16 March 2007

Question #7

I'm interested in your bisexual yearnings/searchings...

What's the appeal to women, what gets you hottest, what type of woman, what do you most want to do with a woman... casual or serious?

What about men? How are they different and what do you want from them that you don't get from women, or vice-versa...

Do you find yourself attracted to similar or different types of men and women? Why?

Let's see- lots of points to cover:

In what attracts me to women, I'm about as much of a boob girl as I am a butt girl. I love a nice pair of sexy underwear on a nice round ass, where the undercurve is accentuated. You know that part where the leg meets the ass? Love that.

Also love the undercurve of the breast.

I love the softness of a woman's body- the smooth skin, the gentle curves of the body. And their plump lips. I love kissing a girl's plump lips.


Ask a hungry man to talk about food and....lol.

I love women with bubbly, inviting personalities. As I can sometimes be a little gun shy, someone who will at least show enough interest so I know to make a move (or better yet, make the first move!) is ideal for me.

As for what I would do with a woman- anything and everything upto a life long commitment (marriage). I just can't give up the husband and wife idea I've fantasized about all my life. But I'm still very adolescent when it comes to women. I've never "dated" any, and I'm only just now starting to develop crushes (beyond just pure sexual attraction).

But it is different with men since I look for the qualities I would like to find in a husband.

I love my men strong (body and mind), protective, engaging, intelligent (more than me at least), caring, creative, etc. You know, the perfect man. But these qualities do exist together. I've seen it. Twice so far.

I really haven't gotten to the point where I look for relationship qualities in women.

But as far as physicality of men....mmmm...I love the way they smell. That muskiness. And their broad shoulder that allow them to just envelop you in an embrace. I love their warm smiles and big, strong hands.

The men I tend to fall for? Unavailable. Simple as that. There's always something about them that makes them unavailable. Emotionally or commitment wise.

Lucky, lucky me.

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