15 January 2007

Day 1: It Starts Again (Rant Warning)

I'm gonna go kill myself now. Yep. Or my roommates. Preferably them.

They just got back today and it's already started.

Over break I moved one of my roommate's desk over, oh about 12 inches and as soon as she got back she immediately moved it back. "It's blocking the air conditioner." Um, hi, it's January, and finally cold. Not to mention the fact the air still blows out through the desk! There's a hole bitch! But not quite as big as the one in your head!!

And the psycho picky bitch has already started. She left a note saying to clean up from after break, the showers, toilet, etc. She already did the floor. Yeah, so did Noelle. Like last week. And, um, the shower isn't dirty. Bitch. And I like mess. She's gonna have to get used to clutter again.

Hey- here's a thought- maybe if you weren't such a bitch, maybe I wouldn't be so messy just spite you.

Oh, and also, we have a sheet for taking out the garbage and we just cross our name off when we do, and it just rotates, and she took down the old one, which Noelle and I had accumulated many crossed off names, so we wouldn't have to take the garbage out for awhile, but uh, Bitch decided, "New Semester, New List."

Well, the silver lining is that whenever they piss me off, I'm gonna have to head to the gym or else I'll end up shoving my foot up their asses. Like today. With this dreary weather I was thinking of maybe skipping today. Then the fat fuck (who sits on her ass all day in the room) fucking pissed me off and I couldn't have gotten to the gym faster. I'm gonna get in shape real fast!

And oh man I really didn't want to come back.

Except I did. To the Bitch's shit.

Fucking A man. I'm really ready to just jump off a bridge right now. Anything to get me away from those mother fuckers!!

Rant over. (for now)

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