03 September 2006

Is It Raining Outside?

"That sky sure looks menacing," I said looking out the window.

I stood next to Jefferson at his desk, sipping my water, as he typed
an e-mail to the submissive boy, Dan, inviting him over to play

"Is that thunder?" I asked listening closer.
"I think it may have been."

We kissed and chatted while we waited around for Dan's response, but
we didn't have to wait long.

"When do you want me to come?" his e-mail said. Sounds like he's interested!
"Now, or as soon as you can get here," we wrote back.
"I'll be there as long as the train takes."

"Where's he coming from?" I asked Jefferson.
"Near Columbia."
"Oh dear. I hope he brought an umbrella," I say noticing the sky
starting to open up.

Lighting flashed and thunder cracked as the downpour flooded the street below.

Jefferson and I stepped out onto the terrace to better watch the storm
pass through Manhattan but quickly retreated back inside as the gusts
of wind blew the rain into the terrace.

As the storm moved overhead, the lightening got brighter and the
thunder, louder.

"Wouldn't it be cool if the lights went out and we fucked in the dark?" I mused.
"We can fuck in the dark anyways, darling," Jefferson said, making fun of me.
"I know that! But it's not the same!"

Jefferson and I dressed right before Dan arrived as Jefferson enjoyed
having him naked while we were dressed.

When he arrived, he was soaked from head to toe.

"So, is it raining out there?" I asked after Jefferson introduced us.
"Yeah, a little."
"Did you wade through a lake before you came?" I remarked, noticing
his jeans were soaked all the way up to his knees.
"Just about," he laughed.
"Well let's get these wet clothes off you," Jefferson said beginning
to undress the boy.

He sat on the couch as Jefferson got them wine and I got myself more water.

"What's wrong?" he asked me.
"You think he's cute?"
"Uh huh."

Jefferson sat next to him on the couch as I reclined in the desk chair
and we all made polite conversation until Jefferson pulled out his
cock and had Dan sucked it.

I smiled at Jefferson as I watched on, my idle hands absentmindedly
toying with my new flogger.

"Would you be alright if Avah beat you a little?" Jefferson asked.

He nodded his head, not even looking up or taking his mouth off
Jefferson's cock.

I smiled brightly and took aim at his back and shoulders. I started
lightly, just warming his skin up and gradually increased my
intensity. Jefferson had told me he was pretty inexperienced in this
department, so I kept my strikes easy to medium, but interspersing a
few hard smacks here and there. His cock sucking never wavered.

"Why don't you get naked, sweetie?" Jefferson suggested to me.

I put down my flogger and stepped out of my shorts and pulled off my
t-shirt, returning to my seat.

"Now I want you to eat Avah's pussy," he directed Dan.

He obediently turned to face me and I scooted my butt further on the
edge of the chair as he dove right into my pussy. He ate me out with
such enthusiasm and excitement (though with my still fresh piercing
made me wince in pain a few times). I came in his mouth quickly,
pushing his head further into my crotch as I cried out.

He ate me a little bit more until Jefferson called him back to his
cock and I resumed my flogging.

"Look how nice and red it is," I said to Jefferson, commenting about Dan's back.
"Sure is baby. Ok, that's good for now. Go back to my bedroom and
wait for us."

Without haste, Dan immediately got up and did as Jefferson had directed.

"So obedient!" I remarked as Jefferson refilled his wine.
"Mmmhmm. Excuse me, baby," he said reaching into a cabinet above the
stove. He pulled out a bag of tea lights and a couple of partially
melted candlesticks. "Think we should use these?"
"Only if you do it to me too!"
"Alright, sure thing."

The two of us walked back to the bedroom, I making sure I grabbed my
strap-on and whip from the coffee table.

Dan was waiting patiently in Jefferson's pitch dark room.

Jefferson went about the room lighting candles making it easier to see.

"That's better," he said, lighting the last one. "Now, I'm going to
tie you up now."

Jefferson grabbed the rope from under the bed and tied simple, but
secure knots around Dan's wrists. Then he went into a cabinet and
pulled out a mess of more rope and chose a shorter piece, wrapping a
few loops around the base of Dan's cock.

I reclined in the chair along side the bed to watch the show.

Jefferson straddled the sub's chest and fed him his cock. He pumped
in and out of his mouth gently, with one hand on the wall to support

I wasn't getting a good view so I moved from the chair onto the bed
and laid next to Dan to watch closer. I smiled up at Jefferson and he
smiled back.

"It doesn't take much for him to be gone," Jefferson said about our
boy entering subspace.
"I can see that!"

He started fucking Dan's mouth a bit more forcefully and I watched
Jefferson's face that I've become so familiar with over the months:
eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar. I knew he was really getting into

When Jefferson pulled out and reached for a condom, I figured he was
ready to fuck Dan. But to my pleasant surprise, he settled between my

I smiled up at him as he entered me, a tied up boy next to us with
nothing else to do but watch.

He fucked me for a while, tweaking my nipples, and leaning down every
so often to kiss me. As he picked up speed I felt myself ready to
cum. I fingered my clit until my pussy pulsed around his cock and I
cried out.

Jefferson pulled out, but didn't go anywhere. He grabbed a
candlestick from the nightstand and lit it off one of the tea lights.

Holding it above me, he let a few drops hit my chest. I moaned and
sighed in pleasure as the hot wax hit my skin. He drizzled the orange
wax all across my chest and down my stomach and then bringing the
candle even closer as he covered my nipples. My chest heaved and my
pussy ached as I squealed from delight.

I really do love hot wax.

I watched as Jefferson turned to the side and moved the candle above
Dan. And I watched as the drops fell onto his skin making him grunt
and shake in his bindings. Jefferson brought the candle a bit higher,
but still he groaned as the wax dribbled over his sensitive skin.

"Damn, I take that like more of a man than he does," I laughed.

"I think it's time for Avah to fuck you," Jefferson decided as he blew
out his candle.
"Ok, now you can have a choice of cock. I have a smaller, more
friendly one, or if you're feeling brave, a nice big one," I said
showing him my selection. "Brave? Or friendly? Brave? Or friendly?"
"I think I'll go with brave actually."
"Awesome! What a trooper!"

I started to put everything together but with so many rings and snaps
and loops, I got beat out by Jefferson who's, well, already all

But this was my first time seeing two guys fuck, so I definitely took
a comfy seat to enjoy watching.

Jefferson was already fucking him by the time I was assembled and
strapped in. Dan was on his back, his ankles up by his head (he was
incredibly flexible) as Jefferson pumped easily in and out of him.
Dan was gone though. He was moaning faintly with his eyes mostly
closed and his mouth agape. Jefferson concentrated on his lover
underneath him, his eyes only occasionally resting on me.

After some time, Jefferson withdrew from his ass, signaling my turn.

"Great, sloppy seconds," I joked.

We switched places on the bed and I pulled Dan's ass to the edge of
the bed so I could place a foot on the ground. I covered and lubed my
cock and gently pushed into him. I watched as his ass slowly
swallowed the length of me.

"Can you just stay there for a second?" he asked once I was all the way in.
"I can," I replied.

After a few moments he gave me the go ahead to start fucking him.

I swayed my hips back starting to pull out of him. I rocked in and
out of him pushing off the floor and leaning against his legs for
balance. I played with his nipples as I fucked him, squeezing them
until he groaned and squirmed under me.

He moaned softly as I fucked him harder. I wiped my brow as sweat
started to form.

"Fucking is hard work!" I laughed.

"Um, I hate to ask this, but I need to use the bathroom," Dan asked.
"Oh, sure!" I said pulling out as Jefferson started to untie his wrists.

Jefferson pointed him in the direction of the bathroom and I pulled
out all the whips and paddles from the closet.

"Hey! My belt! I almost forgot about that!" I said, seeing it
hanging off a hanger.

"Thanks for bringing us a boy to fuck," I whispered as I kissed
Jefferson when he came back. "And I think it's time we beat him up

Dan came back and we had him kneel on the bed as each of us warmed his
ass up. We smiled at each other as our hands cracked down on his

"Hey, that's my cheek!" I said as Jefferson's hand smacked on my side
of Dan's ass.
"Sorry, I'm a righty," he apologized returning to his side.

Once Dan's ass was nice and pink, Jefferson laid back in bed and held
Dan's head in his lap as I picked up my first instrument.

I picked up Jefferson's crop and smacked it on Dan's ass and smirked
as he flinched. I spread the strikes over his ass, letting a few fall
astray on his calves and bottoms of his feet.

I switched pieces picking my flogger and started working it on his
ass. I whipped the flogger around making gentle contact with his skin
and throwing him off with hard hits when he wasn't expecting it. I
alternated between his back and ass to keep him further off guard.

Once I grew tired of the flogger (which is only as a literary
statement because that's really the shit, I love it!) I went back to
the chair where everything was laid out to choose my next piece of
equipment. I decided on a leather paddle, having never used one

As I was picking out the paddle, Jefferson dug in his toy box and
pulled out a butt plug. Covering and lubing it up he easily slipped
it into Dan's ass.

With it in place, I landed firm smacks square on his cheeks making him
flinch. Jefferson ran his gentle hands over the sub's skin soothing

Aww, isn't he so sweet, I thought.

I alternated upward and downward strokes with square ones, deciding
which gave the best response.

The upward ones.

He was a newbie with all pain, supposedly, and was taking it all very
well. So I figured he could handle the cat and slapper.

I took aim with the slapper as I had seen Jefferson do once before. I brought it down
hard on his ass, making him moan. But he didn't flinch.

This he was taking like a man.

I worked him with the slapper until I finished with the braided cat,
throwing it down, pulling out his butt plug, and climbing on the bed to fuck him some more.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me, holding him firm in place
as I pumped in and out until he'd had enough.

I pulled out of him and stepped out of my harness to lay on the bed
for him to eat me out some more.

As he did so, Jefferson got up wanting to beat him a little as well.

"Can you take a little more or are you reaching your threshold?"
Jefferson inquired to his sub.
"I'm getting pretty close," he said.
"Ok, well just tell me when it's enough."

Jefferson picked up the slapper and delivered a handful of very hard strikes.

"Ooh, gentle baby," I said to Dan, having him stop licking while his
ass was being targeted.

It only took a few more from Jefferson before Dan called uncle.

Now, I wasn't going very easy on him, but my hard is no comparison to
Jefferson's hard.

"Dude, you gotta teach me how to do that! And the twirly thing in the
air! That's hot!" I said to Jefferson after he'd finished.

Jefferson grabbed another condom and added more lube before starting
to fuck Dan again. And he fucking rode that boy's ass. I'd never
seen anything like it. And I was totally mesmerized. It was so hot!

Once he had fucked him to exhaustion, Jefferson came into bed, Dan
laying in his lap and me at Jefferson's side.

"This must be nice to be amongst so much love," Jefferson said as we kissed.

We were all quiet as Jefferson and I gently stroked Dan's head and
back as he started to come out of subspace.

"I'm hungry," I whispered to Jefferson.
"I could still go for that burger. We could go out and get
something," he suggested.
"You mean like get dressed?"
"Oh so true. Well I have stuff here I can make. Are turkey burgers
ok with everyone?"
"Sounds good," Dan said.
"I like that. Do you want some help?" I offered.
"No, it's ok. You two just stay here," he said as he left.

I stroked Dan's hair quietly as he switched to my lap and we waited
for Jefferson to let us know dinner was ready.

It wasn't long before he came back with a tray full of food.

"Oh you didn't have to do that! We would have come out!"
"It's ok, no bother," he said sitting the tray down on the bed.
"Ooh, bacon cheese turkey burger! I've never had a bacon cheese burger before!"
"Nope, but I like this. God I'm such a bad Jew!" I joked.

As we ate, I listened as the boys chatted about movies I had never
seen nor knew nothing about (a common occurrence when I'm at
Jefferson's), but I jumped in when they hit a movie I knew.

"I saw Logan's Run! In English class!"
"What on earth would you see Logan's Run in English class for?" they wondered.
"We were doing a unit on utopias and dystopias."
"Ah, well that makes sense then."

When we had finished, Jefferson came back into bed next to me and
turned off the lights. He quickly drifted off, his hands wrapped
tightly around my head, as Dan and I chatted.

"Is that uncomfortable?" he asked about Jefferson's grasp.
"No, not really."
"It looks really funny."
"I'll bet it does," I laughed.

Jefferson stirred a moment, sitting up slightly.

"So, how'd the auditions go?"

Dan and I looked at him.

"What auditions?" I asked.
"You know the ones for that Wizard of Oz musical… The Wiz!"

We still looked at him.


Jefferson laid his head back against the pillow and promptly started snoring.

"What the fuck?!" we exclaimed.
"What just happened?" he asked.
"I have no idea."

We cracked up together and talked some more until Dan decided to leave.

I walked him out, thanking him for coming and locked the door behind
him. I shut off the lights in the living room and blew out the
candles in the bedroom before climbing back into bed.

Jefferson grabbed me tight as I pulled the covers over us.

"Good night baby."


George said...

Absolutely fucking awesome Avah. A definite cock hardening read. Now I'm going to put it somewhere.

Avah said...

Thanks George, glad you enjoyed!

Jefferson said...

It's a pleasure to share ass with such a hot stud as yourself, Avah.

Avah said...

I'm so ever grateful too, babe, when you bring us cute boys to fuck together.

And girls too, for that matter.

Oh that was the next night...

nycbadboy said...

Mmmm Wow You are more dominant than You let on.