uptown to where Abigail's program is.

I immediately call my mom to report the details of the lunch. I was extremely disappointed to have learned Avah and my brother and the girls would not be coming to visit my parents and me this summer like last year. I would only get to see them for an afternoon at my other brother's. Since I only get to see everyone once a year because my brother works and lives in Asia, I always hope to spend a few days with them at a time. It was a struggle to fight back the tears as I searched for a book to read at the neighborhood Barnes and Noble. After picking out a book though, I find somewhere outside to read until it's time to meet with Jefferson.

When 3:30 rolls around, I pack my book up and walk the few blocks to his building. He buzzes me in and Mitzi lets me in.

"Where's Jefferson?"
"Hurry up in there! I have to pee!" I shout down to him.

I jump in as soon as he gets out and once I finish I make my proper hellos to Mitzi and Jefferson.

"Woah, nice shirt" I say about Jefferson's Roofus concert shirt.
"You like?"
"It's um, very orange."
"Well, orange just doesn't look good on anybody sweetie. And, well, you look gay."
"Yeah, I gave you the shirt, and I'd have to agree" Mitzi says.
"You say I look gay wearing my Roofus shirt, but not when sucking cock?"

We all laugh.

I brought strawberries and my own special blended daiquiri mix for later that night and go put it away in the fridge.

I sit down on the couch next to Mitzi as Jefferson sits at his computer and go through the awfulness of my week. First we gave my dog away. Then my cat drowns! Next I hear my best friend from high school is going to rehab. And then I find out one of my oldest friends had bad test results on her pap smear and might have cancer! And finally the disappointment about my family! Except for lamenting about all this, I'm not very chatty. Really, I'm just trying not to burst into tears.

Soon Mitzi leaves to go walk and feed her pooch before the party. After she goes, Jefferson finishes at the computer and comes and sits on the couch my me. He quietly takes me in his arms and the tears start trickling down. We stay like this as I just quietly let the tears go.

"Shall we go back to the bedroom?" he asks after a bit.
"Yeah" I say quietly.

Jefferson holds out his hand and helps me up. As he leads me back, I wipe the tears off my face. We undress slowly and climb into bed. I go straight into his arms as he kisses me all over. I squeeze him tight, not wanting to let go. Because I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks. And because it was the last time I was seeing him before he went away for the month.

He rolls on top of me and holds me just as tight. I open my legs for him, wanting him inside me. As though he read my mind, Jefferson grabs a condom, slips it on, and pushes inside me. I moan softly and bury my face in his shoulder. His arms encircle me and his head rests on mine as we make love slowly.

We stay close like this for awhile until the intensity beings to build and he sits back to fuck me harder. My body gives over to the pleasure and soon I grab him tight and cry out as I cum.

After a couple hours of fucking, with breaks here and there, Jefferson gets dressed to get some food for the night.

"Anything you might be in the mood for?"
"Alright, that does sound good."

I stay in bed and rest for awhile until Mitzi arrives a little before 7.

"Where's Jefferson?" she asks, kissing me hello.
"Grocery shopping."
"Well, it's a good thing you were here then to let me in!"

Jefferson arrives shortly after and I help him put away the groceries.

A little after 7, our guests start arriving. The first 2 arrive within seconds of each other and the 5 of us sit in the living room and chat while we wait for the others who confirmed.

After waiting for awhile for the others, we decided to just start without them. Since Jefferson wasn't an active participant tonight, he could still get the door if need be.


I fucked Mitzi and the 2 boys came. I don't feel like writing about it anymore for private reasons. Maybe I'll go back one day and write it if things ever get resolved. But I wanted to get this post up and move on with the story, finishing the night and so forth.

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12 August 2006

Unless You Brought Enough Pussy For Everyone, You're Going to Have to Spit That Out

Unless You Brought Enough Pussy For Everyone, You're Going to Have to Spit That Out

RA: No sex in the dorms after curfew!
Girl #1: But what about lesbian sex?
RA: Well, that's okay, but not in the common room. Unless everyone's involved. Then it's okay.
Girl #2: And clean up after yourselves!

--Columbia University

via Overheard in New York, Aug 12, 2006

Test of Wills

I have to take a break in the chronology and write about more recent events. Very recent events.

Something snapped in me last night when Jefferson was beating me. Feelings from earlier this week that I had thought I resolved, or at least deeply suppressed, came right to the surface. I had been so hurt about something with Jefferson, and angry that it seemed he hadn't thought about how what he did could have hurt someone. And I thought just telling someone how I felt would make me feel better; and it did, until the physical pain brought back the emotional pain.

Then it became a test of will for me. Not his against mine though. A battle for my will to not be hurt in this situation (I hesitate to say relationship). Because I do know what's what. I knew long before I started fucking Jefferson. But honestly, as hurt as I was, this one time, I really wouldn't trade it for anything.

In all my relationships with men I always wanted to feel important and to be a priority. More than just to be be loved. Because you can love someone without making them a priority. For example, I know my sisters love me, but I'm just not important enough for them to accept or return my calls. I never got that feeling of importance or priority in my past relationships, and I sure as hell don't expect it here. Well at least I don't expect to be Jefferson's only priority and really not even in the top 10. But I would have hoped I was in someway important enough to be above, say, a stranger, or perhaps "relationships" that started after me. I may be naive, but I'd like to think I'm at least slightly grounded. But I guess not.

But all this, and more was playing through my head as Jefferson spanked, whipped, and caned me. I wanted to say so many things (when no one was around) but couldn't because I didn't think I could control what I would say.

I was doubting his love too- either because of my own insecurities or perhaps very valid truth.

As he beat me, my body began to shake with tearless sobs. I wanted to just feel the anger and hurt and then let it go. I went from having a great time with him and everyone else to suddenly doing battle with Jefferson (unbeknownst to him though). I really didn't want to be so upset.

My breathing was controlled, my trembling lips didn't let much sound escape, and my body worked to fight the urges to flinch. I couldn't let it show the pain was getting to me. I not once ever entered subspace the whole time.

And then he stopped. He threw the cane down, turned me over and took me in his arms. And I was just limp. I could barely stand it; I couldn't even look at him. My lips were unresponsive when he tried to kiss me. My body still shook from still tearless cries. He tried to comfort me and soothe me the best way he knew how. But last night I needed something else. I needed it beaten out of me.

"I want more."

I saw him look at me and contemplate it for a moment. Instead, he grabbed for a condom. He fucked me slowly, my body indifferent to it. My eyes were shut tight and I turned my head to the side so he wouldn't kiss me. I heard the room empty. I can't even imagine what it looked like to outsiders. Or even to Jefferson, a participant.

He turned my face up and his lips softly touched mine, but my lips stayed lifeless. I wanted to pound his chest and scream how I felt. I wanted to cry. I really wanted to let let it go and not let it bother me anymore. I wanted more damn it.

"Are you Ok?"
I nod my head. "I want more."
"More what?"
"You can't take any more."
"Yes I can."
"No you can't."
"How would you know?" I said defiantly.

I turned back around and waited. I took most of it silently. I barely let out a peep through the cane strikes.

"Why aren't you making more noise?"
"Is that what you want?" I retorted back.

But it wasn't about him. I needed him to inflict what I couldn't inflict upon myself. I needed him to be the cause of the pain for me to let go of the hurt and anger.

It started working. I started joking with him again. Commenting how I have to wear shorts home as he flogged the backs of my thighs.

I debated in my head when it would be enough. Because it was entirely up to me at the moment. Yet, at the same time, I knew he wouldn't let me go too far. And I didn't. I took one last stroke from the cane and just knew that was the last one. I moved forward onto my stomach to signal the end.

And I had won my battle.

He layed down next to me and held me. I squirmed closer, needing to feel his gentle touch again. Though death threats were issued for any contact on my ass harder than a slight brush.

Writing this was the last piece necessary for a more complete resolution. Now I can get back and finish writing about more tender times between me and Jefferson to post for you all.

08 August 2006

Yes, Please!

"I have to run out for a minute and get some stuff for tonight" Jefferson says to me.
"What do you need?"
"Condoms and some wine."
"Oh yes, extremely important! Can I come too?"
"Of course."

We leave the apartment and as soon as we step outside, Jefferson's cell rings. It's Mitzi and she's on her way!

We meet her on a corner a block from Jefferson's and the three of us make our way to the drug store and the liquor store.

"Oh those are my favorite" I say to Jefferson as he picks out Durex Extra Sensitive.
"Mmmhmm...I highly recommend them!"
I laugh to myself at the three of us buying condoms.

Jefferson, Mitzi, and I return back to the apartment and watch as Jefferson starts straightening up for the party. That's right. We just watch. He starts in the back room, and my jaw just drops when I see the mess his kids have left behind. Clothes, pillows, stuffed animals, and food are everywhere.

"Jefferson! Don't your kids clean at all?"
"They did. A little."

Mitzi and I just raise our eyebrows at each other.

A little tired from waking up early that morning for my doctor's appointment, I decide to go lay on Jefferson's bed and close my eyes for a bit before everyone else start arriving.

"Oh Avah!" Mitzi calls out to me after only a few moments.
"What are you doing?"
"Taking a nap."
"Come in here with us!"

I go into the back room and find Jefferson and Mitzi on the futon. Her dress is pulled down and Jefferson is sucking on a nipple as his fingers disappear under her red lace panties.

"Would you suck on my nipple? Please?" she asks softly as I get closer.

I climb on the bed and lie on the other side of Mitzi. I pull her bra down, exposing her breast, and take her nipple in my mouth. She moans softly as I flick my tongue over it. Jefferson changes position to between Mitzi's legs. He pulls her panties down her legs and tosses then to the side.
He sucks her clit in his mouth and she lets out a loud moan. I keep my mouth on her nipple, my fingers sometimes wandering to play with her other one. My eyes go back and forth from watching him to watching her.

Mitzi had said a few days later, and I agreed, that there was something really nice about the three of us together like that. I don't know what it was. I'd never felt that kind of energy in multiple person situations before, but I really liked it.

Jefferson keeps eating her out for awhile. Mitzi eventually switches to his thigh to finish the job.

Soon guests start arriving. Emma is first, and heads straight to the bourbon to de-stress from work. Next arrives and interesting fellow whom Jefferson knows. It's his first time and he's a little nervous. It's kinda cute. He's concerned with protocol and asks a bunch of questions about when to undress and where, and other questions of the sort. I check him out, but ultimately decide he's not my type. Nate is last to arrive. We spend a little while talking before retiring to the bedroom.

But the night ends up being rather uneventful for me. (You were expecting a play-by-play here, weren't you?) I end up only fucking Jefferson that night. It's not on purpose this happens. But I'm not too bothered that's how it ended up being. I at least got to satisfy my voyeur side watching everyone else. Towards the end of the evening I ask for a beating and Emma takes the reigns.

And as always, there's the food portion of the evening. Jefferson cooks up some raviolis for everyone. We all chat nicely over our dinner, but I can feel myself fading. But as soon as Jefferson places a bowl of Oreos in front of me, my eyes light up. (I have a very big sweet tooth, lol.)

"Baby, do you have any milk?"
"Sure do."
"Can you bring me a glass when you get up?" I ask sweetly.
He looks at me funny, but I just smile at him. He is closer to the kitchen after all. And I said when he gets up.

After enjoying some cookies and milk I eventually retire to the couch. Around midnight Mitzi comes and kisses me goodnight. Seeing everyone else is still at the table talking, I decide to go steal Jefferson's bed.

"Are you going to bed sweetie?" he asks me after I've settled under the covers.
"Mmmhmm" I nod.
"Ok, I'll be in later" he says kissing my head.

I fall fast asleep and don't stir until I feel him climb in bed next to me. I notice the time on the clock and it's almost 2:30.

"Oh! I didn't say goodbye to anyone!"
"It's Ok" he assures me.
"You were gone for awhile."
"Yeah, I went to bed at 12."
"Oh wow, you're right. Well I fucked Emma and that boy for a bit."
"I missed you fucking a boy! Darn it!"
"There'll be plenty more times in the future, don't worry."

We quickly fall asleep and stay so until morning. Jefferson wakes before his alarm, but I stir when he gets up. I try to fall back asleep, but can't. I tread out to the livingroom and find Jefferson sitting in Emma's lap.

"Morning" I say sleepily.
"Morning" Emma says.
"Do you want some coffee?" Jefferson offers me.
"No thanks, don't drink it."

I plop on the couch next to Emma and try to wipe the sleep from my eyes. I laugh at Jefferson as Emma plays roughly with his nipples. Of course he winces if you simply touch them.

Emma and I chit chat as Jefferson showers and dresses. She tells me about her job and plans for graduate school. Soon it's time for her to get to work and she kisses us goodbye.

Jefferson follows only a few minutes after to go to a function at his son's school.

"Now I should be back in an hour, hour and a half."
"Have fun!" I say giving him a kiss.

I look around, not used to being alone there, and not sure what to do first. I decide on breakfast and rummage through Jefferson's cabinets until I find some cereal. I make myself a bowl and settle in front of the computer to check my e-mail and do a little blogging. After awhile I see Jefferson should be returning soon and I go shower and freshen up. I'm laying in bed trying to nap when I hear the apartment door unlock and open.

"How was it?" I ask as he climbs in bed with me.
"It was very nice. The kids did a nice job."
"That's good."

He undresses and grabs me tight once he climbs back in bed.

"So, I'm going to need a good beating today. Emma's was a little light handed and leaves me wanting."
"I think I can manage that. Do you want marks?"
"Yes please!"

We kiss and make love for awhile. I cum a few times before he switched to my ass. I cum again before we take a short break before my beating.

"What are you thinking?" I ask him since he's so quiet.
"If I should tie you up for this or not."
Oh I hope he does!
"Yeah, definitely tied."

I lay at the end of the bed and watch as he gets rope to bind me with. He starts with my wrists, pulling them behind my back. Then he kicks my legs apart and ties my ankles to the bed frame corners. I can feel my clit throb and my pussy drip in anticipation.

And rightly so because the ensuing events were very steamy. The heat radiating from my ass of course. Jefferson starts by warming me up quickly with his hand. He moves to the slapper and makes contact with every inch of my skin. He switches implements and strikes me with it making me cry out loudly.

"Ahh! What the fuck is that?"
"It's the crop."
"Oh shit!" I never knew the crop could hurt like that!

Jefferson strikes me hard again and again all over my ass.

He gets me in a sensitive spot making me twist and cry out. "I hate you!"
He strikes me again in the same spot. "You're just mean!"

He crops my calves making me kick and fight against my bindings.

He throws down the crop and starts fucking my ass. My clit is aching and I need to cum so badly.

"Undo my wrist, please" I ask him.

He quickly unties it and I send it between my legs and rub my clit with such verocity until I scream as I cum.

I lay panting and still shaking on the bed as Jefferson undoes the rest of my bindings. He lays down on the bed and I gingerly climb into in his arms as he holds me extra tight.

"I don't really hate you" I say laughing.
"I know."

I nearly pass out from exhaustion and Jefferson and I sleep tight like this for awhile.

He gets up before me and covers me with a blanket before leaving. I rest a bit more before getting up. I find him typing away at his computer.

"My ass hurts."
"Let me see."
I turn around for him.
"Ooh, yeah. That's red."
"And hot."

Jefferson feeds me my favorite tuna sandwich he makes before I leave and make my way home.

I plop on the couch as soon as I get there, too tired to do anything else, and make it an early night.

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07 August 2006

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Battle Lost

Yesterday I did battle with a wave...

And I lost.

I left with half the ocean's worth of sand in my hair and bathing suit.

God I love the summer.

06 August 2006

Well Duh!

You Belong in New York City

You're an energetic, ambitious woman.
And only NYC is fast enough for you.
Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career
Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

04 August 2006

Harder? If you say so...

It was a whole week after the awfulness with Benjamin before I got to see Jefferson again. He was busy with work, family, and fucking other girls. Maybe some boys too. Who knows.

All I wanted to do was strip and crawl into Jefferson's arms and forget all about what happened with Benjamin. And soon enough I got to.

I had the lucky pleasure that Monday morning of making my yearly visit to the gyno. After waiting a frustrating hour and a half (!) I finally got my 15 minutes with the doctor. We talked about changing my birth control while my legs were spread before her as she did her swabs, pressed on my belly, and did the rest of the usual stuff.

I was having a hell of a time remembering to take the pill every day (forget about at the same time every day!) and I was also thinking I'd try something a little longer lasting, like and IUD, since I don't plan on having kids for at least 6 years, maybe more. She advised against it thought because of the risk of infection in people that aren't in monogomous relationships. Deffinitely not me. We decided on the NuvaRing because it was so low maintence- only changing it once a month. Beautiful.

Armed with my samples and Rx, I hurried home to shower and dress before leaving for Jefferson's. I dressed in my new dress I had gotten that weekend from Forever 21. It was so cute, just perfect for summer.

I grabbed my train and I got to Jefferson's at 3 o'clock sharp. When I got there, Mitzi was just on her way out. I hugged her hello, always happy to see her. As they kissed good bye, I disappeared myself to the kitchen to get some water. I was just aching to be alone with Jefferson and it was a little hard for me to watch them kiss at that moment.

"Where'd you go?" Jefferson calls to me.
"Just grabbed some water" I say coming back into the living room.
"So is that your new frock?" he asks about my dress.
"Yes, it is!" I say smiling and twirling around.
"Oh and look!" I say showing Mitzi then Jefferson my new ring.
"Oh very pretty! I don't have my new one on now" Mitzi says.
"That's Ok, wear it tonight!"
"What time shall we expect you to return?" Jefferson asks her.
"Around 7. That will give me time to eat and walk my chi chi."
"Ok, see you then."

We all say our good byes and I finally give Jefferson his kiss hello. We quickly retreated to the bedroom and rid ourselves of our clothes. We climbed on the bed and I hugged him tight having missed being in his arms.

"I just missed you so much" I say softly.
"I know baby, I missed you too."

I lifted my head from his shoulder to look at him and my lips sought out his. I kept him tight against me as we kissed. I just wanted to be as close as possible for as long as possible. As the intensity climbed I oculd feel the wetness between my legs growing and the ached to be fucked grew with it. It was the first time I felt that ache since being with Benjamin. My pelvis grinded against Jefferson's, begging for relief. Because I knew with him I'd be safe.

Soon Jefferson rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. Reaching into the drawer, he pulled out a condom and slipped it on. I spread my legs for him, anxiously waiting. Jefferson pushed into me and I let out a loud moan. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me slowly. I sought out his mouth with mine and our tongues danced. His pelvis started rocking faster and I feel the pressure behind my clit build. As my first orgasm rips through me, I grip Jefferson tight, crying out into his shoulder. He slows down before pulling out. I cuddle in his arms as we go over the plans for the day and into tomorrow.

Jefferson had put up an ad on CL advertising a Dom-Domme couple interested in strap-on training. We'd squeeze that in before the party, which was switched to that Monday because of Jefferson's going to see Radiohead the following night. Then Tuesday morning Jefferson had to get up early to attend a school function for one of his sons, but wouldn't be gone for long. I mentioned I was waiting to hear from a friend from high school about having a late lunch the next day.

"Let me go check the e-mail for any CL updates. I'll just be a few minutes" he said, leaving me to just rest. But a few minutes passed and I decided I'd rather be nearer to him. I joined him by the computer to see how the search was going. There were a few interesting responses that he had begun correspondance with.

While we waited for replies, I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite body parts of his (no, not just his cock!) and then nestled into sucking his cock. While I sucked, he kept his eye on the screen and would respond to our potential suitors.

"Are you even paying attention to me?" I ask while he types.
"Yes, of course!"

I break for a bit as he takes a rather lengthy phone call from one of the respondants.

"Yes, we're a dom couple...well I might have something black, but she just has what she wore...I think I might have a baseball cap...no we don't have any fetish wear... yeah, no we don't really have anything black...Sorry, that's ok."
"Well that guy was a little weird."
"Yeah. He's not interested."
"Oh bummer" I say sarcastically.

We eventually set up plans with another guy who was coming in about 30 minutes. No picture though, so we could only hope for the best.

"So we have almost 30 mintues until he comes, wanna fuck until then?" Jefferson asks.

We return to the bedroom where I climb on the bed ready for him.

"Turn over, I wanna fuck your ass" Jefferson tells me.

I do so, but a little reservation in my mind after remembering how sore Benjamin left me last week. I couldn't tell if I was healed (physically, I mean) to enjoy it with Jefferson.

I turned onto my knees and Jefferson applied some lube to my ass and pushed in. Finding myself free of pain, my body relaxed and enjoyed the fucking. The speed increased and I moaned louder and louder into the bed. Jefferson gave me a few swats to my ass.

"Mmmm, I love that" I moaned.

He slapped my ass faster and harder making me yelp a little. I felt myself getting close to cumming and sent my fingers to my clit to push me over the edge. Seconds after I came, the phone rang, signaling the arrival of our guest. Perfect timing! Jefferson and I throw on some clothes and get ready to greet him.

"Scott, this is Avah" Jefferson says introducing us.

We had taken a chance inviting someone without a picture. But we lucked out with a particuarly handsome man!

We quickly retired to the bedroom as Scott was just popping in between work and home.

Jefferson and I stripped down and climbed on the bed as Scott, a little nervous, just sat in a chair and watched.

"Looks like someone got spanked" Scott said noticing the red handprints on my ass.

I glanced at Jefferson and laughed.

We started kissing to warm up the mood. Of course that didn't take long, so soon Jefferson dragged me to the corner of the bed and starts fucking me. After a bit of that, he pulled out, lifted my legs, and pushed into my ass.

"You seeing this?" he asked our guest.
"Uh huh" he nods.

Jefferson fucked me faster and I came quickly. He pulled out and discarded his condom.

"Aren't you gonna cum?" Scott asked Jefferson.
"I'm saving it for later."
"So, should I...?" he asked.
"Whenever you feel ready" Jefferson assured him.

Scott undressed and I slipped into my harness.

"That's pretty big," Scott said about my cock.
"Well, I think Jefferson has some smaller things in his toy box we can start with" I said.

Jefferson rummaged through his box and ended up handing me a covered, lubed, and thinner dildo. I gently pushed it into Scott's ass and he moaned into the mattress. After giving him a moment, I startd slowly fucking him with it. As he got more and more turned on, he started fucking back.

"I want you to fuck me now" he breathlessly said.

I withdraw the dildo and hand it to Jefferson to discard. He then handed me a condom and I rolled it down my cock and added more lube. I pushed his backside lower and slowly pushed into him. He moaned and squirmed as the length of me filled him. I fucked him slowly, not quite sure if those were moans of pleasure or agony.

"Do it harder" he asked me.
"You want it harder? If you say so..." I smirked.
Jefferson laughed.

I grabbed Scott's hips tighter and took him faster, harder, and deeper. He moaned even louder and I could see his tan skin getting redder. My breath got more shallow and I felt my skin dampening.

"Let's switch position" Scott said turning onto his back.

I dragged him to the edge of the bed. Well, I tried, with a lot of help on his part, lol. I pushed back into him to finish the job. His hands stroked his cock only a few times before he came on himself.

A little bit tired, but pretty satisfied, I pulled out to let him clean up.

We all dressed and said our goodbyes.

"Thanks guys. And have fun tonight" he winked at us.

Oh we would, but first we need some party essentials- condoms and wine.

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