09 June 2006

Mmm, my Celeb Crush

So Fleshbot had an article about how Scarlett Johansson was voted as having the best breasts. I would seriously have to concur with that.

She is so delicious I would kill to dive between those creamy white legs...oh my!

And those plump, juicy lips of hers just beg to be sucked and nibbled.

Oh goodness!

And of course those beautiful breasts certainly do plead to be fondled and suckled.


If only I were a gay man... then I could be so lucky!

So dish- who's your favorite celeb crush! Leave a comment and let me know!!

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Guy who writes said...

When I saw "Lost in Translation", I found Scarlett had a sexiness about her, but I wasn't crawling the walls. What did it for me, was reading about how she fucked Benicio delTorro, and got it started in the hotel elevator.

Hmm, the celeb that drives me the wildest, eh? I will have to go with a "1980's" Kelly Preston (married to John Travolta. My May 2006 post titled "Losin it (Part III) is kicked off with an image of C. Thomas Howell having his way with her in some movie. She made some great "teen angst" films, and most of that angst was male angst over wanting her breasts to be wrapped around their cocks.

A Reader said...

Here's one of my favorites.

Yep, you're absolutely right about Scarlett.


A Reader said...

Ooopps. Forgot, my choice is Morena Baccarin (in addition to Scarlett J).

Here's a pic:


Avah said...

Excellent choices!

And Alex, thank you for that link to another pic of Scarlett. It's delish!