27 September 2006

Beach Bums

I returned from Tennessee my stomach full from barbeque sandwiches, fried chicken, hush puppies, and ribs. And my head swelled from stories of my mom from long ago from her friends and aunt. And all in all, I'd say the South treated me pretty well.

Now that I was back home, my mind focused on the next week when Jefferson and Mitzi would be coming to visit me. I grocery shopped and prepared my legendary spaghetti sauce, scrubbed the place down, and made the bed with fresh, clean sheets.

Time passed slowly as I waited their arrival Monday night.

Jefferson and I spent Sunday night into early Monday morning chatting with a cute little 18 year old bi-curious boy from the Philly area. He was an anal virgin but was very interested in having a girl use a strap-on on him.

In came me.

We planned on a time for Tuesday for him to come, provided his car was fixed on time.

I did last minute cleaning on Monday up until Mitzi informed me she and Jefferson would be coming on the 10:40 train.

I left the house a few minutes early to fill my gas tank before heading to the train station to get my two best friends. I got to the station a bit before the train, and waited excitedly for its arrival.

When it finally pulled up to the platform, I peered through the people, searching for them. I finally saw them and waved, running to greet them.

Mitzi and I embraced first, hugging tightly and happily after not seeing each other all summer. I petted Mitzi’s doggy hello before turning to greet Jefferson. The passersby glanced at us as the moved around. Mitzi handed me a bouquet of flowers as I guided them to my car.

I popped the trunk and Jefferson and Mitzi placed their bags inside.

“You’re in charge of making sure the flowers don’t get crushed,” I said to Jefferson, playing the bouquet on the back seat next to him.

Jefferson sat quietly in the back as Mitzi and I chatted away.

As we passed through Sayreville, I pressed play on my iPod and blasted my Bon Jovi. I saw in the rear view mirror Jefferson shake his head.

“Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you give love a bad name….”

“Oh I hoped you’d play that first!” Mitzi said happily.

Bon Jovi continued to play as we made our way down the Parkway.

A few minutes from my house, Mitzi asked, “So, where’s the beach?”
“Just a few minutes away, in that direction,” I said pointing to the left. “Do you want to go see it?” I suggested.
“Can we?!” Mitzi asked.
“Sure. Sound good to you Jefferson?”
“Sounds fun.”

I hung a left at the light and drove down to my beach pulling into my empty parking lot. Of course it was empty though, it was just about 1 AM!

We made our way on to the dark beach and Mitzi’s dog, Molly, got her first taste of sand and ocean. The sand was Ok, but the ocean was a little to scary for such a tiny doggy.

We breathed the salt air deep in our lungs and discussed the mystery of the black sea at night and it’s creepy, foreboding qualities. Mitzi and I walked in the sand barefooted and felt the cool sand between our toes and let the water fun over our feet.

Once we had our fill for the night, we made our way back to the car, only to see a police car by mine! Uh oh!

“Quick, hide Molly!” I told Mitzi.

She stayed behind a second to tuck Molly away in her carrying bag as Jefferson and I went to see what was up.

“What are you doing?” the cop asked, shining his flashlight at us.
“We’re doing OK,” Jefferson answered.
“No, what are you doing?”
“We were just looking at the ocean,” I offered.
“The beach is closed at night,” he replied, curtly.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. We were just leaving,” I told him.
“Ok then, drive carefully.”

Mitzi returned from the beach as the cop got back in his car. The three of us loaded up and headed home to get all settled.

“Ok, let me give you the tour,” I said as we stepped inside the house. “This is the living room, kitchen there, then a den back there where I’ve shoved everything, then my parent’s room there, the bathroom, and this is my room. You guys can put your stuff in here. And let me show you the kitchen so you can help yourselves if you get hungry or thirsty. Oh, and I only have 2 house rules: don’t let the cat outside and wipe the bottoms of your feet before getting in bed. I hate sand in my bed. Drives me nuts!”

They laughed at me, but promised to oblige.

“How about we crack open that bottle of bourbon?” Jefferson suggested.

I fixed myself an iced tea as Jefferson fixed bourbon for him and Mitzi and the three of us chatted for a few hours together in the living room. By 4 AM, and after almost and entire bottle of bourbon, we thought maybe it was time to head to bed.

But not for sleep.

“How comfortable is my bed?” I said proudly as we lay naked on it.
“It’s very comfortable,” Jefferson and Mitzi agreed.
“With all this down, it’s like sleeping on a cloud!”
“Mmmhmm…so Mitzi, you haven’t seen Avah’s new piercing, have you?”
“I’ve seen a picture, but that’s all.”
“Look, it’s so pretty!” I said, opening up to show her.
“It sure is,” she said moving down to get a better look.

And taste.

She moved in between my legs and took my clit in her mouth, making me moan. She licked and sucked furiously, with such enthusiasm. I groaned loudly and squirmed under her as I got closer to cumming.

“Oh she’s so into eating your pussy,” Jefferson slurred. “She just gets so turned on by you.”

I smiled at him. He’s so cute when he’s drunk. Always says the sweetest things.

My body tensed and I cried out as I came.

I caught my breath and leaned forward to kiss Mitzi. We broke apart and saw Jefferson held in his hand a newly acquired toy: a wiggly, purple, double ended dildo. 12 inches of fuckable goodness.

“Oooh…Awesome!” I squealed, examining it.

Mitzi sat facing me as Jefferson covered and lubed the toy. He inserted one end into Mitzi and she and I scooted closer together to get the other end in me.

We struggled a bit at first, trying to figure out how exactly we were to fuck ourselves on it, but we eventually got the hang of it, with a little help from Jefferson’s hand.

Mitzi and I gyrated (I hate that word, but it seems so appropriate) moaning and grunting loudly. Jefferson’s hand fondled us every so often as he watched and helped hold our dildo.

I grunted loudly every time my end of the dildo fucked me, hitting my g-spot dead on. I came quickly, screaming out, but still continued to fuck myself on the toy.

“Quick, I need a vibrator on my clit,” Mitzi moaned.

I reached in the drawer beside my bed where I keep all my sex accruements, and dug blindly until I found one of my vibrators.

I switched it on and placed it on her clit, holding it in place as she moaned from the vibrations.

But it still wasn’t doing it for her.

I, on the other hand, continued to cum. For about 2 minutes straight in fact. But it is pretty easy to make me cum these days.

Since I had had my fill, and the dildo wasn’t doing it for Mitzi, we abandoned it and I gave over my thigh for her to “high school.” She climbed on top of me, rubbing her pussy against my thigh and moaning softly. She gave it the old college try, but still nothing.

“I need to cum tonight!” Mitzi moaned.
“Well, what else can we try? Head doesn’t work for you, um…I have an Hitachi?”

But she skipped over that idea.

Since it was just about 6AM, we gave up on the idea and tried for sleep instead.

Jefferson fell asleep promptly, snoring right from the beginning. Mitzi and I laid on either side of him, whispering back and forth to each other.

“Are you tired?” I asked her.
“Not really, are you?”
“Not so much. Hey you know what’d be cool?”
“If we went to the beach to see the sunrise!”
“That would be awesome!”
“You wanna?” I asked.
“Alright, cool! Let’s go!”

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