25 August 2006

Help Me Clay Aiken!

Just as we were finishing and our guests were leaving, Jefferson's surprise had arrived. He met Farahnaz at the door as she was walking in. After they said their hellos, they came into the living room where she and I exchanged introductions.

(For those of you who don't read Jefferson's blog, Farahnaz is a beautiful Persian princess with a mile of leg and a very engaging personality. She also happens to be a post-op transsexual, But who could tell really?)

Farahnaz, Mitzi, and I all went and sat on the terrace and I listened in as the two friends caught up. Jefferson joined us after having set up for the party.

"Is everyone getting on well out here?"
"Yes," I nod.
"I was just filling them in on my jack ass soon to be ex-husband," Farahnaz said.
"I'm sorry to hear that," Jefferson responded.

The phone rang, signaling the arrival of someone else and Jefferson got up to let them in.

One by one guests arrived, including everyone's favorite, Mmm...Mark (at my special request), a young and very shy Russian boy, Andrei, and another fellow, Larry.

As everyone was socializing, I helped Jefferson make dinner. He assembled the nachos, double layer mind you, as I chopped vegetables for the salad. Remembering my strawberries in the fridge, I gathered my ingredients to make my daiquiris.

I filled the blender with as much ice as Jefferson had. Which wasn't much. Ok, so they'd have to be small drinks.

"Why don't you have more ice?"
"I thought about getting a bag, but as you can see, there isn't much room."
"Hmm...true. Well you'll just have to drink your bourbon warm tonight."

I packed in the strawberries and my own special blended daiquiri mix, adding extra liquid to stretch it out and get a little more. I manage 4 old-fashioned sized glasses.

I took two to the terrace and offered to Mitzi and Farahnaz.

"Here you go ladies," I said handing them each a glass.
"Thanks, Avah" Mitzi said putting her cigarette down.
"Oh! I forgot to add booze! Do you want booze?"
"What is there to add?" Mitzi asked.
"Oh, well, we do have our wine. It's Ok."
"You sure?"
"Yep" they both nodded.
Mitzi took a sip.
"How is it?"
"Excellent! Thanks so much!"

I returned back inside to check on the status of the nachos. I was starving. I tried being healthy at lunchtime just having salad, fruit, and water with my sister in-law. Fuck that. I needed greasy, cheesy junk food.

"How do they look?" Jefferson asked me, opening the oven.

He set them on the table and we gave them a taste.

"Maybe we should tell everyone else the food's ready," I said, starting to fill a plate.
"Good point" he agreed, taking another bite.
"You go tell them" I insisted, pulling another cheesy chip.
"Ok, ok. Food's ready, guys" he announced to the people in the living room and terrace.
"Hey, these are kinda spicy. What's in them?" I asked.
"Probably the salsa."
"Hmm..." I thought. Oh yeah!
"Sour cream!" we both cried out at the same time.

After everyone gathered their plates, we all sat around the living room. Mark filled us in with a story of a spur of the moment orgy after watching a world cup soccer game.

Once we finished eating, Jefferson, Mark, Mitzi, and I went back to the dark, candlelit bedroom.

Mitzi and I stood next to each other, across from Jefferson and Mark, and my hand brushed hers as we watched them kiss briefly. They broke apart and began kissing us.

Mark leaned down, put his hands on my hips, and pulled me into him. My fingers ran through his hair as we kissed. I noticed next to me Mitzi on her knees in front of Jefferson.

Mark and I continued kissing, breaking only to slowly undress.

Mitzi and Jefferson moved to the bed to fuck.

The last piece of clothing left on Mark was his boxer briefs. I peeled them off and kneeled in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth. My tongue swirled around his shaft and I felt him grow harder. My head bobbed down the length of him until my nose pressed against his groin. After a little while of that, he pulled me up and motioned me towards the bed.

I lied down on the bed as Mark fetched a condom. He climbed on the bed and on top of me. He pushed himself inside me, making me moan. My hands ran over his tight, soccer-toned body as he thrusted into me. I tried to wrap my legs around him, but had to be careful not to bump into Jefferson and Mitzi. His pelvis rocked against my clit and I soon came grabbing him tight and still holding him as he came just after.

Mark got up to clean up and I turned to watch Jefferson fucking Mitzi.

Though I couldn't just watch.

My mouth found its way to one of Mitzi's nipples and my finger, the other. She moaned loudly as Jefferson thrust hard into her and my tongue flicked her nipple.

God, I really do love breasts.

Eventually, at some point, Jefferson's cock found its way to me. I remember craving for him to be rougher- to slap me, choke me, or hold me down or something! I didn't get why he was being so vanilla!

"Want Mitzi to beat you?" he asked me.
"Mmm, good" Mitzi purred. "Turn over," she ordered me.
I turned over and lied on my stomach.
"On your knees, Avah," she corrected.
I pulled my knees under me and glanced at Mark in front of me and Jefferson sitting in a chair before Mitzi slipped a blindfold over my eyes.
"Can you see anything?"
I shook my head no. She then said something that made me laugh.
"Are you laughing at me? It's not a good idea to be laughing at me right now," she said in my ear as she pushed my head into the mattress.

Mitzi stood up and walked behind me. Her hands stung against my ass as they warmed my skin up. Being blindfolded, all I could do was listen as Mitzi moved around, picking up implements from Jefferson's arsenal.

I flinched, moaned, and squirmed as she beat me. Occasionally Mark would run his hands over my shoulders, soothing me.

One strike went astray, catching me on the stomach and made me flinch.

"I think you may be wrapping a little sweetie" Jefferson interjected.
"Oh that's a fancy term, you read a book or something?" Mitzi responded, but adjusting her aim.

When she finished, Mitzi climbed on the bed pulling me into her arms. Her cold hands ran over my warm flesh as I began to leave subspace.

"I think I want me a spanking like that," Mark said.
"I can probably do that for you," Jefferson offered.

Mark moved lower on the bed and positioned himself on his hands and knees.

Jefferson gave him a few quick slaps before picking up the slapper.

I watched in awe as Jefferson brought it down hard against Mark's ass. This was the first time I've ever seen Jefferson beat someone (I've always been on the receiving end) and God it was the hottest thing in the world!

My own body jumped when the leather made impact, knowing full well what its subject was feeling. Mark moaned as Jefferson smacked him, but if you listened closer, you could hear he was really saying "Gooooaaaaaalllll..."

Mark was hit with a particularly hard strike, making him cry out.

"Help me Lord!"
"Lord can't help you tonight!" Jefferson remarked.
"Help me Clay Aiken!"

We all burst into laughter, not knowing where that even came from!

Mark took only a couple more before he had had enough.

The room began to clear; Mitzi for a smoke, Mark for some bourbon, and Jefferson and I found ourselves alone.

It was getting late and I needed to be leaving soon because I had class the next day. I wanted to fuck Jefferson once more before he went away for the month.

"Baby, I'm gonna miss you when you're away" I said kissing him.
"I know. Me too. But I'll be back before you know it" he assured me. "Turn over, I'm gonna fuck your ass."

I shook my head no.

"No? You want me to do it the regular way?"

I shook my head yes.

"So old-fashioned."

Jefferson grabbed a condom and pulled me to the corner of the bed. He pushed my legs back and slammed into me making me cry out.

He fucked me slow at first. Kissing me and caressing me, his hand brushed back my hair.

His hands moved to my breasts, grabbing them tight as he fucked me faster.

Then to the insides of my thighs, spreading them wider.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and angled my hips higher.

Jefferson grabbed a shoulder and pushed it down into the bed.

His hand came lightly across my cheek. Exactly what I had been craving.

“Finally!” I cried.

He slapped me again. Much, much harder.

And again. And another two on either cheek.

I winced feeling the fire surging through my cheeks.

And another fire surging to my pussy.

My fingers had crept to my clit and started rubbing it. I could feel I was close, but my body was going to make me work for that last orgasm.

I rubbed my clit as fast as I could as Jefferson fucked me hard, grabbing and pulling at me.

My breath caught in my throat as I felt it right there.

“Come on, come on!” Jefferson growled.

At that, I came hard, my pussy clamping down around Jefferson’s cock and I screamed hard, my fingernails digging into his flesh.

My hips made one final jerk pushing Jefferson from me.

I found myself tight in Jefferson’s arms a moment later.

I wasn’t really keen on leaving because I was not happy about starting summer classes the next day.

Mitzi walked in the room to get something and I called to her to cuddle with us.

“I’m gonna go smoke on the terrace.”
“Oh how can I resist that face” she said climbing on the bed.

I turn from Jefferson and snuggle into Mitzi.

I would have been most content to just fall asleep between the two of them. Stupid school.

“You know it’s almost 1:00” Mitzi, my designated clock watcher, informed me.
“Ok, ok. I’ll get dressed when it hits the 1:00” I said snuggling in closer.

A little after one I forced myself to crawl out of bed and I slipped my clothes on and tried to neaten my disheveled hair. I gathered my penis and other things and Jefferson and Mitzi walked me to the door.

“That was fun tonight” I said kissing and hugging Mitzi goodnight.
“It was! Let me know how classes are tomorrow.”
“Will do. And you have fun with all your world gallivanting” I said to Jefferson.
“I will.”
“Oh I’m just gonna miss you!” I moaned squeezing him tight.
“Me too. Me too,” he said kissing my forehead.

I said my final goodbye and slipped out the door to retrieve my car.

I walk to the garage and hand someone my ticket.
“Uh…wat time?” the attendant asks me.
I look at the card and it only says 11:30, no indication of AM or PM.
“11:30 AM” I honestly replied. Shoot. Why am I too good to lie?
“AM?” he asked, processing what I said.
“Yes, AM.”
He looked at the chart. Oh he wasn’t getting it.
“The morning?” I added to clarify.
“Oh, the morning! $35.”
Damn my honesty!

I hopped in my car and sailed out of the city. I had just gotten through the tunnel when I realized I had forgotten my belt. Aw crap.

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Becca said...

God, I really do love breasts.


Jefferson said...

Baby, you sure know how to take the measure of a man.

I think this may be your hottest post yet. Judges?

Avah said...

Becca, darling... mmhmmm... And Mitzi's really are quite delish.

Jefferson, my love. You're too sweet really.