30 April 2006

Gone MySpace!

See I have this big project due for English tomorrow. I have to revise all these essays to be turned in and graded for a big portion of my grade.

But I still have about 23 hours before it's due. So I'm doing 1000 different things first.

Like making a MySpace page....!

Avah's on MySpace!!

Check it out and feel free to add me as a friend if you so feel inclined...

Secret lady

Well, somone's cleverly guess who my secret lady was last week. And since she's also since blogged the tale, I felt it'd be a perfect time to reveal the identiy.

Drum roll please....
It's Jefferson's lovely Emma!

And you can enjoy her side of the tale here, on her blog Elexus Exposed.

29 April 2006

Stories (#3)

So this is one of my newer fantasies that has developed over the past year or so. Man on man. I've never seen two men together. But I want to. With a little of me thrown in there too. Lol. The whole nine yards: kissing, caressing, licking, sucking, and fucking. Knowing about this fantasy of mine, you set it up for one of our future dates.

It's early evening and I catch a bus into the city. You said you'd meet me at the bus station and we would walk to your place, stopping at the market to get some stuff for dinner. We walk along the street, hand in hand, catching up on recent events. We get to the market and pick up a few items: some pasta, lettuce and salad toppings, etc.

Back at the appartment, we work together in the kitchen preparing dinner. You're making the pasta as I wash and chop the vegetables. As dinner cooks, you mention to me you've invited John to join us after dinner. He's early 30's, good looking and bi.

"Awesome, sounds like fun"
"Good, I knew you would say that."
"I have to kiss you right now" you declare pulling me towards you...

When dinner is ready, we sit at the table to enjoy our meal. As we're finishing up, we hear a knock on the door. John had arrived. You get up to answer the door and invite him in.

"I didn't interrupt your dinner, did I?" John asks seeing the food on the table.
"No, it's fine, we were just finishing. Do you want any? Are you hungry?"
"Oh I"m fine thanks" he says to you but smiling at me.
"John, this is Avah, Avah...John" you say introducing us.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Avah" John says as he takes my hand and kisses the top of it.
"Yes, likewise"

As you prepare a drink for John, I clear the dishes from the table. We then sit for a few mintues chatting and getting aquainted. Soon you suggest we move to the bedroom. On the way you mention to John I had never seen two guys together and you thought they should give me a little show. John was very agreeable to this.

I plop down on a chair and make myself comfortable while you two stand by the bed kissing. Your hands go to his face and neck and his go to your waist drawing you closer. As the intensity builds John undoes your pants and you lift his shirt over his head. Your mouth goes to a nipple and you start sucking and licking it as your fingers play with the other one. John's eyes close and his head goes back as he runs his fingers through your hair.

He breaks away, taking your shirt of and dropping his pants and guides you to lay back on the bed. He settles in and wraps his lips around your cock. I see you looking at me and I smile and blow you a kiss. As his mouth works up and down the length of your cock I watch as your eyes close and the muscles in your stomach and legs tighten.

Not being able to resist you in this state, I strip and climb on the bed and start kissing you. I place my mouth on yours and hear you moan. Your hands come up and you hold my face, but I move them down to my breasts. I move my lips, kissing your cheeks, your chin, along your jawline to behind your ears and down your neck. I travel sideways along your collar bone and nibble on the otherside of your neck.

Your breathing is deep and you tell John you have to fuck him now. You tell John to lay on his back as you put on a condom and lube his ass and your cock. I'm looking back and forth between yours and John's face as you enter him. You both let out a deep moan as you push all the way in. John takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing it as you thrust slowly.

"Avah dear, would you like to suck John's cock?"
"Yes I'd love that" I say as I get on my hands and knees, lean over, and take him in my mouth.

I feel his hand caressing the back of my head gently as I suck him. Then I feel 2 of your fingers enter me and slowly finger fucking me. After I bit I feel John's cock twitching in my mouth getting ready to explode. I pull back and watch as John jerks himself all over his stomach and chest. You pull out of him slowly. After John catches his breath you point him in the direction of the bathroom so he can clean up. He comes out and sees us kissing.

"Thanks guys, that was terrific"
"You're welcome. Did you enjoy it too Avah?"
"That was awesome- you guys were so hot. This was fun"
You smile at me and tell John we need some alone time now and if he wouldn't mind showing himself out.
"No problem. Enjoy. Have a good night you guys."

Seconds later he's gone and we hear the door close. You grab me and push me on the bed and whisper in my ear "I need that pussy now"
"It's yours for the taking"
"Good girl. that's what I like to hear" you tell me.

You take out a pair of handcuffs and cuff my hands behind my back. You position me on my back. "Spread your legs" you command.

I open them up for you and your mouth goes straight to my clit and your fingers straigt in my pussy. You go at me fast- forcefully sucking my clit pumping your fingers quickly in and out of my pussing, curling them to get at my g-spot. My body heats up, hips raising off the bed and I'm straining to cum. Your other hand grabs at a nipple and piches -hard-

That sends me over the edge and I start cumming. You don't move though until long after I finish. You complain you've watched two people cum tonight and felt it was your turn now.

"Yes Jefferson, let me make you cum now."
"How badly do you want it?"
"So bad. I want you to fuck me, use me, however you want to make you cum. I wanna see you cum- let me taste it"
"Alright, I think I'll let you have it tonight. Turn over and put your ass in the air"

I struggle a bit, with my hands cuffed behind my back still, but I manage to turn on my stomach and walk my knees to my chest, trying to avoid your swats as you urge me to hurry. You kneel behind me, grab my hips, and thrust in full force and start fucking my pussy hard. You grab a hold of the cuffs holding on, and lifting my shoulders off the bed a bit. Your other hand smacks at my ass leaving red hand prints behind. You ride me hard, pounding me with everything you got.

Then you pull out, pull off your condom and come around to my face. You lift my head up by my hair and I open my mouth as you guide your dick in. With your hands in my hair holding my head up, you start fucking my mouth. In a few mintues I feel your cock pulsing and then feel your hot cum at the back of my throat. I tighten my lips making sure to swallow everything.

You pull out and lift me so I'm upright on my knees. You lean in and give me a deep kiss, tasting your cum in my mouth.

"You are just magnificant Avah"
"Anything for you Jefferson"
"Spend the night with me"
"Of course"
"Good" You undo my handcuffs, rubbing and kissing my red wrists. We get under the covers and you pull me into and doze off as my head is on your chest listening to your heart beating.

Stories (#2)

So here I have arrived back at your home again. The path is familiar even though I've only traveled it once. By foot that is. In my mind, I've played back every detail of every moment spent with you Saturday.

It's a beautiful spring evening and the weather's warmed up. I've decided it's perfect weather for my dress and cute white wedges.

I knock on your door and smile as the door opens and your face appears. I step inside and you pull me close to you for a tight embrace and passionate kiss hello. I can feel you're already hard. It excites me knowing how much I turn you on.

You pull back, and I'm left a little breathless. There's this palpable warmth and electricity between us that feels like it's been there forever.

"I thought you'd never get here" you say to me.
"Sorry, today just took forever to arrive"
"You look so beautiful tonight"
I blush (very easy to do being Irish). "Thank you."
"You're welcome. Something to drink? Try some burbon?"
"Hmm..too strong for me. French martini?"
"I think I could do that for you."
"Well thank you. Anything I can do for you?"
"Let me tie you down and fuck you."
"That all?"
"Well, just to start"
"Alright Jefferson, I can do that for you."
"Splendid. Let's sit, and chat for a bit"

We sit close, sip our drinks, and chat about this and that. We soon find the bottom of our glasses and you tell me "I'd like you naked now."

"Yes Jefferson"

You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. You stand ready, watching me undress for you. Then you take a pillow and drop it at your feet.
"Kneel please. I'd like you to suck my cock for a bit"

"Yes Jefferson"
"Good girl."

I undo your pants and take out your cock, wrapping my lips around it. Your warmth fills my mouth and I moan with its presence. My tongue swirls up and down and around tasting every inch. I move my mouth further down your cock, taking you deep. I move back closer to the tip and make some shallow strokes while flicking my tongue under the head. I feel your cock twitch in my mouth.

Then you pull out and tell me enough. "I want you on the bed now" you say as you take my hand and help me up. "On your back. I'm ready to tie you up."

I climb on and relax on the bed as you retrive the rope and light some candles.

You attach my arms and legs to the corners holding me in a spread eagle position. I watch you silently as you bind each of my limbs. I study your face, seeing the concentration in your eyes. I watch your hands take hold of my wrists and ankles, wrapping the rope around them, and securing the bindings with tight knots.

Once you're finished, you undress and climb on me, reveling in my vulnerablity. You straddle my hips and reach down to touch me. Gently. Letting me know I'm safe with you.

"Kiss me, please Jefferson" I ask you.
"Of course" you tell me as you lean down and cover my mouth with yours, exploring the inside of my mouth with your tongue. Your hands run through my hair, down my face, and further down to my breasts grabbing each nipple between your fingers. You pinch, lightly, and I moan for more. Then harder as I start to squirm.

You break our kiss and watch my face as you pinch harder and pull. You hear my moans feel my struggling, but it's my face you're watching. Watching for my submission. My eyes are locked on yours and I'm intent on giving you everything it is you want and need from me. You release my nipples from your tight grasp and lean down and gently suckle each one, soothing them as the blood flows back into them.

"I think I'll fuck you now."
"Please do" I say smiling.

You grab a condom, slip it on, and position your cock outside my pussy. With one fluid push you enter me fully. A moan escapes my lips as you fill my pussy. I've missed so much already the feeling of your cock in me.

You pump in and out slowly, feeling my wetness for you, and feeling my pussy squeezing on your cock. Your tempo quickens and your thrusts get deeper. I raise my hips, trying to allow you as deep as possible. You reach down and finger my clit, and I feel the tension rising in me. Seeing the struggle in my face you reach for a vibrator and place it again against my clit. In only seconds it seems my pussy is clenching down and pulsing around your cock, the wave of orgasm rolling through me and I cry out, gasping. As my body starts to settle, you turn off the vibrator and leave the warmth of my pussy.

"I'm glad I can make you cum, " you tell me, "but I'd like to see if we can eventually brake you of that habit. I'd like to see you take more control over your orgasm"

I nod my head; "Yes Jefferson, I agree"
"Good" you say as you kiss my cheek and wipe the hair from my eyes.

"Do you like wax?" You ask as you reach for a candle.
I nod.
"Me too. I like how I can control the pain depending on the height I drip it from." You hold the candle high above me and say "The higher I hold it, the less hot it is when it hits your skin, and therefore the less painful. (Drop, drop) But as I move the candle closer to you (and you move the candle accordingly) the wax stays hotter" I breathe out through my nose as the closer drops hit my chest.

You drop the wax over my breasts and nipples, some from up high, some much closer. You're watching my face clench and my body jerk, listening to my breaths. You trail it down my stomach and thighs. When you reach my thighs you put the candle down and place two fingers in my pussy and move your mouth onto my clit. My body jerks in the change from pain to pleasure.

I'm watching you as you finger fuck me and tongue my clit. I feel the orgasm build, but not confident it will come. I see your eyes on me, challenging me to cum. Ordering me to take that control. Not wanting to disobey you, I close my eyes, lay my head back, and just feel. Before I know it I've passed the barrier and the waves of pleasure rip through me once again.

Not quite believing it just happened, I just lay there with my eyes closed doing instant replays.

Then I feel your fingers on me, peeling off the wax. You do it silently, just letting me experience everything that has happened.

When it's all cleaned off you start to undo my bindings.
"What about you?" I ask, "Can I make you cum?"
"Not tonight. You've worked hard tonight. You need to rest now"

With the bindings undone, you climb into bed, put us under the covers and cuddle me closely as I fall into a peaceful slumber...

Stories (#1)

Until I have something new to write on Monday, I thought I'd post some of the stories I wrote for Jefferson before we met. This is my first one where I fantasized about our first meeting on my birthday... (The you is clearly Jefferson)

It starts that morning, I'm in my room getting ready to leave for practice. I'm already excited since it's my birthday and then even more so because I know I'll be meeting you today.

I have butterflies the whole busride into the city and as I make my way to the park. I wonder if you'll be there already, and if not when you'll come. I wonder how easily I'll recognize you, and I worry that since I know you'll be there that I'll get so flustered I'll drop every ball thrown at me, lol.

And then- I spot you- sitting over on a bench. How long as he been sitting there? Suddenly I can feel my heart beating in my throat. I'm quite ready to pack up my stick and have you take me away, but practice hasn't ended, and Holly's yelling in her cute British accent something about staying goalside or something- I can't seem to concentrate on lacrosse right now...

At last practice has ended. I trot over the rock where my stuff is to put my stick away and grab a drink and I see out of the corner of my eye you walking towards me. I crack a grin not even a natural disaster could make disappear, lol.

"Happy Birthday beautiful"
I know who said it without having to look up. "Thank you"
"So this is lacrosse, huh?" you say.
"Yep" I respond as my eyes shyly move up you, taking it all in.
"Very cool. You looked good out there."
I blush and look down at my hands covered in dirt, "Thanks" I look up and smile, and you're smiling...is everyone smiling? lol
"Shall we?
"Yes- lead the way"

We walk along, chitchatting about lacrosse, how long I played, "2 years in high school", how I found a team in the city "internet" positions I usually play "I can play wherever, but I like playing a home, 2nd or 3rd, though I now like low D- point or cover point" and I explain the names when I see the quizzical look on your face....

And soon we arrive to your building- I take it all in, comparing to what's in my head after reading the blog. And the same is going through my mind as we enter the apartment.

"Would you like some water?"
I'm brought back to reality.
"Yes, water would be great."
"Have a seat, make yourself comfortable"
I hesitate knowing I'm covered in dirt and I don't want to get anything dirty.
Seeing my hesitation you offer a shower.

You lead the way and produce a towel for me. I shower quickly- washing my face under my nails, and my feet because even though I was wearing shoes and socks, they're dirty too...

I hop out and wrap the towel around me. I find you laying in bed, changed into PJ bottoms (like I was expecting anything else?) and reading.
"All clean?"
"Squeeky clean"

You hold out your hand "Come, join me"
I take it and climb into bed with you.
The moment was finally here- everything I had been fantisizing about for weeks. This handsome New Yorker I had been reading about for months was going to have me and take me exactly where I was longing to go.

You're hand touched my cheek and that's all it took- I was gone. Every thought left my head and I was just ready to give you anything you wanted from me.

You lean over and start kissing me, our lips crushing to get closer and tongues twisting into it seems a big knot.

You run your hand down my body and feel the towel, and promptly discard it. One hand goes to a nipple, the other drawing me closer to you. My hands are roaming all over- you're face, torso, stomach, arms, wanting to feel every inch of you.

You pinch my nipple between your fingers and I moan into your mouth with pleasure. You break your mouth away from mine and move it straight to the nipple that was just in your fingers. Nothing turns me on faster than this. The sex haze has completely taken over- all I can do is grunt and moan from pleasure.

Your fingers make their way down and start playing with my clit and sliding in and out of my pussy. I hear you murmur something about how wet I am. I can only nod my head in agreement.

Then you put me on my back and position your mouth over my pussy. I feel your tongue on my clit and buck in reaction. Between your tonguing my clit and fingering my pussy- I'm going crazy- my hips raising to get you deeper and closer. After a bit you come up.

But you're very perceptive: "You didn't come though"
I shake my head no.
"Well we still have plenty of time to fix that"
And then I confess: it's probably not going to happen. Never has. And I've stopped looking for it.
"Not from a man, no, just at home with my trusty vibrator."
"Hmmm...we'll have to change that"
I shrug- "cum or no cum, I still enjoy it"

Wanting to move past the issue I tug on your PJs, wanting your cock in my mouth. I maneuver you onto your back and toss the PJs on the floor. Settling in between your legs, I set to work. I lick up and down getting you wet and then move to take you all in my mouth. A moan escapes from your lips and I look up and see your head's back and your eyes are closed. As I'm blowing you, I feel your hands move to my head and grab my hair holding my head firmly as you start fucking my face. I have no choice but to wait until you're finished. Not that I mind...

You pull out and state you need to fuck my pussy now. In milliseconds you've got a condom on and have turned me over and entered me. I moan, relishing how good it feels to have you in me. You start pumping, steady pace, nice and deep. You reach down and pin my wrists with one hand above my head. Your other hand travels to a breast grabbing it and pinching and twisting my nipple. I cry out. From pain? pleasure? I can't tell, the line has become too blurred.

Then you let go of me and your cock leaves my pussy, and I moan, missing it already. You flip me onto my stomach and position pillows under my hips to raise them up. You bring out some rope and bind my wrists together then tie them to the head board. Then each ankle you take and attach to each corner of the foot board, spreading me open, vulnerable.

My breathing deepens as I try to anticipate what's coming next. You rub your hand in my hair and just say "I'll take good care of you"

I look at you and nod- my silent signal for you to go ahead.

You move down to the end of the bed and I feel a finger enter my pussy. In and out, then two, a bit faster, then three, even faster. I'm squirming to match you. Trying to get your fingers deeper, faster. You pull out and I sigh. Your hand moves to my ass, rubbing it, grabbing it. And then the first one comes down. A slap firmly across my left cheek. I jump a little, not totally expecting it. Then I feel your hand on my right cheek. I was expecting it this time. I'm moaning in pleasure. Your force is firm, not too painful. But you're just warming me up, getting me ready for more.

The slapping becomes rthymic- left cheek, right cheek, high, low, stopping to rub some, all gradually building in intensity. It sooths me and I float further into space. Just feeling everything. The rope on my wrists and ankles, the soft sheets and pillows under me, the sweat forming, and the heat radiating from my ass.

You stop slapping and I feel your fingers probing me again. I'm even more wet than before. Just the response you were looking for.

"Ready for more?"
"Yes" I whisper hoarsley.

You reach for something and a new sensation hits my back with a thud. Up and down my back, shoulders, ass, and thighs I feel it. I'm groaning out with each whack, breathing heavy, squirming under it. And just as I think I can't take one more, you stop. Can you read minds???

I feel your hands caressing me- they feel cool against my burning skin. You soothe me, telling me I did well. My breathing starts to return to back to normal, and I hear you opening another condom. You get behind me and push in. I groan, thankful to have your cock back inside me. You start pumping in and out- slowly, watching you disappear inside me then reappear out of the darkness.

Then faster you go, one hand reaching under me fingering my clit, the other grabbing at my hair. I'm so lost in everything I'm feeling. Everything feels incredible but I just wish I could cum for you. Then I feel it. You've pulled out a vibrator and placed it firmly against my clit. My pussy clenches down in response. That's exactly what my body needed to make it over the edge. In almost no time I'm crying out and coming hard. Pleased you accomplished the impossible, you pull out, and jerk yourself, cumming on my ass and back.

You run to the bathroom and grap a cool wash cloth to clean up- a welcome relief to my still fiery backside. Then you gingerly undo my restraints and climb into bed with me. Holding me close and kissing me you wait as I come out of my haze.

I just smile and ask when we can do that again....

28 April 2006

If he wasn't so damn sexy...

So I saw Robby last night. He's this boy I used to see last year during the fall semester of my freshman year. We met on AFF and became like steady hook-up partners for a few months. Until he found out I was sleeping with other guys. Turns out he thought we were in a committed sexual relationship. Umm, no. If I'm going to only sleep with one person, I best be getting the perks of a girlfriend. So we stopped seeing each other and talking shortly after the end of baseball season, Oct '04.

Not really much of a loss. He's sexy- very cute face with a nice body, but that's about all he's got going for him. His personality leaves you wishing he'd grow up a few more years, and his stamina...well, maybe it's not fair to compare all guys to Jefferson, but 30 minutes start to finish?? Come on!!

I must have forgotten all that, or at least hoped some of it changed when I agreed to meet him again.

I drove to his house last night- remembering the way perfectly even after a year and a half. When I pulled in front of his house I called him and he came and met me outside (he still lives with his parents, so no knocking on doors for me). We went up to his little attic room and chit chatted a bit. I said hello to his little ferrett and looked around the room- it looked exactly the same. I dropped my coat and purse on the floor and hopped in the bed- nice and squishy cause it was a water bed. Robby joins me a second later.

He starts by lifting my shrit and kissing my stomach. He quickly unbuckles my belt and I pull off my pants and undies. He moves and settles in between my legs. He sucks on my clit and fingers my pussy for a while, and it's actually quite nice. He used to do it reluctantly and not all that well. He sits up, complaining of a neck cramp (insert eye roll here). Whatever. Let's just move on.

I pull his t-shirt over his head taking in the yummy sight. He's got tan skin with a nice amount of manly chest hair. He lays down on his back next to me and I move, taking my shirt and bra off along the way. I lean over his kissing him on the mouth, sucking on his lower lip. I then move and kiss and suck on his neck, jaw, and shoulder. He moans and squirms under my kisses and reaches for a condom. I pull his boxer briefs off and he rolls the condom on.

He climbs on top and pushes in. Robby leans in close to me and I wrap my arms around him. I run my hands along his back, shoulders, and arms, feeling around his waist. "God, I really love men" I think to myself.

He starts thrusting at a nice pace. There's not much else to it though. He has his head on the side of mine, so there's no kissing or anything. I focus on his body and to stay turned on and involved in the moment. After a little while- felt like 30 mins or so, he comes and pulls out. We then proceed to watch TV- settling into Ladder 49 before I go home for the night.

He maybe sexy as hell, but I kinda swore to myself I'd stop having bad sex. I don't need to settle anymore! So, this might be the last you hear of Robby... I wonder if Connor or Ben are free tonight... cause I don't get to see Jefferson until Monday, and last night just totally didn't do it for me.

But I pose this question to you: Which is worse: short, boring sex or no sex at all??

26 April 2006

All mine...

I saw Jefferson today....and it was so wonderful I've decided to keep it all for myself- including the identity of the mystery woman from Saturday (at least for now).

25 April 2006

Coming attractions

Ladies and gentleman, only in Manhattan for select viewing pleasure, but available internationally to you for your reading pleasure: You're very own Avah is to star in a bukkake party! Co-starring alongside Jefferson, we'll fuck like wild as a slew of extras stand watching and beat off. A sweet double feature too, the bukkake party will be followed by a good fucking and beating!

Coming May 1st 2006 to a computer screen near you!

24 April 2006

My Family Seder

Baruch Atah Adonai Elohaynu Melech Ha'olam borei p-ri ha-gafen.

Blessed are you, O Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who creates the fruit of the vine.

My family sings the prayer, following it with an Amen, and we sip our wine.

Sunday my family had a belated Passover Seder. My brother Chris and his wife Carrie came from PA with their kids, my niece Chelsea, and my beautiful baby nephew Max. My sister Sandra and her husband David came in from the city, and my dad's (well, technically my step-dad) cousin Matthew came with his wife Angela and their daughter Hilary also from the city. And there was me, my mom, and step-dad, Brian, too of course.

The weather that day started off miserably- raining and foggy, but by late afternoon, it warmed up considerably and the sun was shining brightly. I drove home from school, with a basket of laundry in tote, and arrive shortly after my brother.

It’s a pleasant scene in the living room: my brother and sister in-law sitting on the couch while my parents prepare some appetizers. Chelsea’s sitting by her mom while Max is on the floor playing with some hula-hoops my mom got for Chelsea and Hilary. Max has gotten so big since I saw him in March! He’s almost 14 months old now already. And walking all over getting into so much trouble! lol

I remember when I first saw him after he was born. I took a train into the city on a very, very cold March afternoon, and spent a couple of hours visiting. I held him in my arms and he was so beautiful, so tiny. He was first nephew, so he was extra special. My other brother has 3 little girls, and Chris already had little Chelsea. He’s easily the most beautiful baby boy I’ve ever known. And I say that completely without bias. ;)

Max smiles when sees me coming towards him to give him a big hug and kiss. I lift him up and give him kisses all over producing the sweetest giggles from him. I place him back on the floor and move to give my brother and sister in-law a kiss hello and giving Chelsea a big hug and kiss hello too.

It was around 12:30 by the time I arrived, but we weren’t eating until 3:30. I was starving since I hadn’t eaten since Thursday, no wait, it was Wednesday (I’m bad about making time to eat, especially when it’s gross college food) so I steal a latke (a potato pancake for all you goyim (that would be non-Jews)), you know, to make sure it isn’t poisoned or undercooked or something. Mmm, they were just fine! But I count them and there are only 28!

“Why didn’t you make more latkes?” I complain.
“Well there are only 12 of us, so even if everyone has 2, that's only 24" my step-dad explains.
"And that would only leave me 4! You know I like to take a bagfull back to school."
"Well you can always make more"

The next few hours are just spent chatting, catching up, and enjoying the kids. Chris and Carrie have put their house up for sale and have had a bid accepted on another house and they’re looking to close in 60 days. Max totters around, fascinated by our two big dogs. He laughs and claps when the come up and sniff his face. Chelsea slowly gets over her fear of them where she can be in the same room without whining about it.

My sister Sandra and David arrive next around 3. We’re just waiting for Matt and his family, but we get a call saying they’re in a town 30-45 minutes Southwest of our house, but they’ll be there soon. We all scratch our heads trying to figure out how in the world they got there! Turns out, we find out later, they missed our exit and continued straight on 80 until the Delaware Water Gap!

My cousins finally arrive a bit after 4 and we sit to start our dinner. We begin with, of course, matzah ball soup, holding off on beginning the Seder until my brother comes back from trying to put Max asleep. When he returns, we all gather around, but let the girls go play outside and pick dandylions.

My step-dad starts with the blessing of the wine and begins talking about our journey out of the desert and now our journey through life. It's not the destination or where we're coming from that matters, but what we go through getting there. Brian starts breaking off the parsley and dipping it in the salt water when he asks me to talk about sacrifice. Not a subject of expertise for me. I struggle and sputter out sacrifice is when we give up little things for a bigger and more important goal. I notice there's dirt on my plate under the parsely.

"Um, Brian, did you wash the parsley?"
"I thought I did."
"Um, well there's dirt on my plate and I can see it in the bowl!"
He shrugs and keep passing the last few bits

Everyone at the table looks at the sprig in their hand before placing it down and wiping their plate with a napkin. Brian moves on cutting the marror (horseradish) and placing it on the charoset and matzah. He then asks my sister to talk about what this means. She explains it's taking the bitter with the sweet in life. The egg is passed to David as he talks about it symbolizing life and rebirth, and that also on the vernal equinox you can stand the egg on its end.

Next comes the meal. Brisket and latkes- my favorite. I look forward to Hannukah and Passover always for this meal. I take a good serving of meat and latkes, quickly getting seconds. We eat, talk, and drink. My family.

We get dessert not too long after we finish dinner since it's late and people have to drive back to the city and to PA. Brian made apple crisp. Now, usually I love apple crisp. But Brian's not much of a baker. Out of this world cook, but horrible baker. I take one bite and discreetly discard it in my napkin, giving my mom the "Why does he bake?" look. lol

The evening winds down as my parents do dishes and put food away while the families start packing up. I take Max in my arms trying to keep him smiling since he's a little cranky from not napping. My mom plays peek-a-boo with him as I hug him close giving him kisses. He's my greatest love right now, lol. I show him off and talk about him to everyone. And if it weren't for the sake of annonymity, I'd post a big picture here. Though, picture the gerber baby and you're not far off... Now I love all my nieces and him equally, but you gotta admit- there's just something about a baby!

When Chris and Carrie are getting ready to leave I kiss Max and tell him I love him before handing him to his daddy (he's been very attached to his dad lately). I pick up Chelsea and carry her to the car.

"So I'm coming to babysit in 2 weeks you know. And we're gonna have lots of fun, right?" I tell her.
She nodds her head.
"Can we play dolls?"
"Awesome. I love you so much, you know that?"
She nods.
I kiss her and put her down as she runs to the car. I kiss them one more time once they're settled in their car seats.
"See you in 2 weeks and love you guys!" I say to Chris and Carrie. I've been really trying to always tell the people I love that I love them.
We hug, kiss, and send our love with the rest of the family leaving. My family.

I've been thinking about my family a lot lately. In the past few years, the past few months, and the past few days. As I'm getting older I'm trying harder to develop adult relationships with my parents and siblings, and relationships with my siblings independant of my parents. It's easier with some of my siblings than with others. Some I'm closer to, and some are just more open to the growth. Then there are some who are too self-involved to give a fuck about their little sister.

And I've been thinking about grandparents goo. Of all my parents' parents, the only one I knew was my dad's dad. And he lived in CA so I didn't see him much. Plus he was cranky. I was in the 7th grade when he died. My dad's mom died in the 70's. My mom's dad died at 46 from lung cancer. I repeat: my grandfather died at 46 from lung cancer. From smoking for 30 years. My mom's mom died when I was 10 months old. I never really knew her, but I love her, and I miss her. That left me with Brian's parents, who, although weren't necessarily the warmest people, loved me and treated me exactly like all their other grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I also had Nanny and Pop-pop, my half-sisters' (from my dad) grandparents. They only lived a few minutes walk from my dad's so I spent a lot of time there, usually playing with my "cousin" who was the only girl on that side close to my age. I still remember Nanny always had vanilla pudding in cups in the fridge. Sometimes she'd make jell-o too. And she'd make box macaroni and chesse, but she'd get the deluxe kind where you squeeze the cheese out of the packet. I had it recently, but it just didn't taste the same. My cousin and I would climb the trees, roll down the huge hill in the back yard, and slide down the cellar door. Then eventually came my step-mom's parents. I'm not that close with them, but things are always nice when they come on holidays and stuff for dinner. Michael, my step-mom's step-dad, is the typical Jewish grandfather. We used to play scrabble everytime he came, but he'd always score at least double what I would. But then again he was a doctor and I was an 8th grader. I do regret we've stopped playing. And he always asks about school since he audited some classes there a few years ago.

Then Grandma, my step-mom's mom, was diagnosed with cervical cancer this month. And by the time they found it, it had already spread to her stomach and some of her lungs. They're treating it with chemo, and she's had two rounds already. She's lost all her hair, but she wears a wig and my dad says she's optimistic. My dad also said the doctors estimate about a year. And Michael is aging. 86. And his health is slowly declining too, so we won't have much more time with him either. And this hit me only just Saturday. I was driving into the city to see Jefferson, had just come out of the tunnel, and it dawned on me. She's dying. He's old. They're the only grandparents I have left, and I won't have any there when I get married. I choked back the tears since I was only 10 blocks from Jefferson's.

I have a mess of a family. People sometimes draw trees to visualize who comes from where. All of the kids come from different marriages. I'm the youngest and my mother's only child. Everyone else is much older me ranging in age from 34-41. But I love my family, and wouldn't have it any other way.

But this is my family Seder. Who comes changes from year to year. Even when it is can't be predicted. But there's always friends and family, a tradition I plan to continue for many, many years after I begin my own family.

22 April 2006

I Have a Surprise for you...

Today was my day with Jefferson. He told me earlier this week he may have a surprise for me. I love surprises!

My alarm went off this morning at 11:30 waking me out of a dead sleep. I was having some sort of dream, I can't remember anymore, but the girls from Sex and the City were there. Anyways, I didn't get in last night until after 2 from being out with my team, so I was still very tired this morning. Groggy-eyed I roll out of bed and stumble into the shower. I wash my face and shave my legs. I towel off, pull my hair in a bun, dress and do a little make up. I'm out the door by 12:15 and am on my way back into the city after filling up for $32. (Ugh!)

I'm supposed to be at Jefferson's at 1, but I get stuck in tunnel traffic and have bad luck with parking, so it's almost 1:30 by the time I get there. He buzzes me in the building and I go up and knock on the door. Jefferson opens it up, hiding behind the door. Cause he's nekked. Hehehe. There must be someone hear already I think. Hmm...

"Sorry I'm late!" I apoligize.
"It Ok, what happened?" he says sweetly.
He nods his head. "Why are you still dressed?"
"Right, sorry." I respond and quickly strip down to my pretty new underwear. I wore my new pink lace camisole and matching undies for Jefferson to enjoy for a few seconds before I took it off. Off they go on the floor and Jefferson and I move into each other to kiss. I sigh as I relax under Jefferson's comfortable touch.

"Mmm...diet coke?"
"Ah. Kneel on the floor and suck my cock as I talk to you."
I kneel obediently taking his cock in my mouth. I feel Jefferson's fingers brush against my cheek as I move my mouth along the length of his shaft.

"I invited somone over for you to suck their cock while I watch" he tells me.
He pulls out and rubs my cheek.
"And you'll be wearing this while you do it" he says placing a blindfold over my eyes.
"Get on your hands, he's already here, so crawl to the bedroom."
I move my hands and knees gingerly as Jefferson guides me by my hair. He leads me down the hall and into the bedroom stopping at the foot of the bed.
"Get on the bed" Jefferson instructs me. I feel my way up and wait.
"Now suck my friend's cock just like you did mine."

I move my hands feeling for a body. I feel skin- a leg. It's soft and plush. Huh. I run my hand up the leg and across the stomach feeling for a cock. There doesn't seem to be one. Surprise!! lol.

Pleasently surprised, I bend down and take her clit in my mouth. She gasps as I flick my tongue over her clit. I run my tongue along her slit before sucking her clit back in my mouth. I push a finger in her pussy and rub gently then insert a second finger. I push and rub gently worried I could scratch her with my nails. After a few minutes I hear her cum and feel her pussy pulsing around my fingers.

Nobodys told me to stop, so I keep going. I lap gingerly at her pussy in case it's sensitive.

I feel Jefferson's soft hands rub along my back. He replaces his hands with his lips as he gives my back sweet kisses. I feel myself melt and give more of myself to him with each touch, each kiss. Each bite! I feel his teeth sink into my shoulder and I moan into the pussy on my mouth. I squirm underneath him as he bites even harder. He releases only to move and bite down on my other shoulder. Great, can't wear tank tops or a halter until the marks go away! lol

Jefferson stands up. "I'm going to fuck your ass now" he tells me.
Mmm, I smile to myself. I hear him get a condom and lube and I spread my knees further apart. Jefferson kneels on the bed behind me and presses his cock against my ass. I relax as he pushes in and I moan again into the pussy I'm still eating. He fucks me hard grabbing my hips and back to get deeper. He lands a bunch of smacks on my ass that heats it up.

He pulls out and pulls me to the side of the bed and the lady adjusts accordingly. Jefferson returns to pounding my ass and soon I hear another orgasm from the lady underneath me. Go me! lol Jefferson keeps riding my ass hard but eventually pulls out and goes to wash up. I continue sucking the lady's clit since still no one's told me to stop.

Jefferson comes back and rubs my ass before landing his hand hard against it. He picks up the whip and brings it down on my back. I sigh as the heat rises to the surface of my skin. He strikes my ass and I flinch. He lands three on the right before landing three on the left. He strikes the whip against my pussy making me jump and cry out. I hear the whip in the air before it lands. The woosh. He makes a handful of hard strikes. My left hip is tender, and my body shakes as Jefferson tenderly runs his hand over it. I instinctively try and move from his hand, even if it is gentle. He pulls me up and I kneel on the bed resting against him as he kisses and caresses me. I rest gently against him just relishing in his touch.

"Go lay down" he says in my ear, "I want to tie you down now"

I move and lay on my back. Jefferson straddles my chest, pinning my arms up with his knees and he ties rope around my wrists. I then feel a tongue on my clit. I moan as she flicks at my clit with her tongue. When Jefferson finishes tying the knots, he moves over my face.

"Lick my ass" he instructs me.
Without hesitation, by a force outside of me, out pops my tongue. Who woulda thunk it? Cause I always thought I'd never lick a guys ass in a million years! Huh. Well, I didn't hate it, and it was pretty hot doing something new. After a couple of minutes, Jefferson moves and feeds me his cock. He pumps it deep hitting the back of my throat. I concentrate on breathing and swallowing my spit. I cough, my body wanting more air. I feel the sting against each cheek as Jefferson slaps me. I make sure not to cough again.

He pulls out and I gasp for air.
"Would you like a sip of water?" he asks me.
"Yes please." Um, how? My arms are tied and I'm blindfolded. I hear him lift the glass and take a sip. He leans down with his mouth over mine and lets the water stream down into my mouth. I'm so thirsty so I try not to think about how the water got to my mouth.
"Look out, I'm gonna fuck her." he tells the lady at my pussy while slipping on a condom.

I feel her move to the side of me as Jefferson kneels between my legs. He grabs my legs and pushes deep into me and I let out a loud moan as he fills me. He fucks me hard, his cock hitting my g-spot, eliciting loud moans and grunts from me. As he continues to fuck me, my mind floats further away and my thoughts are cloudy. All I can think about is how much I love this. 'God, I love this life' I think to myself and smile. Jefferson's hands wrap around my ankles and he pulls them up by his shoulders. His hands move holding my wrists down. He lets go of one and I feel a slap across my cheek. And another one a few seconds later from the other side.

"You're cute when you're getting fucked." He says to me. Shoot- I'm cute all the time! lol

I tug on my ropes wanting to finger my clit so I can cum.
"Do you need me to free a hand?" Jefferson asks me.
I nod my head yes as he unties a hand. I move my hand to my clit and start rubbing it hard and fast. I clench my pussy and my breath stops as I pull for that orgasm. I rub harder and harder until I expload jerking my hips up and crying out. Jefferson slows down before pulling out.
"The orgasms are coming more easily now." he points out.
I nod my head in agreement since I'm still catching my breath.
"Do you want to fuck her now?" he asks the lady.
She doesn't respond but I hear her move off the bed and then I hear a plastic bag crinkling.
"He's going to fuck you now" Jefferson tells me. Cool. I've never had a girl fuck me before. This'll be fun.

She kneels between my legs and pushes her cock in me. I groan again as she fills me deep. With my free hand I wrap it around her back feeling her warm velvety skin. God I've been craving that feeling for awhile now. I feel her breasts brushing against mine and take one and guide a nipple blindly into my mouth. I suck on it and hear her moan approvingly in my ear. I grab the other and do the same. I release it and she leans in closer to me. I wrap my free arm around her back again and stroke her cheek with my tied hand. I really want to kiss her and wish she'd lean in further so I could. Instead she takes my hand from her cheek and pins it down by my head.

She leans in further and I can sense her lips right above mine so I lift my head up trying to find them. She pulls back a bit. I lay my head back down and feel her get close again. I lean up a little and my lips find hers. Mmm...oh yeah. Our tongues dance as our lips press close together. She releases my hand and I move it taking her cheek in my palm. She breaks away and I kiss down her neck and shoulder.

She undoes my other hand and pulls me to the bottom of the bed. I hold my legs at my knees as she fucks me deep. Jefferson joins us back on the bed and leans down over me taking a nipple in his mouth. He sucks on it and bites down gently and does the same to the other. He moves his mouth around my breasts and stomach leaving faint bite marks. He moves above my head and guides his cock in my mouth. Breathing and swallowing my spit is made very very difficult with my head being bent back like it was. I pumps his cock slowly in and out of my mouth. I hear him open a drawer and feel him place clothes pins on my nipples. I'm so far gone at this point. A girl fucking my pussy and Jefferson fucking my mouth, I would have done anything Jefferson wanted at that point. I was total putty.

Every time Jefferson pulls his cock out a bit I gasp for breath and try to swallow the spit accumulating. I cough a few times and Jefferson slaps my cheek lightly to remind me not to cough and he plunges his cock further in my throat. His hands move to my breasts grabbing them and shaking the clothes pins. I squirm underneath him and moan on his cock. He shakes them harder making me grunt. He then takes them and unclips them. Jefferson then proceeds to take his cock out of my mouth leaving me gasping. The lady follows leaving my pussy. I groan at the emptiness now. I lay my feet gingerly on the ground and lay there until Jefferson tells me to lay on the floor.

I move to the floor and lay face down on the blanket already there. I hear them kissing and I just rest, feeling very light headed and I just concentrate on not blacking out. After a few minutes Jefferson comes down to me and rubs his hands over me before laying against me. As he lays on top of me, he tells me he's kicking me out now. "We had a shorter time today since I was late" he explains. I'm a little disappointed our time was short today, but I don't let it show. There's next time anyways.
He asks me, "Did my friend fuck you well?"
"Yes, very well."
"Well than you should thank him."
"Thank you very much."
"You're welcome" I hear her speak for the first time that day.

Jefferson then leads me back to the living room by my hair as I crawl.
"Ouch!" I cry as I bang my shoulder into the door jam or something.
"Be careful" he responds.
He stops me and places my clothes in front of me.
"Here are your clothes, get dressed, but keep your blindfold on."
Oh boy. I feel through my clothes picking up my camisole. I feel it for the tag making sure it's right side out and slip it on when it is. I then grab my t-shirt and put that on. I grab my panties and stand to put them on. I feel them trying to figure out which is the front and if it's inside out or not. When I have them right side out and what I think rightside forward, I go to slip my legs in, but can't pull them up because they're backwards. I hear Jefferson laughing and yell at him-
"You're just standing there watching me put them on wrong and laughing!"

I switch them around then slip on my jeans, holding my self steady on the bookshelf since I still feel weak. Jefferson comes behind me and wraps his arms tight around me. I sigh and lean into him. He kisses my neck gently and then pulls away. He doesn't say anything, and I don't hear him, so I just stand there, not sure what to do. So I just wait.

I hear him back by me again.
"Can I take my blindfold off for my shoes? So I don't my right shoe on my left foot?" I ask.
"Yes, after the underwear debaucle, I think that would be wise."
I take the blind fold off and slip on my shoes. I see Jefferson smiling at me and I lean in to kiss him. I missed seeing his face. We say goodbye and he hands me a bottle of water as my lovely parting gift. I stumble down the hall back towards the elevator.

I get outside and round the corner to get my car from the lot under Jefferson's building. I hand the guy my ticket and notice the sign on the window: "No checks or credit cards accepted." Aww crap!! I have very little cash on me and don't even have my bankcard to go to an ATM. The guy rings my total up. $13. The exact amount in my wallet. Oh thank God!! I don't know what I would have done if was even a quarter more!

I hear my car screetching up and cringe knowing what the guy's doing to my clutch. I settle into my car and head off thinking how much I could really use a nap.

19 April 2006

Summer Flashback Fastforward

I saw Connor tonight. He's this yummy manly-man I met this summer when I was escorting. Now a good majority of the guys I'd only see again if I were paid (insert laugh here), but Connor, oh Connor! Let's put it this way, until I met Jefferson, he was the best sex I've ever had. Now we'll just say he's the best vanilla sex, lol.

We just clicked in the first few minutes and we had this chemistry I became addicted to. The first time I saw him, I remember it so well, it was the day my car died. On the parkway. While my family was out of the country. And might I mention I didn't even have AAA? So I was thus stranded at my hotel until I could figure out what to do next. But hell it was the Hilton! Other than the fact that I had to leave my dogs inside the house for about 36 hours, it wasn't too bad.

Connor had an evening appointment. 6-6:30 probably. He showed up at my door and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I gave him the standard kiss hello. He asked if he could use my shower since he had just come from work. I pointed him in the direction of the bathroom and told him to take a towel from above the toilet. When he came out he looked soooo sexy all damp with the towel wrapped low on his waist. He sat on the bed next to me and I leaned in to kiss him. We then proceeded to have the most amazing 4 hours...! I wouldn't let most guys stay more than 5 minutes over, but Connor could stay forever and I wouldn't mind.

I had to wait 2 weeks before seeing him again. He showered again as soon as he got there, but this time I joined him. Best god-damned shower of my life! Lol. We were in there almost 45-50 minutes! We came out and were getting ready to move on to the main course when I unfortunately got the call that I had to take someone else. A guy I had seen before who particuarly grossed me out. Curses! But I knew I couldn't let Connor get leave without getting his number. There was too much pleasure to keep this a business relationship.

We stayed in touch for about a month but lost contact after that. Since I considered him the best sex ever, I never totally forgot about him. A few days ago I dug up his phone number and sent him a text just saying hello, not totally sure I'd even hear back. So Tuesday I get a text back on my phone from someone on Yahoo:

"Hey, who's this?" I text back
"i got a text from this phone numer. i didn't recognize the number" It's Connor!
"are you online? mind if i IM you?" I write, not wanting to waste text messages.
"yeah, i'm on" he still doesn't know who he's talking to.

Me: Hi
Him: Hey
Him: hey whats up [I'm sure he just realized who he's talking to]
Me: Not much, you?
Him: not too much
Him: how ya been
Me: good, busy with school and stuff- you?
Him: workin, workin, workin, same stuff

we continue the chit chat about school, american idol, and sports...

him: so what made ya remember me all of a sudden, princess?
me: i think about you every now and then- never forgot about you
him: hmm.. i don't consider myself that memorable
me: that's not true!
him: u sure?
me: uh- yeah!
him: so what do you think about
me: the amazing times we spent- dude you were fucking gooood
him: lol, u sure about that?
me: i wouldn't say it if i wasn't sure
me: easily one of the best
me: easily
him: so there were better
him: what would you say i could have done better
me: kept in contact
him: sorry about that
me: what happened?
him: too much travel and work ran short of money
him: i fell into a pretty bad funk for awhile
me: aw, i'm sorry to hear that
him: it happens i guess
me: of course- happens to all of us
me: are things a bit better now then?
him: gettin there
me: good, that's good
him: u comin to visit sometime?
me: you want me to?
him: sure why not :)
me: lol, oh that's real convincing
him: hmmm, so how can i convince you to come visit
him: or would you even be interested?
me: sure i'd be interested- why not? ;)
him: what time is class till tomorrow?
me: 6:30
him: i think i'm free after 5 tomorrow
him: i only have one boat and its in the morning
me: i think i need to come visit then
him: good, i'll give you a call tomorrow
me: ok cool
him: remember to have nasty dirty dreams about me tonight
me: hehe of course
him: ok, have a good night, talk to you tomorrow
me: night

I go to bed last night super excited I'm going to get to see Connor again. I haven't seen him since July and I know it's gonna be great. Today I get ready taking a shower in the afternoon waiting until after class to do anything else. Connor calls a little after 5 as I'm on my way out to class. Tonight's deffinately on and he gives me the address to his office. I tell him I'll be there at 7:15. It's so much fun doing it at an office- feels extra naughty. Lol. I plug the address into Yahoo maps, and see it's a very very easy ride. Down the parkway and make a right.

I sit through class wishing it would hurry up. I then have to meet with my group after, but explain to them I have to leave at 6:30. We finish up a little after 6:30 and I rush back to my room to get changed. I pick out my outfit in my head as I go back to my dorm, and throw on my jeans and halter top befitting of the wonderful weather. I jet down to my car and book it to Connor's. I left 15 minutes late and needed to make up time.

I make it down in great time and park next to his truck. I see him through the window as I turn my car off. I get out and see him come around the side to greet me. We smile and say hello, kissing eachother on the cheek. He brings me inside and back to his office. We make small talk for a few mintues before he grabs me and pulls me in to kiss. I fall into his arms and melt in his kiss. Our hands explore each other's bodies over our clothes. Connor's hand moves and rubs my pussy through my jeans. He quickly undoes my belt and button slipping a hand in my panties and starts rubbing my clit.

He pulls down my pants and panties and kneels in front of me taking my clit into his mouth. I let out a moan and run my hands through his hair. He sucks and flicks my clit and inserts a finger in my pussy and rubs my g-spot. I groan loudly as my knees go a little weak. He pulls back and I step out of my shoes and kick off my pants as he stands back up. He grabs me again to kiss me as I reach for his shirt ahd pull it over his head. My hands roam all over his torso taking in the feel of his skin.

Connor's strong hands take me and push me against the wall. His mouth stays locked on mine only occasionally moving to nibble my neck or ear lobe, and he keeps a finger at my clit. I moan under the weight of him, needing him to fuck me soon. He undoes his pants and I feel his rock hard cock lightly brushing against my thigh and the outside of my pussy. He then spins me around and pushes me face forward into the wall. I put my hands against it to support myself as he kisses and fondles me. I push my ass out against him wishing I he was inside me. He undoes the tie of my halter and unhooks my bra then spins me around to take a nipple in his mouth. I throw my head back and let out a moan as he sucks on my nipples.

Connor then lays down on the floor bringing me with him. I straddle his hips, my knees digging into the rough carpet. I lean down and kiss him moving to his neck then over to his shoulder and down his torso to his cock, engulfing it in my mouth. I move my mouth and tongue up and down the length of his cock, swirling my tongue along the bottom of it, and flicking it over the head as I reach the top. I work all the way down taking him all the way in, his head in the back of my throat. I hear him moaning softly and breathing heavy and look up every now and then to see his face.

After a bit he sits up and pulls me forward. I grab a condom and quickly slip it on before sliding his cock in me. I leaned forward over him allowing him better access to hit my g-spot. As Connor thrusts his hips up, I move mine sitting back down on his cock. After a little bit I sit up for a few moments getting his cock even deeper in me. I lean back forward and he takes a nipple in my mouth. I moan and clench my pussy in response. I lean down on top of him and we hug eachother close and he fucks me faster. I clench my pussy and focus on trying to cum, seeing if I can do it without Jefferson. My pussy gets tighter and tighter and I'm moaning louder and louder, I can feel it right there and then it comes- a nice little orgasm. (Hey- I'll take it!)

Hearing me cum in his ear, Connor thrusts even harder into me. He jerks up into me holding it there, cumming. He jerks a few more times before he finishes. I let him rest in me for a second before climbing off. I rub my knees, a little bit sore from the carpet and lay down in his arms.

"Is this carpet clean?" I ask.
"Think so"

We lay quietly with me adding some chatter here and there, his finger lightly brushing my skin. We lean over every so often to kiss one another. He leans over and takes a nipple in my mouth and starts fingering my pussy again. He rubs my g-spot and I buck up against him. He places my hand over my clit and I start fingering it. I rub hard trying to find another orgasm. I clench hard concentrating and have another nice little one. We rest a bit more before getting dressed.

We kiss good bye and I tell him we deffinately need to do this again soon. I check my clock and it's only 8:30- I'll make it home in time to see the American Idol results show.

17 April 2006

Oooh, I see....

Yesterday I spent another blissful afternoon with Jefferson.

A very blissful afternoon.

On Saturday I recieved an e-mail from Jefferson:

From now on, I'd like to ask you not to wear clothes in my apartment, unless I specifically request otherwise.

When you arrive tomorrow, you will find my front door unlocked. Come in, and close the door behind you. Undress in my foyer, leaving your clothes where they fall. Then we can talk.
Mmm, yummy. I was sooo excited about Sunday. I knew it'd be tough playing in my lacrosse game after, but I didn't care.

I got ready that morning, picking out something light and springy, taking the weekly phone call from my father, and packing my stuff for lacrosse that night. Oh and I can't forget the camera Jefferson asked me to bring!

I drove in breezing through the tunnel and uptown with my windows down and sunroof open dancing and singing to some Eagles. I quickly snatched up the first parking spot I found. 7 blocks away, but it's a beautiful Sunday, so it makes for a nice walk.

I made good time not hitting any expected Easter traffic. So I get to Jefferson's building a bit early, and ring him to buzz me in.

"Hey, it's me. I'm a little early, is that ok?"
"Sure come on up." He says as the door buzzes open.

I walk the path I'm now familiar with. I walk in Jefferson's apartment and hear the shower running. I set my stuff down and undress as Jefferson had asked. I look around the living room checking out pictures and reading some titles of the many many books on the shelves.

After a few minutes, I hear the shower turn off and see Jefferson come out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He quickly discards it in his room as he makes his way towards me.

"Hey naked lady"
"Hi" I reply as we embrace and kiss hello like long time lovers.
"Mmm your mouth tastes sweet"
"I was drinking diet coke."
"Mmm, tastes good. Let's move to the bedroom now and make out some."

We walked back and I climbed into bed and settled in confortably as Jefferson climbed on and found his way into my arms. We kissed sweetly, tasting each other's mouths and feeling each other's bodies.

Jefferson pulled back saying "I want to fuck you while we kiss."
He rolls on a condom (a pink one I notice), adds a little lube and slips inside me. His mouth lands on mine again as he starts thrusting slowly. The tempo gradually but steadily quickens. Jefferson leans back on his heels and grabs my ankles lifting them up by his shoulders getting a deeper thrust. I moan and buck against him as he hits my g-spot again and again. After a some time the pace slows back down and we spend awhile making love, Jefferson's body pressed against mine with my legs wrapped around his hips keeping him close and deep. I concentrate on tightening my PC muscles as he pushes in and relaxing them as he pulls out, since I know he likes it. "It's like your pussy is already so tight and you can't imagine it getting any tighter, but then it does! And it's so awesome" he explained to me last week.

Eventually Jefferson pulls out and he pulls me into him spooning behind me. I melt into him feeling sooo comfortable and safe wrapped in his arms. I close my eyes to rest a bit but am not very sleepy. I listen to the city sounds floating in from outside (I don't know how anyone sleeps in that city!). I hear Jefferson's shallow breaths and guess he's dozed off. I take in some more titles of volumes and volumes of books on his bedroom shelves. My eyes pass over the clock and I notice it's already after 1. We had just been fucking for about an hour. I still am impressed, amazed, happy with, etc... with Jefferson's stamina. Boys half his age will lose it or blow it after all of 20 minutes. No lie. But anyways, it was nice this Sunday to have a bit more time with Jefferson so we didn't have to rush anything and could take the time to rest and snuggle close.

A few minutes later Jefferson stirs. I look back at him as he smiles at me and I roll onto my other side to kiss him. Then he grabs me and pulles me on top of him.
"Go suck my cock, I want take a picture" he tells me.
I move down the bed taking his cock in my mouth. I bob my head up and down swirling my tongue as I move.
"Look at me" he says. I look up, keeping his cock in my mouth and hear the camera click.
"Now smile" -Click- -Click-
He puts the camera down and I focus on giving him head.

After a few minutes he pulls out and says "How bout you ride me for a bit."
"Sure" I reply as he grabs another condom. I position my pussy over his cock and lower my self down onto him. I work on getting a good rythm going which I always find hard for me when I'm on top. We find a good one, as he thrusts up I sit down on him. I'm leaning forward over him since his cock hits my g-spot like this. I kiss his lips and chin, and rest my head on his shoulder, kissing it a bit too, and I taste the saltiness of his sweat. Call me crazy but I love that taste, lol.

Then Jefferson takes me by surprise pushing me back, wanting to change positions. I'm not sure where he wants me to move, so I just let him drag me to the lower corner of the bed. He pulls me so a bit of my butt is hanging off the edge, but then pushes my legs up and plunges into me fucking me hard. I'm really heating up, but then feel a cool breeze wash over me relaxing me in to the rythm of his thrusting. He's doing the same thing as last week when I came. Same position, his cock hitting the same spot, with the same speed. I'm lost in his fucking, he's pinned down my wrists and I'm just pushing my hips up against him trying to get his cock deeper, and trying to cum. I get close, but lose it, and this repeats a few times.

"Rub your clit if you need to" Jefferson says releasing my arms. I don't immediately, I wait until I'm closer. As soon as I feel I'm on the edge I reach down and start rubbing as fast as I can. It still takes me a few minutes as I curse and yell at myself in my head. Just when I think I've lost it, the orgasm explodes through me. My back arches thrusting my hips up as I cry out. Jefferson wait a few moments for me to catch my breath before pulling out and setting my legs on the floor. I just lay still for a few moments trying to regain strength. Jefferson finds this to be a wonderful photo-op and breaks out the camera to capture my post-cum bliss. He takes a couple of shots from different angles before putting the camera back down.

"Would you like some water?" He offers me.
"Yes, please! I need to stay hydrated for my game tonight"
"Yes, of course that's very important" he replies as he leaves to get the water.

While he gets the water I schootch back onto the bed and nestle into the pillows. I just love how Jefferson's bed feels. I'm very big on beds and making mine as comfortable as possible. I always get compliments on how comfortable they are- lots of pillows and blankets and mattress pads. Well Jefferson's bed is oh so squishy soft and the sheets are like velvet. I could just stay in that bed forever. He comes back with 2 glasses of water and sets them down on either table. I grab mine gulping down a few sips before settling into bed on my stomach. Jefferson bends down over me, spreads my cheeks apart and starts tonging my ass. Oh man, I love that, but sooo few guys do it, not that I blame them. I've never done it and doubt I would. But I enjoy it, and I really enjoy the long amount of attention Jefferson gives to my ass. (Gosh I would have cleaned soooo much better if I had known to expect this.)

When he finished he comes and lays next to me as I find my way into his strong arms. I love cuddle time. I haven't really gotten to cuddle like this since I left my ex, Doofus, this winter. So I've missed it, and it does just feel so wonderful being in Jefferson's arms, feeling his soft skin against mine and just enjoying the quiet time.

"I think everyone everywhere should spend Sundays like this" I say, "Forget chores and errands, send the kids outside, and I think God would be happier if we spent Sundays like this instead of church. This is just so perfect everyone should do this."

We lay side by side for awhile, our arms around each other and our legs twisted together. I rest and listend as I hear light snores coming from Jefferson. I'm careful not to move so I can just let him rest. He wakes after only a few minutes and starts kissing me.

"I'm going to fuck your ass now" he tells me.
I just look at him, hoping he's kidding.
"You don't enjoy it much, do you?" he asks me.
"Well some times have really hurt and other have been just alright."
"Just remember to relax and we'll take it slow, so bendover"

Oh boy, we're really gonna do this! I move to the side of the bed, getting on my hands and knees and turning away from Jefferson. He grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him while spreading my knees further apart. He takes a pillow and puts it by my head for me so I can be comfortable. I hear as he opens a condom and slips it on, the takes out a bottle of lube and applies a lot to his cock. Then I feel his fingers rubbing the cool liquid around my hole, a finger slipping inside to spread some lube there.

In a moment his finger is replaced by the head of his cock. I close my eyes and concentrate on relaxing as I feel the head on the outside getting ready to push in. I feel the pressure and I push out against him, wanting to make this as painfree as possible. Slowly his cock makes its way inside my ass. When he's all the way in, he pauses to let my ass get used to the feeling. So far so good, it's not bad right now.

But then again he hasn't started pumping yet, and that's when I usually start to dislike it and want them out as quickly as possible. The worst times have been when it's hurt because they're either too big, too rough, or we didn't use enough lube. The better of the times it's just been uncomfortable (it can make you feel like you gotta go, which isn't such a sexy feeling) and I'm just putting up with it for 10 mins max for the guy.

A few seconds later I feel Jefferson start to withdraw and I wait for the anticipated uncomfortable feeling to come. But it doesn't. A dozen times he pumps slowly in and out of me, and it still doesn't come. I relax more, falling into actually enjoying the experience. i grab onto the sheets, trying not to slip off the bed. Jefferson starts going faster to a medium pace as my body is more adjusted to the feeling. Then he grabs my arms and pins them behind me, forcing me to rest my weight on my shoulders and face. He leans over me biting down hard on my back making me cry out in pain. He lets go only to move an inch and bite down harder.

He stands back up and starts pounding faster and deeper, his hips slamming against me and his balls slapping against my pussy. This is such a completely new and intense feeling for me. It feels good! Sooo good! I'm moaning and grunting into the pillow pushing my hips against him allowing his cock deeper access. I feel my pussy dripping and it tightens as I feel an orgasm build. An orgasm. From anal. I'm shocked, confused about how my body's reacting to this fucking, but God I love it! I come close to cumming twice, but I couldn't quite find it, but I'm pretty confident that will change in the future. After a few minutes Jefferson slows down and pulls out.

"I'm going to go wash up and when I come back I'm going to whip your ass, so don't move." Jefferson orders me.
I stay still, panting, obsessing over what just happened. I just had a cock in my ass fucking me hard and it felt so good I almost came. Wow. I try and stay still as Jefferson said, but I'm in an uncomfortable position with my knees spread very wide, my arms behind my back, and my weight resting on my shoulders.

Jefferson comes back in and I hear him getting things out and he's fiddling with something. I adjust my legs since they're getting tired.

"I told you to stay still" he scolds me.
"Sorry" I say as I put my legs back.
Jefferson comes behind and ties my wrists behind my back.
"These are some vibrating eggs, in honor of Easter" he says inserting them into my pussy and ass then switching them on.
"Mmmm" I moan. I adjust a bit, trying to get a bit more comfortable and steady for the beating my ass is about to get. I shift my weight off my shoulder and lean against the top of my head. I get a better view this way now, and I can see most of Jefferson as he gets ready.

I feel Jefferson's hand land against my ass as he begins by warming up my skin. He soon picks up the whip and I jerk as it lands hard against my skin. he alternates cheeks, sometimes catching though in the sensitve part in the middle or purposefully aiming for my pussy. When I feel the hot sting on my pussy I'm careful not to lose my balance. I cry out each time the whip lands against my already on fire on skin. I'm concious to not let myself move my hands to block the swats since I know that could make it worse for me. A few hits land on my back and I moan underneath them.

Then I hear as Jefferson drops the whip and picks up something else. He taps it on my skin and I can feel it's the cane.
"Oh God" I cry before he even uses it on me.
The first few swats come down making me wince and jerk away. The next few land harder and I cry out loudly trying to twist away. He stops after only a handful. I hear him ripping open a condom then feel as he pulls the egg out of my pussy and replaces it with his cock. He starts fucking me hard holding the egg against my clit. Then he moves it and slips the egg inside my pussy along side his cock. I moan and grunt from this and buck back against him. He fucks me hard for a while, taking some hard slaps against my ass.

Then he pulls out and I groan as he leaves me. I hear him clearing off the chair and dropping a pillow on the floor as he sits down.

"Come over hear and suck me off" he orders me.
He watches as I struggle to lift up, my hands still being behind my back. I manage to sit up on my knees and carefully and gingerly place my weak legs on the floor.
I take the two tiny, but difficult steps (due to my legs being so wobbly from being bent over for so long) and kneel before Jefferson.

My mouth is bone dry and I need to get it wet before I can start sucking him.
"May I have a sip of water please?" I ask.
"Yes, here" Jefferson says holding the glass to my lips. I tilt my head and take in a few big gulps.
"Thank you" I say then take him in my mouth.
I give him my best stuff sucking hard, running my tongue up the underneath part of his shaft, and taking him as deep as I can. He rubs his fingers gently over my face and hair and I work even harder to make him cum. I move faster and suck harder as I hear his breathing getting faster.

"I'm gonna cum" Jefferson says as he pulls out of my mouth and grabs his cock exploading on my chest and breasts. I lean my head on his thigh, too tired to hold myself up. He leans over me and undoes my bindings. He helps me stand and guides me to lay on the bed. Then he walks to the bathroom with a wet washcloth and cleans his cum off my skin.

Jefferson climbs into bed and I settle back into his arms. We lay resting until I have to get dressed for my lacrosse game. I gush to him about how much I loved the anal. That it was sooo good it was I almost came from it good. I told him how I never could understand before when women would say they'd come from anal, but now it's "Oooh, I see!" Jefferson was glad I enjoyed it and he also like watching my reaction to it. He then complimented me on my excellent blow job, comparing me to a gay man at a truck stop. It's a good thing I'm told, lol. I then grab the camera and suggest we check them out. Most of them are really good, a few blurry ones, since my camera is ultra sensitive to movement.

I force myself out of the bed at 4:30 to get dressed since I have to leave in 10 minutes. Jefferson follows me out dressed in a t-shirt and pjs and sits on the couch watching as I dress. I slip on my undies and sports bra and follow it with my shorts and t-shirt.

"Oooh, I like. You look like a jock"
"Yeah, I guess, thanks" I say sitting next to him to put my socks and sneakers on. I stand putting my other clothes in my bag and am ready to leave. Jefferson comes over and we embrace tightly and kiss goodbye.

"Oh! I am free this Saturday!" I blurt out.
"Oh good! Cause I was kinda hoping I'd get to see you" he says looking at the floor tapping my feet with his like a cutie pie. I giggle.
"Me too."

We kiss again as I walk reluctantly to the door and fall into like I'm drunk. Not sure how I managed to play in my game in that state. I leave with a grin on my face, wishing now everyone did know my secret.

I check the time on my phone and notice a text message from my sister:
"Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you!"

Oh yeah, the Easter Bunny was very, very good to me....

So on point it's a little spooky!

Your Seduction Style: Sex Pot

Tradionally known as a "siren", "rake", or "femme fatale." You exude sensuality.
And while your sexiness is part of what makes you an incredible seducer...
Your ability to make others feel sexy is what really makes your seduction skills shine.

Most people don't feel attractive or desired enough - a need which you tap into.
You have the ultimate sex appeal, and getting attention from you is a total self esteem boost.
Your confidence is contagious, and you help others unleash their own sexuality.

Your sex pot seduction skills are so intoxicating that you can get away with... well, almost murder.
Lovers feel like your sensuality is in your blood, so it's only natural if you flirt a little.
And if you stray, that might be okay as well - as long as you make your lover still feel hot.

13 April 2006

Signs you might be good in bed...

You might be really good in bed if:
1) Jersey girls come to see you in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach.
2) Jersey girls come to see you in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach at 1:30 in the morning.
3) Jersey girls come to see you in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach at 1:30 in the morning and don't even need to stay the night.

See where I'm going with this? I saw Ben last night. I drove to Rockaway Beach at 1:30 in the morning and didn't stay the night cause he had a house full of company. That's what'll I do to get a piece of action with him. Last time I drove to Brooklyn (he's moved since then) and it was more like 12:30-1 AM when I left. Though I stayed the night that time. If you can call sleeping from 5-8 staying the night, lol.

So let me do a little back story first. I met Ben on AFF last September. But I had just started dating Doofus and we were getting serious fast, so I never got a chance to meet with Ben. We would just chat every now and then, and we had a bunch in common. Both students, Jewish, travelers, he snowboards and I ski, so it was good. After I broke up with Doofus, Ben suggested we hit the slopes together sometime. So we first met on a crazy ass warm day in January and had a blast. It was great- we skiied, ate, talked, and made out a bit. Oh my god he's SUCH an amazing kisser!! He's got these really plump, soft lips, and uses just the right amount of tongue, and doesn't shove it all the to my tonsils. Then there's also the fact he's adorable with an amazing body.

The next time we had gotten together it was spur of the moment. We were chatting online one night and we had plans to go skiing again in a few days, but niether of us really wanted to wait. I told him I'd even drive to Brooklyn to see him. And so I did.

And the same thing happened last night. He's one of those people that are impossible to get ahold of, and when you do, you never know what it's gonna mean. So I sent him a message, not at all expecting him to be around to respond.

"OMG I'm so fucking horny! When can I get my hands on you again?"
a few seconds later I get a response!
"damn" Ahhh and man of few words- keeps the mystery alive, lol.
"Hey sugar, what's up?"
No response for a few minutes...lost him again, and since it's almost 1:30, it's time to get to bed.
"Well I'm gonna head off to bed now, but let me know when I can get my hands on you and that amazing cock of yours again!"
"Anytime you want" I see appear on the screen.
"I'll be in AC"
"That's when I'm leaving. How bout now?"
"It's almost 1:30!"
"I can't go all night without sleep again, I got things to do tomorrow."
"Sure ya can."
"How long would it take to get to you?"
"bout 45 mins"
"It's tempting..."
"you know you wanna"
"alright. send me directions and i'll get dressed."

I throw on some clothes , print out the directions, and practically sprint to my car. I speed along, careful not to get caught by any cops. I make my way down the turnpike to the Goethals/Verrazano, but the Goethals is closed NY-bound at night, so I have to take an almost 30 min detour down 1&9 to the Outerbridge Crossings. A bridge I had only heard of, never seen. I eventually make my way to Rockaway Beach without a problem (an amazing feat for me, I usually miss at least 1 turn). I pull up by Ben's house, it's 3 now, and wait for him to come out and show me where to park.

I see Ben in my mirror and he slips in the passenger door.
"Hey" we say leaning in to kiss eachother.
Mmmmm I missed those lips.
"Where should I park?"
"Well, actually, I just looked in my room, and there are some babies there."
Well it sure would have been nice to know this before I left. But I'm here and I'm not leaving with some sex.
"So we can either hang in my living room, which isn't that comfortable, or drive somewhere."
We lean in and start kissing again. I just can't get enough!
"Let's get out of the middle of the street" he says.

He switches on the radio and directs me left, right, or straight as we search for somewhere quiet. Though we are the only car on the road... We end up switching seats since he knows the area better. And I cringe as I watch him adjust my seat and stall out and overrev in 2nd. Well, it's an extremely peppy car, it's hard to resist, lol. We eventually make it down a block in front of the ocean. Perfect.

Ben turns off the car and lights, but leaves the radio on for some backgroud noise. We lean to eachother our lips meeting, I run my hands through his thick, curly hair, down the back of his neck and one hand going to the front down his chest, the other staying on his cheek. His hand goes to the back of my head while his other hand roams down and under the waist of my jeans. He runs his finger along my slit and lightly fingers my clit. I moan and scunch down spreading my legs further apart. He moves his hand and undoes my belt and unbuttons my pants to get better access. (I gotta add, he's got some crazy skill, he took off my bra last time with one hand!! And he wasn't even looking! lol)

With his hand down my pants, I move my hand from his waist to his pants. I rub his rock hard cock through the thin material of his pants. He takes it out and I lean down and take it into my mouth. I go up and down in and pause to take my jacket off and tie my hair back. I move back on it and give it the good blow job I'm known for. He wants me to take him all the way in again, like I did last time. All 10 1/2-11 inches of him. Yeah. But the angle in the car just won't allow it.

"I think we need to move to the back now." Ben says.
"Yeah" We pull our seats up and jump in the back. Ben and I strip from the waist down and find a comfortable position. I settle into the corner as Ben leans over me. Good, I got a nice view. I reach up to kiss him and rub my hands over his body, ready for him to enter me.

"I gotta go slow. That blow job was so good, I'm trying not to explode."
"Yeah, I seem to have that effect on guys" I joke.
We take our time, he goes in a little, then pulls out, in a bit again, then out. He starts going in further and further until he's making full thrusts. I start moaning immediately. We're at such and angle that he's hitting that spot Jefferson discovered last week. I pull him close to me and wrap my arms around him crying out in pleasure with each thrust.

After a bit, he asks to change positions cause his knees are starting to ache. We switch around and pull off doggy. We don't hold that for very long though because my leg keeps falling off the seat. We switch back to me on my back but before long we move again, and I move on top and straddle him as he sits. We get a good rhythm and kiss eachother, he goes for my neck then tips my chin to reach my lips. I kiss back and with one hand try to open a window, but they won't open since the car's off. Ben opens the door for a second letting a bit of cool air in. I wrap my arms around Ben again as he tells me he's going to cum. He lets loose soo quietly (why are some guys so quiet I've always wondered). I stay for a moment, resting, enjoying the feel of his cock in me, and wanting to stay close to his warm body.

I move off and we get dressed and step outside to cool off. I go look at the ocean, watching the waves in the clouded moonlight. We chat for a few minutes while Ben lights up a joint. He inhales a few times before asking if I want. I do and I take a hit and cough it out like a moron, lol. We get back in the car and I drop him back at his house. We kiss goodbye and say we shouldn't let so much time go by again before seeing eachother again. I pull away a little after 4 and find my way back to my bed before 5:30, absolutely exhausted, but in the best way there is.

11 April 2006

Saturday Morning (prequel to He Took My Panties)

Jefferson had asked for me to write about the events that took place Saturday morning before I went to see him and I thought that was a good idea.

I stirred awake as I heard my roommate up and leave the room for breakfast. It was about 9:45, just a few minutes before my alarm was going to go off. I decided to get up then instead of waiting for my alarm.

Still groggy eyed, I grab my laptop off the floor and start it up. It's pouring outside, so I need to check if there's a message yet about lax practice being cancelled. No message about practice yet, but lots of notes about comments and messages on myspace and facebook for me. I got a bunch of messages from my friends and my roommate too wishing me a happy birthday. A few minutes later, my roommate comes back in the room.

"Thanks for writing on my wall!" I tell her.
"No problem. But you're up? I hoped to sneak out without waking you."
"I was getting up anyways." I say, and then notice what's she's carrying in.
"Are those balloons??!!" I ask excitedly.
"Yeah, happy birthday!"
"You got me balloons?? Awww!! Where did you get them??"
"At the student center, not much of a selection though."
"Yeah, they're a bit grandma-ish, but I love them still! Thank you!" I tell her, and running over giving her a big hug.
"Oh you're welcome."

Around 10:30 the phone rings, and I see my mom's face on the caller ID.
"Hi mom."
"Happy Birthday!"
"Thanks mom, and thanks for waiting til now to call."
"Yeah, I made sure to wait a bit."
"Guess what...Amanda got me balloons!!"
"She did? That's so sweet!"
"I know. Is Larry there, is he going to wish me a happy birthday?"
"He's working at Eva's today, since he's not working at all next week."
"Ohhh. wow first Saturday in 35 years huh?"
"'He'll be home around 3 or 4, and I'm sure he'll call you then."
I'll be with Jefferson then... :-)
"Oh, ok."
"Are you still going to lacrosse?"
"I don't know, this rain doesn't seem to be letting up."
"Well, if you don't go, maybe you want to come home today."
"Maybe, though I'm still going to hang out with someone today." Jefferson! Boy, if only she knew!
"Ok, oh, and we got reservations for brunch tomorrow at 10:30, not 11. Your 3 favorite aunts are going to be there."
"Yay!! Awesome."
"Alright, well I'll let you go now and get dressed. Call if you're coming home tonight."
"K mom, thanks, I love you."
"Love you too birthday girl."

I settle back into bed, chilled a bit from the still crummy weather. I surf the internet, checking in on lacrosse (no message yet) and the weather (might stop raining around 1)... I'm not going to get ready for practice until I know for sure it's still on. And Jefferson's at a brunch until 2, so there isn't even any need to get dressed now for that. I think about taking a nap, but decide it's a bit too late now. At 11:30 I get the e-mail about practice being cancelled. Thank God! I didn't really want to meet Jefferson the first time covered in mud and sweat. I shoot Jefferson an e-mail saying practice was cancelled and I'd take the 1:30 bus in and get to his place around 2:30. But Jefferson's at brunch...he won't get it, so I text it to him.

I had showered the night before, so I only have to worry about my hair, make-up, and clothes. That should take about 2 hours, so I better get started. I look in the mirror and decide to start with my hair. That always takes the longest amount of time. I straightened it a couple of days ago, but now it looks lifeless and boring. And since it's raining, my hair's bound curl some, so I decide to help it along in a controlled setting. I grab my curling iron and plug it in and wait for it to heat up. I grab my new jeans, blue cult, and slip them on, wanting to stretch them out at bit. I splash some water on the seat and thighs dampening the fabric so the jeans'll mold better to my body as they dry (girl at Nordstrom's told me that).

My roommate left to go get brunch downstairs, so I crank up Teddy Geiger's new CD that I ripped before giving it to my sister for her birthday, lol. Well I wasn't gonna buy 2! While I wait for my curling iron to heat up, I mic myself some instant oatmeal so I have enough energy for when I see Jefferson.

I see my curling iron is hot, so starting with my bangs and working my way back, I loosely wrap sections of hair around the barrel creating light curls. I take bites of my oatmeal while I wait for the curl to set around the barrel. While doing my hair, I get a text from my cousin- "Happy Birthday!" "Thanks sweetie!! See you tomorrow!!" It takes almost 45 minutes for me to get it the way I like, yet 10 minutes after I finish, most of the curls seem to have disappeared!! Who would have thought that on day when it's raining, my hair would lose it's curl?! Oh whatever, it's just going to get messed up having sex anyways.... I pull my bangs out of my face and use a barette to keep them there.

I move on to my make up. I keep it light and sophisticated. I'm 20 today, and it's time to start looking like a grownup, not a teenager. I thumb through my bag trying to decide what's best. I decide to skip foundation, worried it could rub off on Jefferson's sheets and just opt for some blush and a touch of bronzer. I look at my selection of eyeliner and choose brown for the top, my dark purple MAC liner for the bottom, and my Glittery Hard Candy one for the corners of my eyes. I decide on my champagne colored eye shadow over the pink. I brush on my eyeshadow foundation, then the shadow, and use a bit of the darker contrasting color in the outer crease like the girl at Sephora suggested I do. Then I curl my eyelashes and pick the waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes are so not sexy. And it's black-brown, so it isn't as harsh. I leave the lipstick for later until after I know what I'm wearing. Instead I apply some chapstick to make sure they're nice and soft.

So now it was time to decide what to wear...always the hardest part. I'm half way there knowing I'm wearing my new jeans with my new white Seychelles pumps. They're so gosh darn cute! (Though they hurt my pinkie toe so I throw a band-aid into my purse just in case.) I already know I'm wearing my black jacket since it's nicer looking than my NorthFace. I just need to decide what shirt to wear. I grab 3 choices off the hangers in my closet, my white Halogen blouse, my V-neck black and white polka-dot shirt, and my light pink v-neck one. I start with my Halogen blouse since it's my favorite, but am sickened to find it's shrunk to look like a cut-off belly shirt after my mom accidentally put it in the dryer. My $60 shirt, not to mention one I loved, looks like this??? Ugh! I put it back carefully on the hanger hoping I can do something with it some day. I put on my polka-dot one, but decide it's too plain. Grabbing my pink blouse, I check it out in the mirror and decide it's perfect. It matches my light pink nails I did the night before.

I check the clock, and it's 1:25. Crap- I'm too late for the 1:30 bus. I'll just get the 2. I grab a lipstick, picking my pink one and it goes perfectly. I organize my purse, jot Jefferson's address down on a piece of paper, grab my umbrella, and head for my car. I'm on my way to the mall only about 7 miles away to grab the express bus, when I hit traffic. I usually hit some, which is why I left almost 15 minutes early, but I hit it in an earlier spot. For 20 minutes my foot stays over the clutch and I never make it past 2nd gear. 1:55... come on move!! 2:00...Christ!! Is there a 2:03 bus?? I rush to the bus stop, passing a New York bound bus going in the opposite direction. Aw fuck me man! I get there and there are no busses, but there are people waiting, so I wait. After 5 minutes I decide to just drive into the city instead of waiting for the 2:30 bus- I'd get there faster and oh man I just want to meet Jefferson.

I'm nervous about driving in the city. I only did it once, by accident, and it was 1:30 in the morning so there were like no cars. Easy. Now it was Saturday afternoon. Ugh. Thank God Jefferson lived in an area of the city I knew. And also good that I've gotten more familiar with the way the streets are from walking around after lacrosse. I make my way down Rt. 3 and get to the tunnel. Woohoo! I make a left and head uptown. I keep an eye on the street numbers and when I get with in a few blocks I start looking for parking. It's pouring and freezing, so I don't go more than 4 blocks out of the way. And there's nothing, so I suck it up and park in a garage right next to his building. I round the corner and approach his building for the first, but not the last time...