09 January 2007


I hate 3 year olds.

Especially 3 year olds that won't stop screaming and crying. Because they don't get their way.

OMG. I have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn (That's 9AM) to deal with this whiny, spoiled brat. Mother fucker.

And I just learned the mom is pregnant. I'm not sure what that's gonna mean. I like babies though. They can't talk back and order you around. When they cry is just cause it's the only way they can communicate. But a 3 year old?

I'm not even in the same room as him and he continues to have his tantrum.

All because I didn't make his yogurt right (which is how it started) and because I wouldn't hand him his stuffed animal that was right behind him (which is why it continued).

Maybe he'll shut the fuck up if I put the TV on...

God, this is totally an "other people's children" kinda thing.


Anonymous said...

Put him in the "naughty spot"...Sit him down and tell him he has to stay there for 3 minutes in the naughty spot. A punishment worse than death for most 3 year olds. Tell him that if he clams down and stops whining, that he can leave the spot.

Lexi said...
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