26 November 2006

Not Much To Say

I have a lot on my mind, but don't have much to say really.

I guess I can just dish on the crushes I have on people at work. I work with this one girl, in my department, and OMG I think she's sooo cute. She's like a super sweet girl and she's just so darn pretty too!

Then there's the security guy who I've had the hots for since last year. I mean, he's a freaking marine too. He came one day in his uniform last year and I basically creamed myself. He's so fucking sexy I can't stand it!! I would get flustered counting my money last year if he was watching and I'd mess up my count. God he's really so hot. I'd just about do him in the middle of the store floor!! Lol. (Well, I am an exhibitionist too, lol.)

And then there's this other girl, but it's more like a friend crush. She's really cool. She's like a few years older than me and she was a art/art history major and she just graduated and we have a bunch in common. She's really cool. Oh, I said that, lol. And she has her nose pierced, just like I want! Yeah, but she's cool.

So I guess that's all for now...

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