11 April 2006

Saturday Morning (prequel to He Took My Panties)

Jefferson had asked for me to write about the events that took place Saturday morning before I went to see him and I thought that was a good idea.

I stirred awake as I heard my roommate up and leave the room for breakfast. It was about 9:45, just a few minutes before my alarm was going to go off. I decided to get up then instead of waiting for my alarm.

Still groggy eyed, I grab my laptop off the floor and start it up. It's pouring outside, so I need to check if there's a message yet about lax practice being cancelled. No message about practice yet, but lots of notes about comments and messages on myspace and facebook for me. I got a bunch of messages from my friends and my roommate too wishing me a happy birthday. A few minutes later, my roommate comes back in the room.

"Thanks for writing on my wall!" I tell her.
"No problem. But you're up? I hoped to sneak out without waking you."
"I was getting up anyways." I say, and then notice what's she's carrying in.
"Are those balloons??!!" I ask excitedly.
"Yeah, happy birthday!"
"You got me balloons?? Awww!! Where did you get them??"
"At the student center, not much of a selection though."
"Yeah, they're a bit grandma-ish, but I love them still! Thank you!" I tell her, and running over giving her a big hug.
"Oh you're welcome."

Around 10:30 the phone rings, and I see my mom's face on the caller ID.
"Hi mom."
"Happy Birthday!"
"Thanks mom, and thanks for waiting til now to call."
"Yeah, I made sure to wait a bit."
"Guess what...Amanda got me balloons!!"
"She did? That's so sweet!"
"I know. Is Larry there, is he going to wish me a happy birthday?"
"He's working at Eva's today, since he's not working at all next week."
"Ohhh. wow first Saturday in 35 years huh?"
"'He'll be home around 3 or 4, and I'm sure he'll call you then."
I'll be with Jefferson then... :-)
"Oh, ok."
"Are you still going to lacrosse?"
"I don't know, this rain doesn't seem to be letting up."
"Well, if you don't go, maybe you want to come home today."
"Maybe, though I'm still going to hang out with someone today." Jefferson! Boy, if only she knew!
"Ok, oh, and we got reservations for brunch tomorrow at 10:30, not 11. Your 3 favorite aunts are going to be there."
"Yay!! Awesome."
"Alright, well I'll let you go now and get dressed. Call if you're coming home tonight."
"K mom, thanks, I love you."
"Love you too birthday girl."

I settle back into bed, chilled a bit from the still crummy weather. I surf the internet, checking in on lacrosse (no message yet) and the weather (might stop raining around 1)... I'm not going to get ready for practice until I know for sure it's still on. And Jefferson's at a brunch until 2, so there isn't even any need to get dressed now for that. I think about taking a nap, but decide it's a bit too late now. At 11:30 I get the e-mail about practice being cancelled. Thank God! I didn't really want to meet Jefferson the first time covered in mud and sweat. I shoot Jefferson an e-mail saying practice was cancelled and I'd take the 1:30 bus in and get to his place around 2:30. But Jefferson's at brunch...he won't get it, so I text it to him.

I had showered the night before, so I only have to worry about my hair, make-up, and clothes. That should take about 2 hours, so I better get started. I look in the mirror and decide to start with my hair. That always takes the longest amount of time. I straightened it a couple of days ago, but now it looks lifeless and boring. And since it's raining, my hair's bound curl some, so I decide to help it along in a controlled setting. I grab my curling iron and plug it in and wait for it to heat up. I grab my new jeans, blue cult, and slip them on, wanting to stretch them out at bit. I splash some water on the seat and thighs dampening the fabric so the jeans'll mold better to my body as they dry (girl at Nordstrom's told me that).

My roommate left to go get brunch downstairs, so I crank up Teddy Geiger's new CD that I ripped before giving it to my sister for her birthday, lol. Well I wasn't gonna buy 2! While I wait for my curling iron to heat up, I mic myself some instant oatmeal so I have enough energy for when I see Jefferson.

I see my curling iron is hot, so starting with my bangs and working my way back, I loosely wrap sections of hair around the barrel creating light curls. I take bites of my oatmeal while I wait for the curl to set around the barrel. While doing my hair, I get a text from my cousin- "Happy Birthday!" "Thanks sweetie!! See you tomorrow!!" It takes almost 45 minutes for me to get it the way I like, yet 10 minutes after I finish, most of the curls seem to have disappeared!! Who would have thought that on day when it's raining, my hair would lose it's curl?! Oh whatever, it's just going to get messed up having sex anyways.... I pull my bangs out of my face and use a barette to keep them there.

I move on to my make up. I keep it light and sophisticated. I'm 20 today, and it's time to start looking like a grownup, not a teenager. I thumb through my bag trying to decide what's best. I decide to skip foundation, worried it could rub off on Jefferson's sheets and just opt for some blush and a touch of bronzer. I look at my selection of eyeliner and choose brown for the top, my dark purple MAC liner for the bottom, and my Glittery Hard Candy one for the corners of my eyes. I decide on my champagne colored eye shadow over the pink. I brush on my eyeshadow foundation, then the shadow, and use a bit of the darker contrasting color in the outer crease like the girl at Sephora suggested I do. Then I curl my eyelashes and pick the waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes are so not sexy. And it's black-brown, so it isn't as harsh. I leave the lipstick for later until after I know what I'm wearing. Instead I apply some chapstick to make sure they're nice and soft.

So now it was time to decide what to wear...always the hardest part. I'm half way there knowing I'm wearing my new jeans with my new white Seychelles pumps. They're so gosh darn cute! (Though they hurt my pinkie toe so I throw a band-aid into my purse just in case.) I already know I'm wearing my black jacket since it's nicer looking than my NorthFace. I just need to decide what shirt to wear. I grab 3 choices off the hangers in my closet, my white Halogen blouse, my V-neck black and white polka-dot shirt, and my light pink v-neck one. I start with my Halogen blouse since it's my favorite, but am sickened to find it's shrunk to look like a cut-off belly shirt after my mom accidentally put it in the dryer. My $60 shirt, not to mention one I loved, looks like this??? Ugh! I put it back carefully on the hanger hoping I can do something with it some day. I put on my polka-dot one, but decide it's too plain. Grabbing my pink blouse, I check it out in the mirror and decide it's perfect. It matches my light pink nails I did the night before.

I check the clock, and it's 1:25. Crap- I'm too late for the 1:30 bus. I'll just get the 2. I grab a lipstick, picking my pink one and it goes perfectly. I organize my purse, jot Jefferson's address down on a piece of paper, grab my umbrella, and head for my car. I'm on my way to the mall only about 7 miles away to grab the express bus, when I hit traffic. I usually hit some, which is why I left almost 15 minutes early, but I hit it in an earlier spot. For 20 minutes my foot stays over the clutch and I never make it past 2nd gear. 1:55... come on move!! 2:00...Christ!! Is there a 2:03 bus?? I rush to the bus stop, passing a New York bound bus going in the opposite direction. Aw fuck me man! I get there and there are no busses, but there are people waiting, so I wait. After 5 minutes I decide to just drive into the city instead of waiting for the 2:30 bus- I'd get there faster and oh man I just want to meet Jefferson.

I'm nervous about driving in the city. I only did it once, by accident, and it was 1:30 in the morning so there were like no cars. Easy. Now it was Saturday afternoon. Ugh. Thank God Jefferson lived in an area of the city I knew. And also good that I've gotten more familiar with the way the streets are from walking around after lacrosse. I make my way down Rt. 3 and get to the tunnel. Woohoo! I make a left and head uptown. I keep an eye on the street numbers and when I get with in a few blocks I start looking for parking. It's pouring and freezing, so I don't go more than 4 blocks out of the way. And there's nothing, so I suck it up and park in a garage right next to his building. I round the corner and approach his building for the first, but not the last time...

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