08 August 2006

Yes, Please!

"I have to run out for a minute and get some stuff for tonight" Jefferson says to me.
"What do you need?"
"Condoms and some wine."
"Oh yes, extremely important! Can I come too?"
"Of course."

We leave the apartment and as soon as we step outside, Jefferson's cell rings. It's Mitzi and she's on her way!

We meet her on a corner a block from Jefferson's and the three of us make our way to the drug store and the liquor store.

"Oh those are my favorite" I say to Jefferson as he picks out Durex Extra Sensitive.
"Mmmhmm...I highly recommend them!"
I laugh to myself at the three of us buying condoms.

Jefferson, Mitzi, and I return back to the apartment and watch as Jefferson starts straightening up for the party. That's right. We just watch. He starts in the back room, and my jaw just drops when I see the mess his kids have left behind. Clothes, pillows, stuffed animals, and food are everywhere.

"Jefferson! Don't your kids clean at all?"
"They did. A little."

Mitzi and I just raise our eyebrows at each other.

A little tired from waking up early that morning for my doctor's appointment, I decide to go lay on Jefferson's bed and close my eyes for a bit before everyone else start arriving.

"Oh Avah!" Mitzi calls out to me after only a few moments.
"What are you doing?"
"Taking a nap."
"Come in here with us!"

I go into the back room and find Jefferson and Mitzi on the futon. Her dress is pulled down and Jefferson is sucking on a nipple as his fingers disappear under her red lace panties.

"Would you suck on my nipple? Please?" she asks softly as I get closer.

I climb on the bed and lie on the other side of Mitzi. I pull her bra down, exposing her breast, and take her nipple in my mouth. She moans softly as I flick my tongue over it. Jefferson changes position to between Mitzi's legs. He pulls her panties down her legs and tosses then to the side.
He sucks her clit in his mouth and she lets out a loud moan. I keep my mouth on her nipple, my fingers sometimes wandering to play with her other one. My eyes go back and forth from watching him to watching her.

Mitzi had said a few days later, and I agreed, that there was something really nice about the three of us together like that. I don't know what it was. I'd never felt that kind of energy in multiple person situations before, but I really liked it.

Jefferson keeps eating her out for awhile. Mitzi eventually switches to his thigh to finish the job.

Soon guests start arriving. Emma is first, and heads straight to the bourbon to de-stress from work. Next arrives and interesting fellow whom Jefferson knows. It's his first time and he's a little nervous. It's kinda cute. He's concerned with protocol and asks a bunch of questions about when to undress and where, and other questions of the sort. I check him out, but ultimately decide he's not my type. Nate is last to arrive. We spend a little while talking before retiring to the bedroom.

But the night ends up being rather uneventful for me. (You were expecting a play-by-play here, weren't you?) I end up only fucking Jefferson that night. It's not on purpose this happens. But I'm not too bothered that's how it ended up being. I at least got to satisfy my voyeur side watching everyone else. Towards the end of the evening I ask for a beating and Emma takes the reigns.

And as always, there's the food portion of the evening. Jefferson cooks up some raviolis for everyone. We all chat nicely over our dinner, but I can feel myself fading. But as soon as Jefferson places a bowl of Oreos in front of me, my eyes light up. (I have a very big sweet tooth, lol.)

"Baby, do you have any milk?"
"Sure do."
"Can you bring me a glass when you get up?" I ask sweetly.
He looks at me funny, but I just smile at him. He is closer to the kitchen after all. And I said when he gets up.

After enjoying some cookies and milk I eventually retire to the couch. Around midnight Mitzi comes and kisses me goodnight. Seeing everyone else is still at the table talking, I decide to go steal Jefferson's bed.

"Are you going to bed sweetie?" he asks me after I've settled under the covers.
"Mmmhmm" I nod.
"Ok, I'll be in later" he says kissing my head.

I fall fast asleep and don't stir until I feel him climb in bed next to me. I notice the time on the clock and it's almost 2:30.

"Oh! I didn't say goodbye to anyone!"
"It's Ok" he assures me.
"You were gone for awhile."
"Yeah, I went to bed at 12."
"Oh wow, you're right. Well I fucked Emma and that boy for a bit."
"I missed you fucking a boy! Darn it!"
"There'll be plenty more times in the future, don't worry."

We quickly fall asleep and stay so until morning. Jefferson wakes before his alarm, but I stir when he gets up. I try to fall back asleep, but can't. I tread out to the livingroom and find Jefferson sitting in Emma's lap.

"Morning" I say sleepily.
"Morning" Emma says.
"Do you want some coffee?" Jefferson offers me.
"No thanks, don't drink it."

I plop on the couch next to Emma and try to wipe the sleep from my eyes. I laugh at Jefferson as Emma plays roughly with his nipples. Of course he winces if you simply touch them.

Emma and I chit chat as Jefferson showers and dresses. She tells me about her job and plans for graduate school. Soon it's time for her to get to work and she kisses us goodbye.

Jefferson follows only a few minutes after to go to a function at his son's school.

"Now I should be back in an hour, hour and a half."
"Have fun!" I say giving him a kiss.

I look around, not used to being alone there, and not sure what to do first. I decide on breakfast and rummage through Jefferson's cabinets until I find some cereal. I make myself a bowl and settle in front of the computer to check my e-mail and do a little blogging. After awhile I see Jefferson should be returning soon and I go shower and freshen up. I'm laying in bed trying to nap when I hear the apartment door unlock and open.

"How was it?" I ask as he climbs in bed with me.
"It was very nice. The kids did a nice job."
"That's good."

He undresses and grabs me tight once he climbs back in bed.

"So, I'm going to need a good beating today. Emma's was a little light handed and leaves me wanting."
"I think I can manage that. Do you want marks?"
"Yes please!"

We kiss and make love for awhile. I cum a few times before he switched to my ass. I cum again before we take a short break before my beating.

"What are you thinking?" I ask him since he's so quiet.
"If I should tie you up for this or not."
Oh I hope he does!
"Yeah, definitely tied."

I lay at the end of the bed and watch as he gets rope to bind me with. He starts with my wrists, pulling them behind my back. Then he kicks my legs apart and ties my ankles to the bed frame corners. I can feel my clit throb and my pussy drip in anticipation.

And rightly so because the ensuing events were very steamy. The heat radiating from my ass of course. Jefferson starts by warming me up quickly with his hand. He moves to the slapper and makes contact with every inch of my skin. He switches implements and strikes me with it making me cry out loudly.

"Ahh! What the fuck is that?"
"It's the crop."
"Oh shit!" I never knew the crop could hurt like that!

Jefferson strikes me hard again and again all over my ass.

He gets me in a sensitive spot making me twist and cry out. "I hate you!"
He strikes me again in the same spot. "You're just mean!"

He crops my calves making me kick and fight against my bindings.

He throws down the crop and starts fucking my ass. My clit is aching and I need to cum so badly.

"Undo my wrist, please" I ask him.

He quickly unties it and I send it between my legs and rub my clit with such verocity until I scream as I cum.

I lay panting and still shaking on the bed as Jefferson undoes the rest of my bindings. He lays down on the bed and I gingerly climb into in his arms as he holds me extra tight.

"I don't really hate you" I say laughing.
"I know."

I nearly pass out from exhaustion and Jefferson and I sleep tight like this for awhile.

He gets up before me and covers me with a blanket before leaving. I rest a bit more before getting up. I find him typing away at his computer.

"My ass hurts."
"Let me see."
I turn around for him.
"Ooh, yeah. That's red."
"And hot."

Jefferson feeds me my favorite tuna sandwich he makes before I leave and make my way home.

I plop on the couch as soon as I get there, too tired to do anything else, and make it an early night.

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Banana Boy said...

I've never had the chance to experience "beatings" or spanking of any real kind.

I'm missing out, aren't I!

Avah said...

I would say, yes, definitely. Lol.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

rhetorically, i think its fair to point out that not *everyone* is going to enjoy a beating. Is it the pain or the person causing the pain that is the turn on?- i know thats inexorabley related but it could be one more than the other, no?

just musing.

The very Reverend

Avah said...

You make a good point dear Reverend.
Not everyone enjoys pain. But it's such a rush and high I think it's a shame some people can't enjoy it!

And no, I don't get off on just anyone delivering a good beating. And I do speak from experience.

For example, with me and Jefferson, it's the dynamic between us, how I trust him not to harm me and how he cares so much about me.

dirty joke sir said...

Hot stuff Jersy girl!