17 April 2006

Oooh, I see....

Yesterday I spent another blissful afternoon with Jefferson.

A very blissful afternoon.

On Saturday I recieved an e-mail from Jefferson:

From now on, I'd like to ask you not to wear clothes in my apartment, unless I specifically request otherwise.

When you arrive tomorrow, you will find my front door unlocked. Come in, and close the door behind you. Undress in my foyer, leaving your clothes where they fall. Then we can talk.
Mmm, yummy. I was sooo excited about Sunday. I knew it'd be tough playing in my lacrosse game after, but I didn't care.

I got ready that morning, picking out something light and springy, taking the weekly phone call from my father, and packing my stuff for lacrosse that night. Oh and I can't forget the camera Jefferson asked me to bring!

I drove in breezing through the tunnel and uptown with my windows down and sunroof open dancing and singing to some Eagles. I quickly snatched up the first parking spot I found. 7 blocks away, but it's a beautiful Sunday, so it makes for a nice walk.

I made good time not hitting any expected Easter traffic. So I get to Jefferson's building a bit early, and ring him to buzz me in.

"Hey, it's me. I'm a little early, is that ok?"
"Sure come on up." He says as the door buzzes open.

I walk the path I'm now familiar with. I walk in Jefferson's apartment and hear the shower running. I set my stuff down and undress as Jefferson had asked. I look around the living room checking out pictures and reading some titles of the many many books on the shelves.

After a few minutes, I hear the shower turn off and see Jefferson come out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He quickly discards it in his room as he makes his way towards me.

"Hey naked lady"
"Hi" I reply as we embrace and kiss hello like long time lovers.
"Mmm your mouth tastes sweet"
"I was drinking diet coke."
"Mmm, tastes good. Let's move to the bedroom now and make out some."

We walked back and I climbed into bed and settled in confortably as Jefferson climbed on and found his way into my arms. We kissed sweetly, tasting each other's mouths and feeling each other's bodies.

Jefferson pulled back saying "I want to fuck you while we kiss."
He rolls on a condom (a pink one I notice), adds a little lube and slips inside me. His mouth lands on mine again as he starts thrusting slowly. The tempo gradually but steadily quickens. Jefferson leans back on his heels and grabs my ankles lifting them up by his shoulders getting a deeper thrust. I moan and buck against him as he hits my g-spot again and again. After a some time the pace slows back down and we spend awhile making love, Jefferson's body pressed against mine with my legs wrapped around his hips keeping him close and deep. I concentrate on tightening my PC muscles as he pushes in and relaxing them as he pulls out, since I know he likes it. "It's like your pussy is already so tight and you can't imagine it getting any tighter, but then it does! And it's so awesome" he explained to me last week.

Eventually Jefferson pulls out and he pulls me into him spooning behind me. I melt into him feeling sooo comfortable and safe wrapped in his arms. I close my eyes to rest a bit but am not very sleepy. I listen to the city sounds floating in from outside (I don't know how anyone sleeps in that city!). I hear Jefferson's shallow breaths and guess he's dozed off. I take in some more titles of volumes and volumes of books on his bedroom shelves. My eyes pass over the clock and I notice it's already after 1. We had just been fucking for about an hour. I still am impressed, amazed, happy with, etc... with Jefferson's stamina. Boys half his age will lose it or blow it after all of 20 minutes. No lie. But anyways, it was nice this Sunday to have a bit more time with Jefferson so we didn't have to rush anything and could take the time to rest and snuggle close.

A few minutes later Jefferson stirs. I look back at him as he smiles at me and I roll onto my other side to kiss him. Then he grabs me and pulles me on top of him.
"Go suck my cock, I want take a picture" he tells me.
I move down the bed taking his cock in my mouth. I bob my head up and down swirling my tongue as I move.
"Look at me" he says. I look up, keeping his cock in my mouth and hear the camera click.
"Now smile" -Click- -Click-
He puts the camera down and I focus on giving him head.

After a few minutes he pulls out and says "How bout you ride me for a bit."
"Sure" I reply as he grabs another condom. I position my pussy over his cock and lower my self down onto him. I work on getting a good rythm going which I always find hard for me when I'm on top. We find a good one, as he thrusts up I sit down on him. I'm leaning forward over him since his cock hits my g-spot like this. I kiss his lips and chin, and rest my head on his shoulder, kissing it a bit too, and I taste the saltiness of his sweat. Call me crazy but I love that taste, lol.

Then Jefferson takes me by surprise pushing me back, wanting to change positions. I'm not sure where he wants me to move, so I just let him drag me to the lower corner of the bed. He pulls me so a bit of my butt is hanging off the edge, but then pushes my legs up and plunges into me fucking me hard. I'm really heating up, but then feel a cool breeze wash over me relaxing me in to the rythm of his thrusting. He's doing the same thing as last week when I came. Same position, his cock hitting the same spot, with the same speed. I'm lost in his fucking, he's pinned down my wrists and I'm just pushing my hips up against him trying to get his cock deeper, and trying to cum. I get close, but lose it, and this repeats a few times.

"Rub your clit if you need to" Jefferson says releasing my arms. I don't immediately, I wait until I'm closer. As soon as I feel I'm on the edge I reach down and start rubbing as fast as I can. It still takes me a few minutes as I curse and yell at myself in my head. Just when I think I've lost it, the orgasm explodes through me. My back arches thrusting my hips up as I cry out. Jefferson wait a few moments for me to catch my breath before pulling out and setting my legs on the floor. I just lay still for a few moments trying to regain strength. Jefferson finds this to be a wonderful photo-op and breaks out the camera to capture my post-cum bliss. He takes a couple of shots from different angles before putting the camera back down.

"Would you like some water?" He offers me.
"Yes, please! I need to stay hydrated for my game tonight"
"Yes, of course that's very important" he replies as he leaves to get the water.

While he gets the water I schootch back onto the bed and nestle into the pillows. I just love how Jefferson's bed feels. I'm very big on beds and making mine as comfortable as possible. I always get compliments on how comfortable they are- lots of pillows and blankets and mattress pads. Well Jefferson's bed is oh so squishy soft and the sheets are like velvet. I could just stay in that bed forever. He comes back with 2 glasses of water and sets them down on either table. I grab mine gulping down a few sips before settling into bed on my stomach. Jefferson bends down over me, spreads my cheeks apart and starts tonging my ass. Oh man, I love that, but sooo few guys do it, not that I blame them. I've never done it and doubt I would. But I enjoy it, and I really enjoy the long amount of attention Jefferson gives to my ass. (Gosh I would have cleaned soooo much better if I had known to expect this.)

When he finished he comes and lays next to me as I find my way into his strong arms. I love cuddle time. I haven't really gotten to cuddle like this since I left my ex, Doofus, this winter. So I've missed it, and it does just feel so wonderful being in Jefferson's arms, feeling his soft skin against mine and just enjoying the quiet time.

"I think everyone everywhere should spend Sundays like this" I say, "Forget chores and errands, send the kids outside, and I think God would be happier if we spent Sundays like this instead of church. This is just so perfect everyone should do this."

We lay side by side for awhile, our arms around each other and our legs twisted together. I rest and listend as I hear light snores coming from Jefferson. I'm careful not to move so I can just let him rest. He wakes after only a few minutes and starts kissing me.

"I'm going to fuck your ass now" he tells me.
I just look at him, hoping he's kidding.
"You don't enjoy it much, do you?" he asks me.
"Well some times have really hurt and other have been just alright."
"Just remember to relax and we'll take it slow, so bendover"

Oh boy, we're really gonna do this! I move to the side of the bed, getting on my hands and knees and turning away from Jefferson. He grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him while spreading my knees further apart. He takes a pillow and puts it by my head for me so I can be comfortable. I hear as he opens a condom and slips it on, the takes out a bottle of lube and applies a lot to his cock. Then I feel his fingers rubbing the cool liquid around my hole, a finger slipping inside to spread some lube there.

In a moment his finger is replaced by the head of his cock. I close my eyes and concentrate on relaxing as I feel the head on the outside getting ready to push in. I feel the pressure and I push out against him, wanting to make this as painfree as possible. Slowly his cock makes its way inside my ass. When he's all the way in, he pauses to let my ass get used to the feeling. So far so good, it's not bad right now.

But then again he hasn't started pumping yet, and that's when I usually start to dislike it and want them out as quickly as possible. The worst times have been when it's hurt because they're either too big, too rough, or we didn't use enough lube. The better of the times it's just been uncomfortable (it can make you feel like you gotta go, which isn't such a sexy feeling) and I'm just putting up with it for 10 mins max for the guy.

A few seconds later I feel Jefferson start to withdraw and I wait for the anticipated uncomfortable feeling to come. But it doesn't. A dozen times he pumps slowly in and out of me, and it still doesn't come. I relax more, falling into actually enjoying the experience. i grab onto the sheets, trying not to slip off the bed. Jefferson starts going faster to a medium pace as my body is more adjusted to the feeling. Then he grabs my arms and pins them behind me, forcing me to rest my weight on my shoulders and face. He leans over me biting down hard on my back making me cry out in pain. He lets go only to move an inch and bite down harder.

He stands back up and starts pounding faster and deeper, his hips slamming against me and his balls slapping against my pussy. This is such a completely new and intense feeling for me. It feels good! Sooo good! I'm moaning and grunting into the pillow pushing my hips against him allowing his cock deeper access. I feel my pussy dripping and it tightens as I feel an orgasm build. An orgasm. From anal. I'm shocked, confused about how my body's reacting to this fucking, but God I love it! I come close to cumming twice, but I couldn't quite find it, but I'm pretty confident that will change in the future. After a few minutes Jefferson slows down and pulls out.

"I'm going to go wash up and when I come back I'm going to whip your ass, so don't move." Jefferson orders me.
I stay still, panting, obsessing over what just happened. I just had a cock in my ass fucking me hard and it felt so good I almost came. Wow. I try and stay still as Jefferson said, but I'm in an uncomfortable position with my knees spread very wide, my arms behind my back, and my weight resting on my shoulders.

Jefferson comes back in and I hear him getting things out and he's fiddling with something. I adjust my legs since they're getting tired.

"I told you to stay still" he scolds me.
"Sorry" I say as I put my legs back.
Jefferson comes behind and ties my wrists behind my back.
"These are some vibrating eggs, in honor of Easter" he says inserting them into my pussy and ass then switching them on.
"Mmmm" I moan. I adjust a bit, trying to get a bit more comfortable and steady for the beating my ass is about to get. I shift my weight off my shoulder and lean against the top of my head. I get a better view this way now, and I can see most of Jefferson as he gets ready.

I feel Jefferson's hand land against my ass as he begins by warming up my skin. He soon picks up the whip and I jerk as it lands hard against my skin. he alternates cheeks, sometimes catching though in the sensitve part in the middle or purposefully aiming for my pussy. When I feel the hot sting on my pussy I'm careful not to lose my balance. I cry out each time the whip lands against my already on fire on skin. I'm concious to not let myself move my hands to block the swats since I know that could make it worse for me. A few hits land on my back and I moan underneath them.

Then I hear as Jefferson drops the whip and picks up something else. He taps it on my skin and I can feel it's the cane.
"Oh God" I cry before he even uses it on me.
The first few swats come down making me wince and jerk away. The next few land harder and I cry out loudly trying to twist away. He stops after only a handful. I hear him ripping open a condom then feel as he pulls the egg out of my pussy and replaces it with his cock. He starts fucking me hard holding the egg against my clit. Then he moves it and slips the egg inside my pussy along side his cock. I moan and grunt from this and buck back against him. He fucks me hard for a while, taking some hard slaps against my ass.

Then he pulls out and I groan as he leaves me. I hear him clearing off the chair and dropping a pillow on the floor as he sits down.

"Come over hear and suck me off" he orders me.
He watches as I struggle to lift up, my hands still being behind my back. I manage to sit up on my knees and carefully and gingerly place my weak legs on the floor.
I take the two tiny, but difficult steps (due to my legs being so wobbly from being bent over for so long) and kneel before Jefferson.

My mouth is bone dry and I need to get it wet before I can start sucking him.
"May I have a sip of water please?" I ask.
"Yes, here" Jefferson says holding the glass to my lips. I tilt my head and take in a few big gulps.
"Thank you" I say then take him in my mouth.
I give him my best stuff sucking hard, running my tongue up the underneath part of his shaft, and taking him as deep as I can. He rubs his fingers gently over my face and hair and I work even harder to make him cum. I move faster and suck harder as I hear his breathing getting faster.

"I'm gonna cum" Jefferson says as he pulls out of my mouth and grabs his cock exploading on my chest and breasts. I lean my head on his thigh, too tired to hold myself up. He leans over me and undoes my bindings. He helps me stand and guides me to lay on the bed. Then he walks to the bathroom with a wet washcloth and cleans his cum off my skin.

Jefferson climbs into bed and I settle back into his arms. We lay resting until I have to get dressed for my lacrosse game. I gush to him about how much I loved the anal. That it was sooo good it was I almost came from it good. I told him how I never could understand before when women would say they'd come from anal, but now it's "Oooh, I see!" Jefferson was glad I enjoyed it and he also like watching my reaction to it. He then complimented me on my excellent blow job, comparing me to a gay man at a truck stop. It's a good thing I'm told, lol. I then grab the camera and suggest we check them out. Most of them are really good, a few blurry ones, since my camera is ultra sensitive to movement.

I force myself out of the bed at 4:30 to get dressed since I have to leave in 10 minutes. Jefferson follows me out dressed in a t-shirt and pjs and sits on the couch watching as I dress. I slip on my undies and sports bra and follow it with my shorts and t-shirt.

"Oooh, I like. You look like a jock"
"Yeah, I guess, thanks" I say sitting next to him to put my socks and sneakers on. I stand putting my other clothes in my bag and am ready to leave. Jefferson comes over and we embrace tightly and kiss goodbye.

"Oh! I am free this Saturday!" I blurt out.
"Oh good! Cause I was kinda hoping I'd get to see you" he says looking at the floor tapping my feet with his like a cutie pie. I giggle.
"Me too."

We kiss again as I walk reluctantly to the door and fall into like I'm drunk. Not sure how I managed to play in my game in that state. I leave with a grin on my face, wishing now everyone did know my secret.

I check the time on my phone and notice a text message from my sister:
"Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you!"

Oh yeah, the Easter Bunny was very, very good to me....

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The Glengarry Leads said...

It's good to see you having some good and dirty fun. Driving in Manhattan can be scary at first. You just need to be assertive and not let the cabbies take advantage of you.