16 March 2007

Question #5

What is your favorite tattoo or piercing that you currently have? What addition to your "collection" do you want most? What will be next (even if it's not the one you want the most!)?

Ooh- great question! Well so far I have my 2 piercings (nose and hood) and my 2 tattoos and I love all of them. But I'd say my cherry blossom tattoo is my favorite because of how sexy it makes me feel and how many compliments I get.

I think I'm done with piercings though. I like the look of little barbells through nipples, but I just don't think I'm going to ever be able to go through with it. I just get so psyched out by piercings, and that really psyches me out.

As of right now there are 3 tattoos that I'm contemplating.

I'm thinking about a shooting star design on my left inner forearm, similar to this design --->,

with coloring similar to this --->

I like the blue haze, but I would probably get it in yellow with different colored stars (them not all being the same color)

My only hesitation is my wondering if I'm going to want stars on me when I'm 50.

On my right inner forearm I'm contemplating something more abstract. I've also considered that fairy I saw at the place where I got my 2 tattoos done.

But if not the fairy, then something along the lines of this:

But obviously made to fit my arm. I've also thought about if I want it to curve around my wrist onto the back of my hand too.

I can only get the ones on my arms though if I can find someone who knows how to tattoo over scars.

The 3rd place I want a tattoo is along the side of my right breast, like this picture, but not that tattoo.

God I really want to suck that nipple though.

Sorry. Anyways.

I don't want it to go up my shoulder though, and I'd want it to extend a bit down my ribs (ouch, I know), and that's easier to do with my itty bitty bussoms.

I'd probably get that abstract one that's on the foot if I don't get it on my arm. Otherwise I'm not so sure.

Ooh! I just thought of a 4th one. I want a tiny little heart on my left hand by the crook of my thumb and forefinger.

That might be the one I get next because I can't really afford anything nicer for awhile. Plus I want to ease myself into ultra visible tattoos. And ease my parents into it too, lol.

But those are my ideas for right now, we'll see if I come up with any more.

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Anonymous said...

Marvelous! I wish you luck in getting all of the ink you want! Thanks for anwering my question...if I was closer to NJ, I'd be happy to take you wherever and get you one...maybe as the visible tats progress, the nipple ring desire will grow too ;) Hehehe...

And just FYI, from your HNT pics and all, you are a beautiful woman, no matter what tattoos or piercings you have ... never forget it!