29 April 2006

Stories (#3)

So this is one of my newer fantasies that has developed over the past year or so. Man on man. I've never seen two men together. But I want to. With a little of me thrown in there too. Lol. The whole nine yards: kissing, caressing, licking, sucking, and fucking. Knowing about this fantasy of mine, you set it up for one of our future dates.

It's early evening and I catch a bus into the city. You said you'd meet me at the bus station and we would walk to your place, stopping at the market to get some stuff for dinner. We walk along the street, hand in hand, catching up on recent events. We get to the market and pick up a few items: some pasta, lettuce and salad toppings, etc.

Back at the appartment, we work together in the kitchen preparing dinner. You're making the pasta as I wash and chop the vegetables. As dinner cooks, you mention to me you've invited John to join us after dinner. He's early 30's, good looking and bi.

"Awesome, sounds like fun"
"Good, I knew you would say that."
"I have to kiss you right now" you declare pulling me towards you...

When dinner is ready, we sit at the table to enjoy our meal. As we're finishing up, we hear a knock on the door. John had arrived. You get up to answer the door and invite him in.

"I didn't interrupt your dinner, did I?" John asks seeing the food on the table.
"No, it's fine, we were just finishing. Do you want any? Are you hungry?"
"Oh I"m fine thanks" he says to you but smiling at me.
"John, this is Avah, Avah...John" you say introducing us.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Avah" John says as he takes my hand and kisses the top of it.
"Yes, likewise"

As you prepare a drink for John, I clear the dishes from the table. We then sit for a few mintues chatting and getting aquainted. Soon you suggest we move to the bedroom. On the way you mention to John I had never seen two guys together and you thought they should give me a little show. John was very agreeable to this.

I plop down on a chair and make myself comfortable while you two stand by the bed kissing. Your hands go to his face and neck and his go to your waist drawing you closer. As the intensity builds John undoes your pants and you lift his shirt over his head. Your mouth goes to a nipple and you start sucking and licking it as your fingers play with the other one. John's eyes close and his head goes back as he runs his fingers through your hair.

He breaks away, taking your shirt of and dropping his pants and guides you to lay back on the bed. He settles in and wraps his lips around your cock. I see you looking at me and I smile and blow you a kiss. As his mouth works up and down the length of your cock I watch as your eyes close and the muscles in your stomach and legs tighten.

Not being able to resist you in this state, I strip and climb on the bed and start kissing you. I place my mouth on yours and hear you moan. Your hands come up and you hold my face, but I move them down to my breasts. I move my lips, kissing your cheeks, your chin, along your jawline to behind your ears and down your neck. I travel sideways along your collar bone and nibble on the otherside of your neck.

Your breathing is deep and you tell John you have to fuck him now. You tell John to lay on his back as you put on a condom and lube his ass and your cock. I'm looking back and forth between yours and John's face as you enter him. You both let out a deep moan as you push all the way in. John takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing it as you thrust slowly.

"Avah dear, would you like to suck John's cock?"
"Yes I'd love that" I say as I get on my hands and knees, lean over, and take him in my mouth.

I feel his hand caressing the back of my head gently as I suck him. Then I feel 2 of your fingers enter me and slowly finger fucking me. After I bit I feel John's cock twitching in my mouth getting ready to explode. I pull back and watch as John jerks himself all over his stomach and chest. You pull out of him slowly. After John catches his breath you point him in the direction of the bathroom so he can clean up. He comes out and sees us kissing.

"Thanks guys, that was terrific"
"You're welcome. Did you enjoy it too Avah?"
"That was awesome- you guys were so hot. This was fun"
You smile at me and tell John we need some alone time now and if he wouldn't mind showing himself out.
"No problem. Enjoy. Have a good night you guys."

Seconds later he's gone and we hear the door close. You grab me and push me on the bed and whisper in my ear "I need that pussy now"
"It's yours for the taking"
"Good girl. that's what I like to hear" you tell me.

You take out a pair of handcuffs and cuff my hands behind my back. You position me on my back. "Spread your legs" you command.

I open them up for you and your mouth goes straight to my clit and your fingers straigt in my pussy. You go at me fast- forcefully sucking my clit pumping your fingers quickly in and out of my pussing, curling them to get at my g-spot. My body heats up, hips raising off the bed and I'm straining to cum. Your other hand grabs at a nipple and piches -hard-

That sends me over the edge and I start cumming. You don't move though until long after I finish. You complain you've watched two people cum tonight and felt it was your turn now.

"Yes Jefferson, let me make you cum now."
"How badly do you want it?"
"So bad. I want you to fuck me, use me, however you want to make you cum. I wanna see you cum- let me taste it"
"Alright, I think I'll let you have it tonight. Turn over and put your ass in the air"

I struggle a bit, with my hands cuffed behind my back still, but I manage to turn on my stomach and walk my knees to my chest, trying to avoid your swats as you urge me to hurry. You kneel behind me, grab my hips, and thrust in full force and start fucking my pussy hard. You grab a hold of the cuffs holding on, and lifting my shoulders off the bed a bit. Your other hand smacks at my ass leaving red hand prints behind. You ride me hard, pounding me with everything you got.

Then you pull out, pull off your condom and come around to my face. You lift my head up by my hair and I open my mouth as you guide your dick in. With your hands in my hair holding my head up, you start fucking my mouth. In a few mintues I feel your cock pulsing and then feel your hot cum at the back of my throat. I tighten my lips making sure to swallow everything.

You pull out and lift me so I'm upright on my knees. You lean in and give me a deep kiss, tasting your cum in my mouth.

"You are just magnificant Avah"
"Anything for you Jefferson"
"Spend the night with me"
"Of course"
"Good" You undo my handcuffs, rubbing and kissing my red wrists. We get under the covers and you pull me into and doze off as my head is on your chest listening to your heart beating.

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