29 April 2006

Stories (#2)

So here I have arrived back at your home again. The path is familiar even though I've only traveled it once. By foot that is. In my mind, I've played back every detail of every moment spent with you Saturday.

It's a beautiful spring evening and the weather's warmed up. I've decided it's perfect weather for my dress and cute white wedges.

I knock on your door and smile as the door opens and your face appears. I step inside and you pull me close to you for a tight embrace and passionate kiss hello. I can feel you're already hard. It excites me knowing how much I turn you on.

You pull back, and I'm left a little breathless. There's this palpable warmth and electricity between us that feels like it's been there forever.

"I thought you'd never get here" you say to me.
"Sorry, today just took forever to arrive"
"You look so beautiful tonight"
I blush (very easy to do being Irish). "Thank you."
"You're welcome. Something to drink? Try some burbon?"
"Hmm..too strong for me. French martini?"
"I think I could do that for you."
"Well thank you. Anything I can do for you?"
"Let me tie you down and fuck you."
"That all?"
"Well, just to start"
"Alright Jefferson, I can do that for you."
"Splendid. Let's sit, and chat for a bit"

We sit close, sip our drinks, and chat about this and that. We soon find the bottom of our glasses and you tell me "I'd like you naked now."

"Yes Jefferson"

You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. You stand ready, watching me undress for you. Then you take a pillow and drop it at your feet.
"Kneel please. I'd like you to suck my cock for a bit"

"Yes Jefferson"
"Good girl."

I undo your pants and take out your cock, wrapping my lips around it. Your warmth fills my mouth and I moan with its presence. My tongue swirls up and down and around tasting every inch. I move my mouth further down your cock, taking you deep. I move back closer to the tip and make some shallow strokes while flicking my tongue under the head. I feel your cock twitch in my mouth.

Then you pull out and tell me enough. "I want you on the bed now" you say as you take my hand and help me up. "On your back. I'm ready to tie you up."

I climb on and relax on the bed as you retrive the rope and light some candles.

You attach my arms and legs to the corners holding me in a spread eagle position. I watch you silently as you bind each of my limbs. I study your face, seeing the concentration in your eyes. I watch your hands take hold of my wrists and ankles, wrapping the rope around them, and securing the bindings with tight knots.

Once you're finished, you undress and climb on me, reveling in my vulnerablity. You straddle my hips and reach down to touch me. Gently. Letting me know I'm safe with you.

"Kiss me, please Jefferson" I ask you.
"Of course" you tell me as you lean down and cover my mouth with yours, exploring the inside of my mouth with your tongue. Your hands run through my hair, down my face, and further down to my breasts grabbing each nipple between your fingers. You pinch, lightly, and I moan for more. Then harder as I start to squirm.

You break our kiss and watch my face as you pinch harder and pull. You hear my moans feel my struggling, but it's my face you're watching. Watching for my submission. My eyes are locked on yours and I'm intent on giving you everything it is you want and need from me. You release my nipples from your tight grasp and lean down and gently suckle each one, soothing them as the blood flows back into them.

"I think I'll fuck you now."
"Please do" I say smiling.

You grab a condom, slip it on, and position your cock outside my pussy. With one fluid push you enter me fully. A moan escapes my lips as you fill my pussy. I've missed so much already the feeling of your cock in me.

You pump in and out slowly, feeling my wetness for you, and feeling my pussy squeezing on your cock. Your tempo quickens and your thrusts get deeper. I raise my hips, trying to allow you as deep as possible. You reach down and finger my clit, and I feel the tension rising in me. Seeing the struggle in my face you reach for a vibrator and place it again against my clit. In only seconds it seems my pussy is clenching down and pulsing around your cock, the wave of orgasm rolling through me and I cry out, gasping. As my body starts to settle, you turn off the vibrator and leave the warmth of my pussy.

"I'm glad I can make you cum, " you tell me, "but I'd like to see if we can eventually brake you of that habit. I'd like to see you take more control over your orgasm"

I nod my head; "Yes Jefferson, I agree"
"Good" you say as you kiss my cheek and wipe the hair from my eyes.

"Do you like wax?" You ask as you reach for a candle.
I nod.
"Me too. I like how I can control the pain depending on the height I drip it from." You hold the candle high above me and say "The higher I hold it, the less hot it is when it hits your skin, and therefore the less painful. (Drop, drop) But as I move the candle closer to you (and you move the candle accordingly) the wax stays hotter" I breathe out through my nose as the closer drops hit my chest.

You drop the wax over my breasts and nipples, some from up high, some much closer. You're watching my face clench and my body jerk, listening to my breaths. You trail it down my stomach and thighs. When you reach my thighs you put the candle down and place two fingers in my pussy and move your mouth onto my clit. My body jerks in the change from pain to pleasure.

I'm watching you as you finger fuck me and tongue my clit. I feel the orgasm build, but not confident it will come. I see your eyes on me, challenging me to cum. Ordering me to take that control. Not wanting to disobey you, I close my eyes, lay my head back, and just feel. Before I know it I've passed the barrier and the waves of pleasure rip through me once again.

Not quite believing it just happened, I just lay there with my eyes closed doing instant replays.

Then I feel your fingers on me, peeling off the wax. You do it silently, just letting me experience everything that has happened.

When it's all cleaned off you start to undo my bindings.
"What about you?" I ask, "Can I make you cum?"
"Not tonight. You've worked hard tonight. You need to rest now"

With the bindings undone, you climb into bed, put us under the covers and cuddle me closely as I fall into a peaceful slumber...

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