29 April 2006

Stories (#1)

Until I have something new to write on Monday, I thought I'd post some of the stories I wrote for Jefferson before we met. This is my first one where I fantasized about our first meeting on my birthday... (The you is clearly Jefferson)

It starts that morning, I'm in my room getting ready to leave for practice. I'm already excited since it's my birthday and then even more so because I know I'll be meeting you today.

I have butterflies the whole busride into the city and as I make my way to the park. I wonder if you'll be there already, and if not when you'll come. I wonder how easily I'll recognize you, and I worry that since I know you'll be there that I'll get so flustered I'll drop every ball thrown at me, lol.

And then- I spot you- sitting over on a bench. How long as he been sitting there? Suddenly I can feel my heart beating in my throat. I'm quite ready to pack up my stick and have you take me away, but practice hasn't ended, and Holly's yelling in her cute British accent something about staying goalside or something- I can't seem to concentrate on lacrosse right now...

At last practice has ended. I trot over the rock where my stuff is to put my stick away and grab a drink and I see out of the corner of my eye you walking towards me. I crack a grin not even a natural disaster could make disappear, lol.

"Happy Birthday beautiful"
I know who said it without having to look up. "Thank you"
"So this is lacrosse, huh?" you say.
"Yep" I respond as my eyes shyly move up you, taking it all in.
"Very cool. You looked good out there."
I blush and look down at my hands covered in dirt, "Thanks" I look up and smile, and you're smiling...is everyone smiling? lol
"Shall we?
"Yes- lead the way"

We walk along, chitchatting about lacrosse, how long I played, "2 years in high school", how I found a team in the city "internet" positions I usually play "I can play wherever, but I like playing a home, 2nd or 3rd, though I now like low D- point or cover point" and I explain the names when I see the quizzical look on your face....

And soon we arrive to your building- I take it all in, comparing to what's in my head after reading the blog. And the same is going through my mind as we enter the apartment.

"Would you like some water?"
I'm brought back to reality.
"Yes, water would be great."
"Have a seat, make yourself comfortable"
I hesitate knowing I'm covered in dirt and I don't want to get anything dirty.
Seeing my hesitation you offer a shower.

You lead the way and produce a towel for me. I shower quickly- washing my face under my nails, and my feet because even though I was wearing shoes and socks, they're dirty too...

I hop out and wrap the towel around me. I find you laying in bed, changed into PJ bottoms (like I was expecting anything else?) and reading.
"All clean?"
"Squeeky clean"

You hold out your hand "Come, join me"
I take it and climb into bed with you.
The moment was finally here- everything I had been fantisizing about for weeks. This handsome New Yorker I had been reading about for months was going to have me and take me exactly where I was longing to go.

You're hand touched my cheek and that's all it took- I was gone. Every thought left my head and I was just ready to give you anything you wanted from me.

You lean over and start kissing me, our lips crushing to get closer and tongues twisting into it seems a big knot.

You run your hand down my body and feel the towel, and promptly discard it. One hand goes to a nipple, the other drawing me closer to you. My hands are roaming all over- you're face, torso, stomach, arms, wanting to feel every inch of you.

You pinch my nipple between your fingers and I moan into your mouth with pleasure. You break your mouth away from mine and move it straight to the nipple that was just in your fingers. Nothing turns me on faster than this. The sex haze has completely taken over- all I can do is grunt and moan from pleasure.

Your fingers make their way down and start playing with my clit and sliding in and out of my pussy. I hear you murmur something about how wet I am. I can only nod my head in agreement.

Then you put me on my back and position your mouth over my pussy. I feel your tongue on my clit and buck in reaction. Between your tonguing my clit and fingering my pussy- I'm going crazy- my hips raising to get you deeper and closer. After a bit you come up.

But you're very perceptive: "You didn't come though"
I shake my head no.
"Well we still have plenty of time to fix that"
And then I confess: it's probably not going to happen. Never has. And I've stopped looking for it.
"Not from a man, no, just at home with my trusty vibrator."
"Hmmm...we'll have to change that"
I shrug- "cum or no cum, I still enjoy it"

Wanting to move past the issue I tug on your PJs, wanting your cock in my mouth. I maneuver you onto your back and toss the PJs on the floor. Settling in between your legs, I set to work. I lick up and down getting you wet and then move to take you all in my mouth. A moan escapes from your lips and I look up and see your head's back and your eyes are closed. As I'm blowing you, I feel your hands move to my head and grab my hair holding my head firmly as you start fucking my face. I have no choice but to wait until you're finished. Not that I mind...

You pull out and state you need to fuck my pussy now. In milliseconds you've got a condom on and have turned me over and entered me. I moan, relishing how good it feels to have you in me. You start pumping, steady pace, nice and deep. You reach down and pin my wrists with one hand above my head. Your other hand travels to a breast grabbing it and pinching and twisting my nipple. I cry out. From pain? pleasure? I can't tell, the line has become too blurred.

Then you let go of me and your cock leaves my pussy, and I moan, missing it already. You flip me onto my stomach and position pillows under my hips to raise them up. You bring out some rope and bind my wrists together then tie them to the head board. Then each ankle you take and attach to each corner of the foot board, spreading me open, vulnerable.

My breathing deepens as I try to anticipate what's coming next. You rub your hand in my hair and just say "I'll take good care of you"

I look at you and nod- my silent signal for you to go ahead.

You move down to the end of the bed and I feel a finger enter my pussy. In and out, then two, a bit faster, then three, even faster. I'm squirming to match you. Trying to get your fingers deeper, faster. You pull out and I sigh. Your hand moves to my ass, rubbing it, grabbing it. And then the first one comes down. A slap firmly across my left cheek. I jump a little, not totally expecting it. Then I feel your hand on my right cheek. I was expecting it this time. I'm moaning in pleasure. Your force is firm, not too painful. But you're just warming me up, getting me ready for more.

The slapping becomes rthymic- left cheek, right cheek, high, low, stopping to rub some, all gradually building in intensity. It sooths me and I float further into space. Just feeling everything. The rope on my wrists and ankles, the soft sheets and pillows under me, the sweat forming, and the heat radiating from my ass.

You stop slapping and I feel your fingers probing me again. I'm even more wet than before. Just the response you were looking for.

"Ready for more?"
"Yes" I whisper hoarsley.

You reach for something and a new sensation hits my back with a thud. Up and down my back, shoulders, ass, and thighs I feel it. I'm groaning out with each whack, breathing heavy, squirming under it. And just as I think I can't take one more, you stop. Can you read minds???

I feel your hands caressing me- they feel cool against my burning skin. You soothe me, telling me I did well. My breathing starts to return to back to normal, and I hear you opening another condom. You get behind me and push in. I groan, thankful to have your cock back inside me. You start pumping in and out- slowly, watching you disappear inside me then reappear out of the darkness.

Then faster you go, one hand reaching under me fingering my clit, the other grabbing at my hair. I'm so lost in everything I'm feeling. Everything feels incredible but I just wish I could cum for you. Then I feel it. You've pulled out a vibrator and placed it firmly against my clit. My pussy clenches down in response. That's exactly what my body needed to make it over the edge. In almost no time I'm crying out and coming hard. Pleased you accomplished the impossible, you pull out, and jerk yourself, cumming on my ass and back.

You run to the bathroom and grap a cool wash cloth to clean up- a welcome relief to my still fiery backside. Then you gingerly undo my restraints and climb into bed with me. Holding me close and kissing me you wait as I come out of my haze.

I just smile and ask when we can do that again....

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