14 August 2006

Orange Isn't Anybody's Color

Now back to our storyline

It was another two weeks again before I got to see Jefferson. Our plans one morning had gotten cancelled by uncontrollable circumstances- his daughter getting sick. So I had to wait until the following orgy night. I was a little miffed how it worked out I only got to see Jefferson those nights that month, but I had a great consolation prize of getting to do a bukkake show with Mitzi before hand.

Deciding to kill two birds with one trip into the city I made plans to see my visiting sister in-law and niece since they stay only a few blocks from Jefferson.

I met my sister in-law, Avah (yes, we have the same name) and the youngest niece Abigail at their place to go for lunch. The two older girls were at summer camp. I knocked on the door and Abigail opened it and wrapped her arms tight around my hips.

"Hi Abigail!" I say picking her up (which becomes increasingly difficult each year!)
"Hi there" I say kissing my sister in-law.

As soon as Abigail puts her shoes on we all leave to go to lunch. I chat with Avah and Abigail about what's gone on in the past year since I saw them last.

"So, are you still seeing that guy you were with last year?" Avah asks me, diving right into the good stuff.
"Who, Mike? Nah, I ended that a long time ago. I started seeing someone in the fall, but broke up with him because he was so immature and lied about everything."
"What did he lie about?"
"His job, his religion, and other stuff."
"Wow. That's definitely no good."
"So, you dumped him?" my six year old niece asks me.
Avah and I make a face at each other and laugh. The things kids know!
"Yes, I dumped him."

I chat with Abigail about school and the art and chemistry programs she's in at the moment. She tells me about an experiment they did the other day seeing the different viscosity's (her word) of water, oil, and soap. Honest to God she's 6!

After lunch we part ways at Jefferson's street as Avah and Abigail head uptown to where Abigail's program is.

I immediately call my mom to report the details of the lunch. I was extremely disappointed to have learned Avah and my brother and the girls would not be coming to visit my parents and me this summer like last year. I would only get to see them for an afternoon at my other brother's. Since I only get to see everyone once a year because my brother works and lives in Asia, I always hope to spend a few days with them at a time. It was a struggle to fight back the tears as I searched for a book to read at the neighborhood Barnes and Noble. After picking out a book though, I find somewhere outside to read until it's time to meet with Jefferson.

When 3:30 rolls around, I pack my book up and walk the few blocks to his building. He buzzes me in and Mitzi lets me in.

"Where's Jefferson?"
"Hurry up in there! I have to pee!" I shout down to him.

I jump in as soon as he gets out and once I finish I make my proper hellos to Mitzi and Jefferson.

"Woah, nice shirt" I say about Jefferson's Roofus concert shirt.
"You like?"
"It's um, very orange."
"Well, orange just doesn't look good on anybody sweetie. And, well, you look gay."
"Yeah, I gave you the shirt, and I'd have to agree" Mitzi says.
"You say I look gay wearing my Roofus shirt, but not when sucking cock?"

We all laugh.

I brought strawberries and my own special blended daiquiri mix for later that night and go put it away in the fridge.

I sit down on the couch next to Mitzi as Jefferson sits at his computer and go through the awfulness of my week. First we gave my dog away. Then my cat drowns! Next I hear my best friend from high school is going to rehab. And then I find out one of my oldest friends had bad test results on her pap smear and might have cancer! And finally the disappointment about my family! Except for lamenting about all this, I'm not very chatty. Really, I'm just trying not to burst into tears.

Soon Mitzi leaves to go walk and feed her pooch before the party. After she goes, Jefferson finishes at the computer and comes and sits on the couch my me. He quietly takes me in his arms and the tears start trickling down. We stay like this as I just quietly let the tears go.

"Shall we go back to the bedroom?" he asks after a bit.
"Yeah" I say quietly.

Jefferson holds out his hand and helps me up. As he leads me back, I wipe the tears off my face. We undress slowly and climb into bed. I go straight into his arms as he kisses me all over. I squeeze him tight, not wanting to let go. Because I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks. And because it was the last time I was seeing him before he went away for the month.

He rolls on top of me and holds me just as tight. I open my legs for him, wanting him inside me. As though he read my mind, Jefferson grabs a condom, slips it on, and pushes inside me. I moan softly and bury my face in his shoulder. His arms encircle me and his head rests on mine as we make love slowly.

We stay close like this for awhile until the intensity beings to build and he sits back to fuck me harder. My body gives over to the pleasure and soon I grab him tight and cry out as I cum.

After a couple hours of fucking, with breaks here and there, Jefferson gets dressed to get some food for the night.

"Anything you might be in the mood for?"
"Alright, that does sound good."

I stay in bed and rest for awhile until Mitzi arrives a little before 7.

"Where's Jefferson?" she asks, kissing me hello.
"Grocery shopping."
"Well, it's a good thing you were here then to let me in!"

Jefferson arrives shortly after and I help him put away the groceries.

A little after 7, our guests start arriving. The first 2 arrive within seconds of each other and the 5 of us sit in the living room and chat while we wait for the others who confirmed.

After waiting for awhile for the others, we decided to just start without them. Since Jefferson wasn't an active participant tonight, he could still get the door if need be.


I fucked Mitzi and the 2 boys came. I don't feel like writing about it anymore for private reasons. Maybe I'll go back one day and write it if things ever get resolved. But I wanted to get this post up and move on with the story, finishing the night and so forth.

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