12 October 2006

6 Month Check In

It's been 6 whole months already since I started this blog! Can you believe that?

And so much has happened in that time!

I've discovered the exhibitionist in me and have participated in bukkake shows and am a regular attendee of Jefferson's orgies now.

I've also developed my lesbian side and have come to love my strap-on as if it were actually my own, lol. But, it isn't exclusively for girlie parts. I've had quite a few bent-over boys on the end of it.

And not only have I had boys and girls on the recieving end of my cock, they've also been on the recieving end of my whip!

And let's not the forget my first witnessing of really hot boy-boy action!

There have been so many firsts, I'm sure I must have forgotten something.

And there are so many more firsts I hope to conquer as time goes on:
being dommed by a girl
perhaps being double or even triple teamed by some boys?
I wouldn't mind getting in on double teaming a girl
and I'm all for a solo lebian encounter. Many encounters, really.
being dommed in another language, lol. Hopefully I'll have those stories come spring!

Also in June, 2 months after the start of the blog, I did a fun analysis of my stats and so I thought I'd do that again.

My visitor stats, going way back to April:

  • In April we started of slowly with only 413 unique visitors with 713 page loads and only 84 returning visitors.
  • May surged with 5,772 unique visitors with 9,860 page loads and 604 people came back!
  • June finished up with 4,968 unique visitors and8,454 page loads with 917 returning visits!
  • July dipped a little more with 4,514 unique visitors and 7,651 page loads with 828 people returning.
  • August took a nose dive with only 2,877 unique visitors and 4,447 page loads with only 528 returning visits!
  • But September bounced back with 5,364 visitors and 9,815 page loads and a lovely 1,034 returning visits!
  • And so far in October I've had 2,495 visitors and 4,522 page loads and 508 returning visitors.
My Top 3 Referrers:
My most popular posts:
  1. Beach Bums
  2. Fucking Mitzi- 100th Post
  3. Back in His Arms

I've had 182 posts and 289 comments (that averages 1.5 comments a post, so pitiful!)

I hope you've all been enjoying my blog so far. I have more fun stories to relay for you all and I hope you'll keep coming back and seeing how life unfolds for me!


Jefferson said...

Happy half-birthday, hon!

Do you want us to knock off those items on your shortlist before the big first anniversary?

It could be a helluva night.

My, we have done a lot, haven't we?

Avah said...

I think we should.

But not all in one night! My goodness!

But we only have until Feb.20th though... as we'll be separated by an ocean come April.

Don't Wake The Kids said...

Congratulations on Six Months!!! I'm so glad we could help up your traffic--we certainly get a lot of visitors from you, too!