31 December 2006

10 Things I Love

10 Things I Loved about 2006:

1. Skiing on my new skiis
2. Babysitting my niece and nephew for a week
3. Playing lacrosse again (even if only for a short while)
4. Starting painting
5. Meeting Jefferson and falling in love
6. Making new friends (Mitzi, Emma, Gabriel, etc...)
7. Standing up to my dad
8. Spending an awesomely warm summer at the beach
9. Getting my jewelry sales job
10. Starting my blog


Mitzi said...

Thanks, and likewise!

You better watch out. The Dog is really peeved you left her off the list.

Avah said...

She would fall under "etc.." Lol

Lizzie said...

You got new skis and got to ski on them?!?! I am very jealous!

Avah said...

Oh, well this was last winter- you know, when it was actually cold enough to ski!

Bah- global warming!