16 March 2007

Question #8,9, 10& 11

My lovable and adorable roommate, Noelle asks:

If someone offered you a lifetime supply of any diamond item[s] that you want if you wouldn't have sexual intercourse anymore, would you take it?


Would you rather have sex with one man for the rest of your life that you truly loved, or many men that you didn't care about at all?

Well two easy questions, though Noelle was trying to stump me.

As much as I love diamonds (and OMG I love diamonds!) I would never trade a lifetime supply of sex for a lifetime of diamonds.

And I would much, much rather have sex with one man that I truly loved. Now and for the rest of my life.

Also, she wants to know: What would you do if I flopped my boobs on your forehead?

Well, first I'd punch you in the face, then give you a purple-nurple. Maybe 2 if you shine that God damned laser pointer in my face!!

And her most thought provoking question for the night: What emotional fulfillment does being so sexual give you?

Um, I don't really know that it does. I've been extremely sexual all my life so I assume that by engaging in my natural instincts, I'm living an emotionally satisfying life because I'm not repressing anything. I'm a very sexual person, and I like lots of different things, things that maybe aren't so mainstream or common, and embracing it and accepting it allows me to grow as a person over all.

Ok, I really have no idea, but that sounds about right.

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