27 August 2006


“I really need some ice cream. Chocolate. Maybe a milkshake. Is there anywhere to get it around here?” I asked Gabriel as soon as I reached his place.

Traffic had not been my friend that Friday. I missed a doctor’s appointment because of standstill traffic on 78 (even before it was closed) which caused me to drive for 3 hours with no purpose. Then on my way to the train station to go see Gabriel, I missed two, count them- 2, trains into the city because of rush hour traffic directly in front of the station.

Plus it was hot and humid and it made me all sticky.

There wasn’t an ice cream shop so I settled on chocolate milk and Haagen Daz Cookie Dough from the grocery mart.

We returned to Gabriel’s place and I stripped down to my tank top and underwear trying to get cool and not be so sticky.

“Maybe I should turn on the air?”
“Oh my God yes!”

The machine worked its magic quickly and efficiently and Gabriel and I quickly found ourselves naked after putting the ice cream away.

He kissed me with such a sweetness and gentleness. On my lips. Down my neck. My nipples.

He trailed kisses down my stomach and sucked my clit in his mouth. His tongue slowly circled it making me moan softly. He flicked it faster and faster until I came in his face, my toes curled, my back twisted.

Gabriel would be the last one to suck on my naked clit.

And then he was in me. His cock slid in effortlessly and he plunged into me. He held me close as our bodies rubbed against each other, building sweat on the hot summer night. My body shuddered as I came again.

I was on my hands and knees and I felt the cool liquid hit my ass. Gabriel spread it around before pushing into me. I moaned into the bed as he fucked me. My pussy throbbed and ached to cum. Gabriel’s hand covered mine as my fingers rubbed my clit. I felt my ass and pussy spasm and I wanted to scream, but held back to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

He cock was in my mouth and his hands held my cheeks as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I could feel the calluses on his fingers from his guitar playing rub against my skin. He pumped faster and I slackened my jaw as he fucked my face. He jerked deep in my throat and I felt the hot, salty fluid flow down my throat. It was the first time I’d seen Gabriel cum, in fact.

His arms wrapped me tight as we drifted off to sleep.

It was early morning, too early for a Saturday when we woke up for our morning fuck.

We drifted back to sleep and my excitement dragged Gabriel out of bed and into the shower a little after 11.

Why was I so excited? Because I was finally getting my piercing!

“Ok, you can touch me on the air conditioned train, just not here,” I told Gabriel as we waited on the hot platform for the downtown train.

It took forever to get down to St. Mark’s. Or well my anticipation just made it seem that way. Though we were coming from Washington Heights in all fairness.

We walked around, Gabriel giving me a tour of lower Manhattan since I ‘m not a frequent visitor.

“And now we’re in the East Village” he said as we crossed Broadway. (?)

We were on our way to get Gabriel his morning caffeine fix (since I was tired of repeating myself) when we were stopped by a Greenpeace vulture. Well she was kinda nice, so maybe I shouldn’t say vulture.

“Can I talk to you guys about Greenpeace for a moment?”

Damn and the Starbuck’s was in sight too!

“Um sure, but walk with us to Starbucks,” Gabriel said.

She gave us her spiel and somehow managed to get Gabriel to sign up. I was thankfully without an income and thus had a good excuse.

Forms filled out and coffee in hand we make our way down St. Mark’s to the piercing studio, Andromeda.

“Look at that, you can see his balls!” Gabriel pointed out as we passed a hobo.
“Eww! You can! Oh God that’s disgusting! That’s the most vile thing I’ve seen on the streets of New York! Eww!!”
“Think we should go tell him?”
“He probably already knows!”

“She wants to get her hood pierced,” Gabriel blurts out as soon as we walk in the shop.
“Gabriel! At least wait until I’m all the way in!”
“Sorry, I just blurt things out. We wanted to see if we need to make an appointment.”
“No, you don’t need an appointment,” the shop girl told us.
“Ok, well were going to have breakfast first.”

“You really have no sense of decorum, do you?” I chide him over breakfast.
“No. Not really.”

“Oh God,” I said as we were finishing breakfast.
“I think I’m gonna throw up. I’m so nervous now!”
“You’ll be fine.”
“I know, I know. Ok, let’s go before I chicken out.”

“Ok, I’m just going to clean the area and place a dot for positioning,” the piercer informed me as he sat between my legs. “How’s that look?” he asked handing me a mirror.
“Looks fine. I heard this doesn’t hurt that much, right?”
“Some people have said it’s like plucking eye brows.”
“Oh that doesn’t hurt!”
“Then this shouldn’t either! Now I’m going to place a receiving tube under the hood so I don’t pierce your clitoris.”
“Thank you,” I joked making Gabriel and the piercer laugh.
“I’ll count to three when I’m going to do the piercing.”
“Hand please, Gabriel,” I asked, grabbing it tight.
“One, two, three. Deep breath in.”
“Aaaahhh!! Fuck!” I said breathing out. Plucking eyebrows my ass!!
“And now I’m going to insert the jewelry” he said inserting the barbell and screwing on the end ball. “Here you go” he said handing the mirror to me.
“Oh my God it’s so pretty!” I exclaimed.

“It really didn’t hurt too much. Just when he put the needle through. And I didn’t even squeeze your hand that hard!”
“Um, yeah you did, but that’s ok.”
“Aww! I’m sorry! Ok, but still to muggy for you to be draped on me!”

Gabriel and I parted ways on the subway as I headed home and he headed to do laundry.

“Guess what baby, I’m pierced!” I e-mailed to Jefferson in Paris. I couldn’t wait until he was home and I could show him.

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Kyma said...

Nice piercing, though I'm averse to such a thing myself (as in doing such things to myself be it tattoos or piercings). May it bring you lots of pleasure :)

Jefferson said...

That thing clanks against my teeth, which makes my skull vibrate when you cum in my mouth.

It may loosen my brains.

Avah said...

Thanks Kyma! Piercings aren't for everyone really, nor tattoos. But it is just so cute!

Jefferson...I...um, I'm trying to fight the comeback cause you just made it sooo easy!

But I like your tongue there. It feels oh so good.

George said...

Lovey pic Avah ... I like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture...here's one for you to check out if you ever want to add to your collection...