16 March 2007

Question #6

When you entered into escorting for that brief period. What led you to it? What was going through your mind at the time? Why'd you stop?

When I began escorting, I had just left my retail job at school (earning about $180-220 a week) and had begun applying to more retail jobs closer to my house for the summer. I wasn't hearing back from any of the places and I was running out of money.

I was still seeing Rick at that time and had discussed the possibility of my escorting with him and he thought it was a good idea. I put together the fact that I was good at sex, so why not get paid for it?

I didn't hate it at the time. I first started with the crappy agency that worked out of the Meadowlands and I got shit money and was annoyed with their lack of professionalism. I quickly switched to a new agency where I worked out of the Edison area, a lot closer to my shore house. I brought along with me one of the other girls and we always got rooms next to each other and hung out when we weren't seeing anyone. It was kind of fun. I had a routine and I got to make lots of money.

I originally quit because I ended up telling my parents and my mom freaked and begged (and bribed me to quit).

I tried going back that fall once I was back at school, but I was just starting to see Doofus and it felt like cheating, so I couldn't do it.

I tried again this summer, signing up with another agency that I knew was very reputable and safe, but only worked one weekend with them because I wasn't comfortable only getting $125 an hour (even if they did cover the cost of the hotel). Though, in all fairness, I did have some nice guys that weekend.

I sometimes wonder if I'd go back. Noelle gave me a funny face just now when I mentioned it though. I miss the money. Oh God do I miss the money.

I don't miss sitting in a hotel room all day though waiting for clients. And I don't miss having to be with gross men I'm not attracted to.

If I were to do it again, I would want to do it independently though most likely. Mostly so I could keep the full cut and not have to sit in a hotel room all day. But then again, I still wonder about what I'd do for an in-call location. So I'm still on the fence on whether or not I'd go back.

I guess it depends on how much my 5K of debt gets to me...


Bianca said...

I've always been curious as to how one gets into escorting. I mean, how do you even find out the name of an agency?

Avah said...

I simply Googled agencies in the area. Simple as that. Then I e-mailed them and said I wanted to work.

Anonymous said...

Bianca, you'll be truly amazed at how many agencies are in your area, all around you.

Also just try http://www.eros-guide.com/map/?CMP=ILC-Eroscom