04 August 2006

Harder? If you say so...

It was a whole week after the awfulness with Benjamin before I got to see Jefferson again. He was busy with work, family, and fucking other girls. Maybe some boys too. Who knows.

All I wanted to do was strip and crawl into Jefferson's arms and forget all about what happened with Benjamin. And soon enough I got to.

I had the lucky pleasure that Monday morning of making my yearly visit to the gyno. After waiting a frustrating hour and a half (!) I finally got my 15 minutes with the doctor. We talked about changing my birth control while my legs were spread before her as she did her swabs, pressed on my belly, and did the rest of the usual stuff.

I was having a hell of a time remembering to take the pill every day (forget about at the same time every day!) and I was also thinking I'd try something a little longer lasting, like and IUD, since I don't plan on having kids for at least 6 years, maybe more. She advised against it thought because of the risk of infection in people that aren't in monogomous relationships. Deffinitely not me. We decided on the NuvaRing because it was so low maintence- only changing it once a month. Beautiful.

Armed with my samples and Rx, I hurried home to shower and dress before leaving for Jefferson's. I dressed in my new dress I had gotten that weekend from Forever 21. It was so cute, just perfect for summer.

I grabbed my train and I got to Jefferson's at 3 o'clock sharp. When I got there, Mitzi was just on her way out. I hugged her hello, always happy to see her. As they kissed good bye, I disappeared myself to the kitchen to get some water. I was just aching to be alone with Jefferson and it was a little hard for me to watch them kiss at that moment.

"Where'd you go?" Jefferson calls to me.
"Just grabbed some water" I say coming back into the living room.
"So is that your new frock?" he asks about my dress.
"Yes, it is!" I say smiling and twirling around.
"Oh and look!" I say showing Mitzi then Jefferson my new ring.
"Oh very pretty! I don't have my new one on now" Mitzi says.
"That's Ok, wear it tonight!"
"What time shall we expect you to return?" Jefferson asks her.
"Around 7. That will give me time to eat and walk my chi chi."
"Ok, see you then."

We all say our good byes and I finally give Jefferson his kiss hello. We quickly retreated to the bedroom and rid ourselves of our clothes. We climbed on the bed and I hugged him tight having missed being in his arms.

"I just missed you so much" I say softly.
"I know baby, I missed you too."

I lifted my head from his shoulder to look at him and my lips sought out his. I kept him tight against me as we kissed. I just wanted to be as close as possible for as long as possible. As the intensity climbed I oculd feel the wetness between my legs growing and the ached to be fucked grew with it. It was the first time I felt that ache since being with Benjamin. My pelvis grinded against Jefferson's, begging for relief. Because I knew with him I'd be safe.

Soon Jefferson rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. Reaching into the drawer, he pulled out a condom and slipped it on. I spread my legs for him, anxiously waiting. Jefferson pushed into me and I let out a loud moan. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me slowly. I sought out his mouth with mine and our tongues danced. His pelvis started rocking faster and I feel the pressure behind my clit build. As my first orgasm rips through me, I grip Jefferson tight, crying out into his shoulder. He slows down before pulling out. I cuddle in his arms as we go over the plans for the day and into tomorrow.

Jefferson had put up an ad on CL advertising a Dom-Domme couple interested in strap-on training. We'd squeeze that in before the party, which was switched to that Monday because of Jefferson's going to see Radiohead the following night. Then Tuesday morning Jefferson had to get up early to attend a school function for one of his sons, but wouldn't be gone for long. I mentioned I was waiting to hear from a friend from high school about having a late lunch the next day.

"Let me go check the e-mail for any CL updates. I'll just be a few minutes" he said, leaving me to just rest. But a few minutes passed and I decided I'd rather be nearer to him. I joined him by the computer to see how the search was going. There were a few interesting responses that he had begun correspondance with.

While we waited for replies, I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite body parts of his (no, not just his cock!) and then nestled into sucking his cock. While I sucked, he kept his eye on the screen and would respond to our potential suitors.

"Are you even paying attention to me?" I ask while he types.
"Yes, of course!"

I break for a bit as he takes a rather lengthy phone call from one of the respondants.

"Yes, we're a dom couple...well I might have something black, but she just has what she wore...I think I might have a baseball cap...no we don't have any fetish wear... yeah, no we don't really have anything black...Sorry, that's ok."
"Well that guy was a little weird."
"Yeah. He's not interested."
"Oh bummer" I say sarcastically.

We eventually set up plans with another guy who was coming in about 30 minutes. No picture though, so we could only hope for the best.

"So we have almost 30 mintues until he comes, wanna fuck until then?" Jefferson asks.

We return to the bedroom where I climb on the bed ready for him.

"Turn over, I wanna fuck your ass" Jefferson tells me.

I do so, but a little reservation in my mind after remembering how sore Benjamin left me last week. I couldn't tell if I was healed (physically, I mean) to enjoy it with Jefferson.

I turned onto my knees and Jefferson applied some lube to my ass and pushed in. Finding myself free of pain, my body relaxed and enjoyed the fucking. The speed increased and I moaned louder and louder into the bed. Jefferson gave me a few swats to my ass.

"Mmmm, I love that" I moaned.

He slapped my ass faster and harder making me yelp a little. I felt myself getting close to cumming and sent my fingers to my clit to push me over the edge. Seconds after I came, the phone rang, signaling the arrival of our guest. Perfect timing! Jefferson and I throw on some clothes and get ready to greet him.

"Scott, this is Avah" Jefferson says introducing us.

We had taken a chance inviting someone without a picture. But we lucked out with a particuarly handsome man!

We quickly retired to the bedroom as Scott was just popping in between work and home.

Jefferson and I stripped down and climbed on the bed as Scott, a little nervous, just sat in a chair and watched.

"Looks like someone got spanked" Scott said noticing the red handprints on my ass.

I glanced at Jefferson and laughed.

We started kissing to warm up the mood. Of course that didn't take long, so soon Jefferson dragged me to the corner of the bed and starts fucking me. After a bit of that, he pulled out, lifted my legs, and pushed into my ass.

"You seeing this?" he asked our guest.
"Uh huh" he nods.

Jefferson fucked me faster and I came quickly. He pulled out and discarded his condom.

"Aren't you gonna cum?" Scott asked Jefferson.
"I'm saving it for later."
"So, should I...?" he asked.
"Whenever you feel ready" Jefferson assured him.

Scott undressed and I slipped into my harness.

"That's pretty big," Scott said about my cock.
"Well, I think Jefferson has some smaller things in his toy box we can start with" I said.

Jefferson rummaged through his box and ended up handing me a covered, lubed, and thinner dildo. I gently pushed it into Scott's ass and he moaned into the mattress. After giving him a moment, I startd slowly fucking him with it. As he got more and more turned on, he started fucking back.

"I want you to fuck me now" he breathlessly said.

I withdraw the dildo and hand it to Jefferson to discard. He then handed me a condom and I rolled it down my cock and added more lube. I pushed his backside lower and slowly pushed into him. He moaned and squirmed as the length of me filled him. I fucked him slowly, not quite sure if those were moans of pleasure or agony.

"Do it harder" he asked me.
"You want it harder? If you say so..." I smirked.
Jefferson laughed.

I grabbed Scott's hips tighter and took him faster, harder, and deeper. He moaned even louder and I could see his tan skin getting redder. My breath got more shallow and I felt my skin dampening.

"Let's switch position" Scott said turning onto his back.

I dragged him to the edge of the bed. Well, I tried, with a lot of help on his part, lol. I pushed back into him to finish the job. His hands stroked his cock only a few times before he came on himself.

A little bit tired, but pretty satisfied, I pulled out to let him clean up.

We all dressed and said our goodbyes.

"Thanks guys. And have fun tonight" he winked at us.

Oh we would, but first we need some party essentials- condoms and wine.

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Norton said...

Just been reading through your blog (via a link from http://girlwithaonetrackmind.blogspot.com) and I think it's really cool that you are open and willing to explore your sexuality.

It's to be applauded.

Banana Boy said...

Condoms and wine... that's a party on its own!

nycbadboy said...

There are few things hotter than a woman with a strapon.

Ok, how about a woman that knows how to use a strapon!

Kyma said...

Thanks for the link Avah, I've been really enjoying your blog since I found it the other week.

Avah said...

Thanks norton, I agree more people should be so willing to explore and have fun.

Condoms and wine certainly are good sparks to create a fun time!

Aww thanks badboy- I do look great in my strap-on and I am fantastic at it, how sweet of you to notice!

kyma- I only link to the best of the best, of those I know about that is. I've been enjoying yours as well!