13 January 2007


I've just signed the next 2 years of my life away.

I just joined Bally Gym. They own me for the next 24 months.

And God damn I will NOT be one of those people who pays $50/month for a gym membership they don't use!

I've got my goals set, and they're smart and reasonable:

Be running 5 miles by my birthday (that would be increasing a mile every 2 weeks which is totally doable)

Be 145 by June 15th- that's a very reasonable amount of weight loss per month (which I won't get into since people can do math, lol) and even allows for any plateaus or if I have a bad week or something.

And now I have my gym membership. With scheduled times already in my calender.

Seems safe to say I'm all set.

And for all you that think I'm sexy now, just you wait and see come June!

1 comment:

Venus said...

Sounds totally reasonable. Scheduling is an excellent idea.

And make appointments with the trainers. Maybe they'll be hot. ;-D