15 January 2007

This Sounds Awesome and I Wanna Do It, Like, Now!

I was reading this article on female ejaculation here and there were tips on how to try and get a woman to squirt. Well, even if it doesn't work the way intended, it sounds a totally awesome experience anyways!

I've copied and pasted, but bulleted it to make it easier to read...

What you do is this:

1)you start with stimulating the G-spot (which to some women is even more exciting than stimulating the clitoris) with your fingers and slowly and tenderly work your way to the point where you can slip your hand into the vagina (wear latex gloves at all times, not only to protect yourself but also to protect the tender inner vaginal tissue, and use lots and lots of lubricant).

2)Once you're in, stimulate and stimulate and stimulate (literally pump up the volume) until you feel the vaginal muscles contracting around your wrist (the first sign of an orgasm coming up). That is the signal to change position. Leave four fingers in the vagina and lay your thumb over the clitoris. Now simply squeeze the G-spot from behind and - like you were pressing an orange or a lemon - you'll squeeze out the liquid.

3)Whatever you do now: DON'T STOP! The orgasm will not only be very, very, very intense, it will also revolve. Let it come and come and come again until your partner asks you to stop. This revolving orgasm may very well last for ten to fifteen minutes. Squeeze out the liquid, ease up a little and when the next wave comes up, squeeze again. There is more to come.

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