13 April 2006

Signs you might be good in bed...

You might be really good in bed if:
1) Jersey girls come to see you in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach.
2) Jersey girls come to see you in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach at 1:30 in the morning.
3) Jersey girls come to see you in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach at 1:30 in the morning and don't even need to stay the night.

See where I'm going with this? I saw Ben last night. I drove to Rockaway Beach at 1:30 in the morning and didn't stay the night cause he had a house full of company. That's what'll I do to get a piece of action with him. Last time I drove to Brooklyn (he's moved since then) and it was more like 12:30-1 AM when I left. Though I stayed the night that time. If you can call sleeping from 5-8 staying the night, lol.

So let me do a little back story first. I met Ben on AFF last September. But I had just started dating Doofus and we were getting serious fast, so I never got a chance to meet with Ben. We would just chat every now and then, and we had a bunch in common. Both students, Jewish, travelers, he snowboards and I ski, so it was good. After I broke up with Doofus, Ben suggested we hit the slopes together sometime. So we first met on a crazy ass warm day in January and had a blast. It was great- we skiied, ate, talked, and made out a bit. Oh my god he's SUCH an amazing kisser!! He's got these really plump, soft lips, and uses just the right amount of tongue, and doesn't shove it all the to my tonsils. Then there's also the fact he's adorable with an amazing body.

The next time we had gotten together it was spur of the moment. We were chatting online one night and we had plans to go skiing again in a few days, but niether of us really wanted to wait. I told him I'd even drive to Brooklyn to see him. And so I did.

And the same thing happened last night. He's one of those people that are impossible to get ahold of, and when you do, you never know what it's gonna mean. So I sent him a message, not at all expecting him to be around to respond.

"OMG I'm so fucking horny! When can I get my hands on you again?"
a few seconds later I get a response!
"damn" Ahhh and man of few words- keeps the mystery alive, lol.
"Hey sugar, what's up?"
No response for a few minutes...lost him again, and since it's almost 1:30, it's time to get to bed.
"Well I'm gonna head off to bed now, but let me know when I can get my hands on you and that amazing cock of yours again!"
"Anytime you want" I see appear on the screen.
"I'll be in AC"
"That's when I'm leaving. How bout now?"
"It's almost 1:30!"
"I can't go all night without sleep again, I got things to do tomorrow."
"Sure ya can."
"How long would it take to get to you?"
"bout 45 mins"
"It's tempting..."
"you know you wanna"
"alright. send me directions and i'll get dressed."

I throw on some clothes , print out the directions, and practically sprint to my car. I speed along, careful not to get caught by any cops. I make my way down the turnpike to the Goethals/Verrazano, but the Goethals is closed NY-bound at night, so I have to take an almost 30 min detour down 1&9 to the Outerbridge Crossings. A bridge I had only heard of, never seen. I eventually make my way to Rockaway Beach without a problem (an amazing feat for me, I usually miss at least 1 turn). I pull up by Ben's house, it's 3 now, and wait for him to come out and show me where to park.

I see Ben in my mirror and he slips in the passenger door.
"Hey" we say leaning in to kiss eachother.
Mmmmm I missed those lips.
"Where should I park?"
"Well, actually, I just looked in my room, and there are some babies there."
Well it sure would have been nice to know this before I left. But I'm here and I'm not leaving with some sex.
"So we can either hang in my living room, which isn't that comfortable, or drive somewhere."
We lean in and start kissing again. I just can't get enough!
"Let's get out of the middle of the street" he says.

He switches on the radio and directs me left, right, or straight as we search for somewhere quiet. Though we are the only car on the road... We end up switching seats since he knows the area better. And I cringe as I watch him adjust my seat and stall out and overrev in 2nd. Well, it's an extremely peppy car, it's hard to resist, lol. We eventually make it down a block in front of the ocean. Perfect.

Ben turns off the car and lights, but leaves the radio on for some backgroud noise. We lean to eachother our lips meeting, I run my hands through his thick, curly hair, down the back of his neck and one hand going to the front down his chest, the other staying on his cheek. His hand goes to the back of my head while his other hand roams down and under the waist of my jeans. He runs his finger along my slit and lightly fingers my clit. I moan and scunch down spreading my legs further apart. He moves his hand and undoes my belt and unbuttons my pants to get better access. (I gotta add, he's got some crazy skill, he took off my bra last time with one hand!! And he wasn't even looking! lol)

With his hand down my pants, I move my hand from his waist to his pants. I rub his rock hard cock through the thin material of his pants. He takes it out and I lean down and take it into my mouth. I go up and down in and pause to take my jacket off and tie my hair back. I move back on it and give it the good blow job I'm known for. He wants me to take him all the way in again, like I did last time. All 10 1/2-11 inches of him. Yeah. But the angle in the car just won't allow it.

"I think we need to move to the back now." Ben says.
"Yeah" We pull our seats up and jump in the back. Ben and I strip from the waist down and find a comfortable position. I settle into the corner as Ben leans over me. Good, I got a nice view. I reach up to kiss him and rub my hands over his body, ready for him to enter me.

"I gotta go slow. That blow job was so good, I'm trying not to explode."
"Yeah, I seem to have that effect on guys" I joke.
We take our time, he goes in a little, then pulls out, in a bit again, then out. He starts going in further and further until he's making full thrusts. I start moaning immediately. We're at such and angle that he's hitting that spot Jefferson discovered last week. I pull him close to me and wrap my arms around him crying out in pleasure with each thrust.

After a bit, he asks to change positions cause his knees are starting to ache. We switch around and pull off doggy. We don't hold that for very long though because my leg keeps falling off the seat. We switch back to me on my back but before long we move again, and I move on top and straddle him as he sits. We get a good rhythm and kiss eachother, he goes for my neck then tips my chin to reach my lips. I kiss back and with one hand try to open a window, but they won't open since the car's off. Ben opens the door for a second letting a bit of cool air in. I wrap my arms around Ben again as he tells me he's going to cum. He lets loose soo quietly (why are some guys so quiet I've always wondered). I stay for a moment, resting, enjoying the feel of his cock in me, and wanting to stay close to his warm body.

I move off and we get dressed and step outside to cool off. I go look at the ocean, watching the waves in the clouded moonlight. We chat for a few minutes while Ben lights up a joint. He inhales a few times before asking if I want. I do and I take a hit and cough it out like a moron, lol. We get back in the car and I drop him back at his house. We kiss goodbye and say we shouldn't let so much time go by again before seeing eachother again. I pull away a little after 4 and find my way back to my bed before 5:30, absolutely exhausted, but in the best way there is.

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