04 February 2007

I'm So Cool it Hurts!

No, really- it hurts!! I got my nose pierced yesterday!

So I've been e-mailing back and forth with Gia this week (the one I have a crush on) and we were talking about how we should hang out again since it's been a month, and I told her also that I wanted to get my nose pierced at some point and if she would hold my hand. So yesterday I was at home, after being snowed in, and she e-mailed me asking if I wanted to have lunch with her since she had the day off. It was already after lunch by the time I got back to school, but I called her and she said she was just hanging out with her friend Dave, whom she hadn't seen in a year, and for me to come hang out with them.

As soon as I got to her place she was like, So you wanna get it piereced now?

How could I say no?

We sat in Dave's car for a little while just chillin' (lol) as he showed off his music and lights and stuff that he did, and he was hitting on my hard core as well.

We eventually made our way over to a local tattoo/piercing studio. I was nervous as we waited. I didn't want it to hurt, lol. And I was annoyed Dave was still hitting on me! I wasn't at all returning the sentiment, so you'd think he'd pick up on that...but noooo....

Well I picked out my ring (a cute purple one) and the guy took us back to the room. Gia came with to hold my hand, and Dave came too to watch. I held Gia's hand even as the guy was just cleaning my nose and marking the spot. I tensed as he brought the needle and receiving tube up to my nose. He told me to relax my face and not move.

OMG it hurt so fucking bad when he was doing it!! And I flinched so he had to pause and wait for me to relax before he could finish, which was even worse!! Oh man it hurt so freaking bad though. Though it's funny cause I'm just calmly swearing as he's doing it.

So then after Gia's asking the guy about possibly getting her belly button repierced, and as she's doing that, Dave's right on my ass and finally manages to ask me out. Sure I'm flattered and all. But I'm not really into him. Nor am I at all ready to date! I still get all teary about Jefferson and I'm at that stage where I have to fight myself to crawl to to him and beg him to take me back! God am I so regretful at this point. Not such a good frame of mind for dating.

That's not to say I don't still have the hots for Gia! Lol. OMG she's so delish I wanna just kiss her all over!

We're totally gonna do it. We were all touchy feely all yesterday and last night, and then I spent the night again because I locked my keys in the apartment, and so we were all cuddly all night. She told me she really wanted to kiss me last time, and that she's trying really hard to stay just friends, but that if something happens, she can't really help it.

I was gonna kiss her, I really was. And I'm not sure why I didn't exactly. That first kiss is a little nerve racking I guess. But, I suppose this way, the tension builds a little more.

I'm hoping we're gonna hang out Tuesday night, so maybe I'll work up the courage then.

So yeah, and my nose still freaking hurts. OMG. I keep accidentally touching it too! Ugh! Hopefully the soreness will go away soon!

Now I'm all really, really cool with my tattoos and piercings! I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats...I'll bet it's an adorable look and once it stops hurting, we'll look forward to seeing a picture of your new friend...hopefully with one of you and Gia enjoying each other :) And we need an update (with photos???) of all of your tattoos and piercings you are up to now! What's next?

From the tone of your last few posts, you seem to be very in tune with yourself, which is commendable...not many people your age would be able to make the responsible decisions for your own health you made about your relationship with Jefferson...congratulations and best of luck - us lurkers are happy for your growth and wish you the best.