19 April 2006

Summer Flashback Fastforward

I saw Connor tonight. He's this yummy manly-man I met this summer when I was escorting. Now a good majority of the guys I'd only see again if I were paid (insert laugh here), but Connor, oh Connor! Let's put it this way, until I met Jefferson, he was the best sex I've ever had. Now we'll just say he's the best vanilla sex, lol.

We just clicked in the first few minutes and we had this chemistry I became addicted to. The first time I saw him, I remember it so well, it was the day my car died. On the parkway. While my family was out of the country. And might I mention I didn't even have AAA? So I was thus stranded at my hotel until I could figure out what to do next. But hell it was the Hilton! Other than the fact that I had to leave my dogs inside the house for about 36 hours, it wasn't too bad.

Connor had an evening appointment. 6-6:30 probably. He showed up at my door and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I gave him the standard kiss hello. He asked if he could use my shower since he had just come from work. I pointed him in the direction of the bathroom and told him to take a towel from above the toilet. When he came out he looked soooo sexy all damp with the towel wrapped low on his waist. He sat on the bed next to me and I leaned in to kiss him. We then proceeded to have the most amazing 4 hours...! I wouldn't let most guys stay more than 5 minutes over, but Connor could stay forever and I wouldn't mind.

I had to wait 2 weeks before seeing him again. He showered again as soon as he got there, but this time I joined him. Best god-damned shower of my life! Lol. We were in there almost 45-50 minutes! We came out and were getting ready to move on to the main course when I unfortunately got the call that I had to take someone else. A guy I had seen before who particuarly grossed me out. Curses! But I knew I couldn't let Connor get leave without getting his number. There was too much pleasure to keep this a business relationship.

We stayed in touch for about a month but lost contact after that. Since I considered him the best sex ever, I never totally forgot about him. A few days ago I dug up his phone number and sent him a text just saying hello, not totally sure I'd even hear back. So Tuesday I get a text back on my phone from someone on Yahoo:

"Hey, who's this?" I text back
"i got a text from this phone numer. i didn't recognize the number" It's Connor!
"are you online? mind if i IM you?" I write, not wanting to waste text messages.
"yeah, i'm on" he still doesn't know who he's talking to.

Me: Hi
Him: Hey
Him: hey whats up [I'm sure he just realized who he's talking to]
Me: Not much, you?
Him: not too much
Him: how ya been
Me: good, busy with school and stuff- you?
Him: workin, workin, workin, same stuff

we continue the chit chat about school, american idol, and sports...

him: so what made ya remember me all of a sudden, princess?
me: i think about you every now and then- never forgot about you
him: hmm.. i don't consider myself that memorable
me: that's not true!
him: u sure?
me: uh- yeah!
him: so what do you think about
me: the amazing times we spent- dude you were fucking gooood
him: lol, u sure about that?
me: i wouldn't say it if i wasn't sure
me: easily one of the best
me: easily
him: so there were better
him: what would you say i could have done better
me: kept in contact
him: sorry about that
me: what happened?
him: too much travel and work ran short of money
him: i fell into a pretty bad funk for awhile
me: aw, i'm sorry to hear that
him: it happens i guess
me: of course- happens to all of us
me: are things a bit better now then?
him: gettin there
me: good, that's good
him: u comin to visit sometime?
me: you want me to?
him: sure why not :)
me: lol, oh that's real convincing
him: hmmm, so how can i convince you to come visit
him: or would you even be interested?
me: sure i'd be interested- why not? ;)
him: what time is class till tomorrow?
me: 6:30
him: i think i'm free after 5 tomorrow
him: i only have one boat and its in the morning
me: i think i need to come visit then
him: good, i'll give you a call tomorrow
me: ok cool
him: remember to have nasty dirty dreams about me tonight
me: hehe of course
him: ok, have a good night, talk to you tomorrow
me: night

I go to bed last night super excited I'm going to get to see Connor again. I haven't seen him since July and I know it's gonna be great. Today I get ready taking a shower in the afternoon waiting until after class to do anything else. Connor calls a little after 5 as I'm on my way out to class. Tonight's deffinately on and he gives me the address to his office. I tell him I'll be there at 7:15. It's so much fun doing it at an office- feels extra naughty. Lol. I plug the address into Yahoo maps, and see it's a very very easy ride. Down the parkway and make a right.

I sit through class wishing it would hurry up. I then have to meet with my group after, but explain to them I have to leave at 6:30. We finish up a little after 6:30 and I rush back to my room to get changed. I pick out my outfit in my head as I go back to my dorm, and throw on my jeans and halter top befitting of the wonderful weather. I jet down to my car and book it to Connor's. I left 15 minutes late and needed to make up time.

I make it down in great time and park next to his truck. I see him through the window as I turn my car off. I get out and see him come around the side to greet me. We smile and say hello, kissing eachother on the cheek. He brings me inside and back to his office. We make small talk for a few mintues before he grabs me and pulls me in to kiss. I fall into his arms and melt in his kiss. Our hands explore each other's bodies over our clothes. Connor's hand moves and rubs my pussy through my jeans. He quickly undoes my belt and button slipping a hand in my panties and starts rubbing my clit.

He pulls down my pants and panties and kneels in front of me taking my clit into his mouth. I let out a moan and run my hands through his hair. He sucks and flicks my clit and inserts a finger in my pussy and rubs my g-spot. I groan loudly as my knees go a little weak. He pulls back and I step out of my shoes and kick off my pants as he stands back up. He grabs me again to kiss me as I reach for his shirt ahd pull it over his head. My hands roam all over his torso taking in the feel of his skin.

Connor's strong hands take me and push me against the wall. His mouth stays locked on mine only occasionally moving to nibble my neck or ear lobe, and he keeps a finger at my clit. I moan under the weight of him, needing him to fuck me soon. He undoes his pants and I feel his rock hard cock lightly brushing against my thigh and the outside of my pussy. He then spins me around and pushes me face forward into the wall. I put my hands against it to support myself as he kisses and fondles me. I push my ass out against him wishing I he was inside me. He undoes the tie of my halter and unhooks my bra then spins me around to take a nipple in his mouth. I throw my head back and let out a moan as he sucks on my nipples.

Connor then lays down on the floor bringing me with him. I straddle his hips, my knees digging into the rough carpet. I lean down and kiss him moving to his neck then over to his shoulder and down his torso to his cock, engulfing it in my mouth. I move my mouth and tongue up and down the length of his cock, swirling my tongue along the bottom of it, and flicking it over the head as I reach the top. I work all the way down taking him all the way in, his head in the back of my throat. I hear him moaning softly and breathing heavy and look up every now and then to see his face.

After a bit he sits up and pulls me forward. I grab a condom and quickly slip it on before sliding his cock in me. I leaned forward over him allowing him better access to hit my g-spot. As Connor thrusts his hips up, I move mine sitting back down on his cock. After a little bit I sit up for a few moments getting his cock even deeper in me. I lean back forward and he takes a nipple in my mouth. I moan and clench my pussy in response. I lean down on top of him and we hug eachother close and he fucks me faster. I clench my pussy and focus on trying to cum, seeing if I can do it without Jefferson. My pussy gets tighter and tighter and I'm moaning louder and louder, I can feel it right there and then it comes- a nice little orgasm. (Hey- I'll take it!)

Hearing me cum in his ear, Connor thrusts even harder into me. He jerks up into me holding it there, cumming. He jerks a few more times before he finishes. I let him rest in me for a second before climbing off. I rub my knees, a little bit sore from the carpet and lay down in his arms.

"Is this carpet clean?" I ask.
"Think so"

We lay quietly with me adding some chatter here and there, his finger lightly brushing my skin. We lean over every so often to kiss one another. He leans over and takes a nipple in my mouth and starts fingering my pussy again. He rubs my g-spot and I buck up against him. He places my hand over my clit and I start fingering it. I rub hard trying to find another orgasm. I clench hard concentrating and have another nice little one. We rest a bit more before getting dressed.

We kiss good bye and I tell him we deffinately need to do this again soon. I check my clock and it's only 8:30- I'll make it home in time to see the American Idol results show.


The Glengarry Leads said...

Very sexy story. Hot actually. So I have to ask this question: Was this visit social or business? What are your expectations when it is you who initiates the contact?

Avah said...

Oh it was purely a social visit. Certainly with Connor, but I also just gave up the business at the end of the summer. I contacted him again because I wanted to see him, not cause I was looking to make a few bucks.

And thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving comments!! I'm so glad you like...

The Glengarry Leads said...

BTW, I just wrote about the topic on my own blog. I've read the blogs of other escorts who actually do expect to get paid for such time. In my post, I did not proejct what I thought YOUR expectation was. Hope you see that.

BTW, I lived in NJ for quite some time. I go back often. I like the thought of a dirty, sweaty Rutgers Lacrosse player in my bedroom with her head between my legs. ;-)

nycbadboy said...

"I'll make it home in time to see the American Idol results show."

After all of that, you end it with this...for some reason that strikes me as very funny...in a cute way.

Nightmare said...

WHOA! Very nice!