27 March 2007

Question #18

Who's the most attractive celebrity you can think of, and what makes them so attractive to you? Male or female, or both if you wish. I'd like to see what your famous-people tastes are like.

Ok, I'll start with females, as that's actually easier for me, lol.

Scarlet Johanssen would likely be my absolute favorite celebrity in terms of attractiveness. She's so gorgeous (not just hot) and her skin is just so creamy I want to feel every inch of her. And she's thin, but not all hard muscle-bodied, so that makes me want to touch her and lay with her even more. Her thighs are just so mmm! and let's not forget those gorgeous, gorgeous breasts. Plus the plump lips! Yowzers!

Now I'm all worked up, lol.

I also really love Charlize Theron.
I think she's another classically beautiful woman with such an amazing figure. I remember this one picture of her in a magazine where she's wearing a backless dress and all I can think about is those beautiful curves (I actually really love a beautiful back on a woman or man).

I guess I have a thing for blondes, because Katherine Heigl is also pretty hot to me.

But you know what else? The three of them seem like they're probably really cool, nice people.

To veer off blondes though, Catherine Zeta Jones is smoking too. I love the curves on her body. I saw a picture of her in a bikini recently and she just looked all fit but still curvy and I thought how much I want to look like that.

I have to run to class, so I'll follow up with the dudes I like when I get back....


Ignore Those Kids said...

Yes on Scarlett! Though, I must say, she was sexiest in "Lost in Translation" - because she was normal, natural, not slutted up. That opening shot on her ass in those panties is still my home made viagra.

Kate said...

Kevin Spacey. I know he's not most people's image of the hottest thing on camera but I do. heheh. James Mercer (although I must admit he looks just like Kevin Spacey), Sondre Lerche, and Stephen Colbert.

I'm not into women, but I can respect that they are attractive. Scarlett is very beautiful. Just that name! oo. Also, Salma Hayek. She seems very smart and powerful. And Uma Thurman, mostly because I always love what she wears to awards and stuff.

Probably others too but that's just what I can think of.

Avah said...

I totally agree with you on Kevin Spacey.

Jefferson and I have already decided we would love to do a threesome with him. He's very sexy in his own way.

I'll write more about the boys tonight when I get back from the gym probably. Hang tight!