02 January 2007

OMG Major Girl Crush!

So, remember how I was dishing about all the crushes I had on people at work?

And I mentioned this one girl, where it was more of a friend crush. Yeah, it's not just a "friend" crush anymore. I have the full on hots for her and OMG we flirt like crazy too. It's insane.

So I went to her house last night after work to have dinner with her family that was over to celebrate New Year's (and, oddly enough, it just so happens that one of her cousins is an old counselor of mine from when I was in high school!! That was sooo weird...).

I ended up staying the night because we were up so late talking and also my bitchy roommate was here at school with some random dude and I didn't really wanna return to that.

So I crashed with her. In her bed. :-D And we snuggled all night! I was so in heaven.

But there were 1,000 times I would have loved to just kiss her. Like our faces would be like an inch apart sometimes, and I had to really hold back from just closing that gap.

And she has such a hot body with such nice tits. Yum. And she's got this Snow White complexion with pale skin and naturally black hair.

I think if she didn't have a boyfriend, I might have actually been daring and kissed her. I mean we were flirting back and forth all night! And she was kinda hitting on me a lot too- I loved it! Lol. She was all, "I kinda like chubby girls..." and "So, lemme see your tattoos, Avah..."

Gah. I dunno how long I'm gonna be able to resist the temptation.

Hopefully she'll give in first ;-)

Now excuse me while I go masturbate to lesbian sex fantisies with her...


jsull28fl@yaho said...

well damn I hope if you take a shot and it works out you tell all the details!!

The Glengarry Leads said...

it sounds like she was already yours for the taking. Is that not the case?

Don'tWakeTheKids said...

I'm with glengarry--it sounds like she was letting you know you were welcome to take the chance.

This is actually my biggest problem with the girl-girl stuff--we're often too reticent to take the first step--plant the first kiss, go for the first caress, whatever. So there's often missed opportunities we kick ourselves for later for days, weeks, years.

And by the way, chubby my ass! You are one smokin' hot chickie-pie, rounded out just right!