28 April 2006

If he wasn't so damn sexy...

So I saw Robby last night. He's this boy I used to see last year during the fall semester of my freshman year. We met on AFF and became like steady hook-up partners for a few months. Until he found out I was sleeping with other guys. Turns out he thought we were in a committed sexual relationship. Umm, no. If I'm going to only sleep with one person, I best be getting the perks of a girlfriend. So we stopped seeing each other and talking shortly after the end of baseball season, Oct '04.

Not really much of a loss. He's sexy- very cute face with a nice body, but that's about all he's got going for him. His personality leaves you wishing he'd grow up a few more years, and his stamina...well, maybe it's not fair to compare all guys to Jefferson, but 30 minutes start to finish?? Come on!!

I must have forgotten all that, or at least hoped some of it changed when I agreed to meet him again.

I drove to his house last night- remembering the way perfectly even after a year and a half. When I pulled in front of his house I called him and he came and met me outside (he still lives with his parents, so no knocking on doors for me). We went up to his little attic room and chit chatted a bit. I said hello to his little ferrett and looked around the room- it looked exactly the same. I dropped my coat and purse on the floor and hopped in the bed- nice and squishy cause it was a water bed. Robby joins me a second later.

He starts by lifting my shrit and kissing my stomach. He quickly unbuckles my belt and I pull off my pants and undies. He moves and settles in between my legs. He sucks on my clit and fingers my pussy for a while, and it's actually quite nice. He used to do it reluctantly and not all that well. He sits up, complaining of a neck cramp (insert eye roll here). Whatever. Let's just move on.

I pull his t-shirt over his head taking in the yummy sight. He's got tan skin with a nice amount of manly chest hair. He lays down on his back next to me and I move, taking my shirt and bra off along the way. I lean over his kissing him on the mouth, sucking on his lower lip. I then move and kiss and suck on his neck, jaw, and shoulder. He moans and squirms under my kisses and reaches for a condom. I pull his boxer briefs off and he rolls the condom on.

He climbs on top and pushes in. Robby leans in close to me and I wrap my arms around him. I run my hands along his back, shoulders, and arms, feeling around his waist. "God, I really love men" I think to myself.

He starts thrusting at a nice pace. There's not much else to it though. He has his head on the side of mine, so there's no kissing or anything. I focus on his body and to stay turned on and involved in the moment. After a little while- felt like 30 mins or so, he comes and pulls out. We then proceed to watch TV- settling into Ladder 49 before I go home for the night.

He maybe sexy as hell, but I kinda swore to myself I'd stop having bad sex. I don't need to settle anymore! So, this might be the last you hear of Robby... I wonder if Connor or Ben are free tonight... cause I don't get to see Jefferson until Monday, and last night just totally didn't do it for me.

But I pose this question to you: Which is worse: short, boring sex or no sex at all??

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