09 January 2007

Crisis Averted

Thank you Noggin.

Ok, now, is it nuts if I like the Upside Down show?

Anyone see it, know it? It's good, right? Lol

Oh I can't wait to go back to bed...


Lizzie said...

Noggin drives me insane! This kid I used to nanny for has to watch it for the entire 12 (I think its 12) hours that its preschool programming. Then he throws a fit every night at 6 when it turns to adult shows as if its something new to him. But he's 3 and a complete and total pain. So I guess it goes with the territory. That oobi thing gets me every time though.. just cracks me up that someone turned a hand into a show!

FritzVonT said...

My four-year old certainly likes that show. I've only caught little chunks of it, but it looks way funner than the Wiggles.