22 April 2006

I Have a Surprise for you...

Today was my day with Jefferson. He told me earlier this week he may have a surprise for me. I love surprises!

My alarm went off this morning at 11:30 waking me out of a dead sleep. I was having some sort of dream, I can't remember anymore, but the girls from Sex and the City were there. Anyways, I didn't get in last night until after 2 from being out with my team, so I was still very tired this morning. Groggy-eyed I roll out of bed and stumble into the shower. I wash my face and shave my legs. I towel off, pull my hair in a bun, dress and do a little make up. I'm out the door by 12:15 and am on my way back into the city after filling up for $32. (Ugh!)

I'm supposed to be at Jefferson's at 1, but I get stuck in tunnel traffic and have bad luck with parking, so it's almost 1:30 by the time I get there. He buzzes me in the building and I go up and knock on the door. Jefferson opens it up, hiding behind the door. Cause he's nekked. Hehehe. There must be someone hear already I think. Hmm...

"Sorry I'm late!" I apoligize.
"It Ok, what happened?" he says sweetly.
He nods his head. "Why are you still dressed?"
"Right, sorry." I respond and quickly strip down to my pretty new underwear. I wore my new pink lace camisole and matching undies for Jefferson to enjoy for a few seconds before I took it off. Off they go on the floor and Jefferson and I move into each other to kiss. I sigh as I relax under Jefferson's comfortable touch.

"Mmm...diet coke?"
"Ah. Kneel on the floor and suck my cock as I talk to you."
I kneel obediently taking his cock in my mouth. I feel Jefferson's fingers brush against my cheek as I move my mouth along the length of his shaft.

"I invited somone over for you to suck their cock while I watch" he tells me.
He pulls out and rubs my cheek.
"And you'll be wearing this while you do it" he says placing a blindfold over my eyes.
"Get on your hands, he's already here, so crawl to the bedroom."
I move my hands and knees gingerly as Jefferson guides me by my hair. He leads me down the hall and into the bedroom stopping at the foot of the bed.
"Get on the bed" Jefferson instructs me. I feel my way up and wait.
"Now suck my friend's cock just like you did mine."

I move my hands feeling for a body. I feel skin- a leg. It's soft and plush. Huh. I run my hand up the leg and across the stomach feeling for a cock. There doesn't seem to be one. Surprise!! lol.

Pleasently surprised, I bend down and take her clit in my mouth. She gasps as I flick my tongue over her clit. I run my tongue along her slit before sucking her clit back in my mouth. I push a finger in her pussy and rub gently then insert a second finger. I push and rub gently worried I could scratch her with my nails. After a few minutes I hear her cum and feel her pussy pulsing around my fingers.

Nobodys told me to stop, so I keep going. I lap gingerly at her pussy in case it's sensitive.

I feel Jefferson's soft hands rub along my back. He replaces his hands with his lips as he gives my back sweet kisses. I feel myself melt and give more of myself to him with each touch, each kiss. Each bite! I feel his teeth sink into my shoulder and I moan into the pussy on my mouth. I squirm underneath him as he bites even harder. He releases only to move and bite down on my other shoulder. Great, can't wear tank tops or a halter until the marks go away! lol

Jefferson stands up. "I'm going to fuck your ass now" he tells me.
Mmm, I smile to myself. I hear him get a condom and lube and I spread my knees further apart. Jefferson kneels on the bed behind me and presses his cock against my ass. I relax as he pushes in and I moan again into the pussy I'm still eating. He fucks me hard grabbing my hips and back to get deeper. He lands a bunch of smacks on my ass that heats it up.

He pulls out and pulls me to the side of the bed and the lady adjusts accordingly. Jefferson returns to pounding my ass and soon I hear another orgasm from the lady underneath me. Go me! lol Jefferson keeps riding my ass hard but eventually pulls out and goes to wash up. I continue sucking the lady's clit since still no one's told me to stop.

Jefferson comes back and rubs my ass before landing his hand hard against it. He picks up the whip and brings it down on my back. I sigh as the heat rises to the surface of my skin. He strikes my ass and I flinch. He lands three on the right before landing three on the left. He strikes the whip against my pussy making me jump and cry out. I hear the whip in the air before it lands. The woosh. He makes a handful of hard strikes. My left hip is tender, and my body shakes as Jefferson tenderly runs his hand over it. I instinctively try and move from his hand, even if it is gentle. He pulls me up and I kneel on the bed resting against him as he kisses and caresses me. I rest gently against him just relishing in his touch.

"Go lay down" he says in my ear, "I want to tie you down now"

I move and lay on my back. Jefferson straddles my chest, pinning my arms up with his knees and he ties rope around my wrists. I then feel a tongue on my clit. I moan as she flicks at my clit with her tongue. When Jefferson finishes tying the knots, he moves over my face.

"Lick my ass" he instructs me.
Without hesitation, by a force outside of me, out pops my tongue. Who woulda thunk it? Cause I always thought I'd never lick a guys ass in a million years! Huh. Well, I didn't hate it, and it was pretty hot doing something new. After a couple of minutes, Jefferson moves and feeds me his cock. He pumps it deep hitting the back of my throat. I concentrate on breathing and swallowing my spit. I cough, my body wanting more air. I feel the sting against each cheek as Jefferson slaps me. I make sure not to cough again.

He pulls out and I gasp for air.
"Would you like a sip of water?" he asks me.
"Yes please." Um, how? My arms are tied and I'm blindfolded. I hear him lift the glass and take a sip. He leans down with his mouth over mine and lets the water stream down into my mouth. I'm so thirsty so I try not to think about how the water got to my mouth.
"Look out, I'm gonna fuck her." he tells the lady at my pussy while slipping on a condom.

I feel her move to the side of me as Jefferson kneels between my legs. He grabs my legs and pushes deep into me and I let out a loud moan as he fills me. He fucks me hard, his cock hitting my g-spot, eliciting loud moans and grunts from me. As he continues to fuck me, my mind floats further away and my thoughts are cloudy. All I can think about is how much I love this. 'God, I love this life' I think to myself and smile. Jefferson's hands wrap around my ankles and he pulls them up by his shoulders. His hands move holding my wrists down. He lets go of one and I feel a slap across my cheek. And another one a few seconds later from the other side.

"You're cute when you're getting fucked." He says to me. Shoot- I'm cute all the time! lol

I tug on my ropes wanting to finger my clit so I can cum.
"Do you need me to free a hand?" Jefferson asks me.
I nod my head yes as he unties a hand. I move my hand to my clit and start rubbing it hard and fast. I clench my pussy and my breath stops as I pull for that orgasm. I rub harder and harder until I expload jerking my hips up and crying out. Jefferson slows down before pulling out.
"The orgasms are coming more easily now." he points out.
I nod my head in agreement since I'm still catching my breath.
"Do you want to fuck her now?" he asks the lady.
She doesn't respond but I hear her move off the bed and then I hear a plastic bag crinkling.
"He's going to fuck you now" Jefferson tells me. Cool. I've never had a girl fuck me before. This'll be fun.

She kneels between my legs and pushes her cock in me. I groan again as she fills me deep. With my free hand I wrap it around her back feeling her warm velvety skin. God I've been craving that feeling for awhile now. I feel her breasts brushing against mine and take one and guide a nipple blindly into my mouth. I suck on it and hear her moan approvingly in my ear. I grab the other and do the same. I release it and she leans in closer to me. I wrap my free arm around her back again and stroke her cheek with my tied hand. I really want to kiss her and wish she'd lean in further so I could. Instead she takes my hand from her cheek and pins it down by my head.

She leans in further and I can sense her lips right above mine so I lift my head up trying to find them. She pulls back a bit. I lay my head back down and feel her get close again. I lean up a little and my lips find hers. Mmm...oh yeah. Our tongues dance as our lips press close together. She releases my hand and I move it taking her cheek in my palm. She breaks away and I kiss down her neck and shoulder.

She undoes my other hand and pulls me to the bottom of the bed. I hold my legs at my knees as she fucks me deep. Jefferson joins us back on the bed and leans down over me taking a nipple in his mouth. He sucks on it and bites down gently and does the same to the other. He moves his mouth around my breasts and stomach leaving faint bite marks. He moves above my head and guides his cock in my mouth. Breathing and swallowing my spit is made very very difficult with my head being bent back like it was. I pumps his cock slowly in and out of my mouth. I hear him open a drawer and feel him place clothes pins on my nipples. I'm so far gone at this point. A girl fucking my pussy and Jefferson fucking my mouth, I would have done anything Jefferson wanted at that point. I was total putty.

Every time Jefferson pulls his cock out a bit I gasp for breath and try to swallow the spit accumulating. I cough a few times and Jefferson slaps my cheek lightly to remind me not to cough and he plunges his cock further in my throat. His hands move to my breasts grabbing them and shaking the clothes pins. I squirm underneath him and moan on his cock. He shakes them harder making me grunt. He then takes them and unclips them. Jefferson then proceeds to take his cock out of my mouth leaving me gasping. The lady follows leaving my pussy. I groan at the emptiness now. I lay my feet gingerly on the ground and lay there until Jefferson tells me to lay on the floor.

I move to the floor and lay face down on the blanket already there. I hear them kissing and I just rest, feeling very light headed and I just concentrate on not blacking out. After a few minutes Jefferson comes down to me and rubs his hands over me before laying against me. As he lays on top of me, he tells me he's kicking me out now. "We had a shorter time today since I was late" he explains. I'm a little disappointed our time was short today, but I don't let it show. There's next time anyways.
He asks me, "Did my friend fuck you well?"
"Yes, very well."
"Well than you should thank him."
"Thank you very much."
"You're welcome" I hear her speak for the first time that day.

Jefferson then leads me back to the living room by my hair as I crawl.
"Ouch!" I cry as I bang my shoulder into the door jam or something.
"Be careful" he responds.
He stops me and places my clothes in front of me.
"Here are your clothes, get dressed, but keep your blindfold on."
Oh boy. I feel through my clothes picking up my camisole. I feel it for the tag making sure it's right side out and slip it on when it is. I then grab my t-shirt and put that on. I grab my panties and stand to put them on. I feel them trying to figure out which is the front and if it's inside out or not. When I have them right side out and what I think rightside forward, I go to slip my legs in, but can't pull them up because they're backwards. I hear Jefferson laughing and yell at him-
"You're just standing there watching me put them on wrong and laughing!"

I switch them around then slip on my jeans, holding my self steady on the bookshelf since I still feel weak. Jefferson comes behind me and wraps his arms tight around me. I sigh and lean into him. He kisses my neck gently and then pulls away. He doesn't say anything, and I don't hear him, so I just stand there, not sure what to do. So I just wait.

I hear him back by me again.
"Can I take my blindfold off for my shoes? So I don't my right shoe on my left foot?" I ask.
"Yes, after the underwear debaucle, I think that would be wise."
I take the blind fold off and slip on my shoes. I see Jefferson smiling at me and I lean in to kiss him. I missed seeing his face. We say goodbye and he hands me a bottle of water as my lovely parting gift. I stumble down the hall back towards the elevator.

I get outside and round the corner to get my car from the lot under Jefferson's building. I hand the guy my ticket and notice the sign on the window: "No checks or credit cards accepted." Aww crap!! I have very little cash on me and don't even have my bankcard to go to an ATM. The guy rings my total up. $13. The exact amount in my wallet. Oh thank God!! I don't know what I would have done if was even a quarter more!

I hear my car screetching up and cringe knowing what the guy's doing to my clutch. I settle into my car and head off thinking how much I could really use a nap.

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The Glengarry Leads said...

Damn, that's a heck of an afternoon. And I have to say that Jefferson is very creative.