14 November 2006

Perhaps I Overreacted

I suppose I overreacted to the mean spirited comments about my blog.

I was still reeling from the exhausting blow up with my roommate and took her comments a little too close to heart.

Pff. I know my blog is awesome. And not just because you all tell me so. My blog is awesome because it's exactly the way I want it. I designed the template the way I want it and I fill it with things that I like: my stories, my personal stuff, comics, and now the 10 Things I Love.

Mitzi said it best when she reminded me of the quote "I wouldn't want to be a part of any group that doesn't want me as a member."

If people aren't going to extend me any common courtesty, then I won't feel compelled to do the same any longer.

So yeah, I'll continue blogging. And I'll keep writing about how much I love Jefferson or ranting about things that piss me off or whatever else I choose to post.

So mean people, all over, can just kiss it!


Lizzie said...

Woo hoo!! Glad you decided to stay!!!

T said...

Naysayers, be damned!

ella said...

Damn right!