13 November 2006

Who Takes Objection To?

Minor gramatical errors?

Or small, sometimes undectable, spelling errors?

Does it detract from your reading experience?

I probably could spend more time proofreading, but I figure when I spend days writing a post, I'd rather just get it up. And that most people won't care, or notice, if I accidentally write "mastrubation" instead of "masturbation."

Oops, gotta be careful though. Don't wanna sound like I have the "whinging tone of a teenager."

People fucking suck. Everyone.

I think I had the right idea in high school when I said I wanted to live as a hermit. Avoiding all contact with people.

Shit, yeah.

Fucking bitches. Roommates flipping tables, high and mighty bloggers being all haughty-taughty.

They all win though. I can't fight anymore.

I'm moving out.

And I'm done with blogging.

Too. Much. Drama.


Anonymous said...

You write very well. Escpecially for someone from "your generation". Most of your peers write in "Price Speak" (IE I wud dy 4 U). You are intelligent and well spoken.

Minor typos are a casualty of fast blogging. I make these mistakes all the time. Especially inserting the appropriate punctuation (I;m always doing this with the "I;m", etc).

C'mon back. We miss you already. I know you are still reading. You just need a quick poke.

Lizzie said...

:( I agree- we miss you already! Your writing is amazing, and any typos that may appear only make you human. And more real.

Sorry about the roommates. It really sucks to live with people who make life miserable.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what others think! Your blog is great, and if someone's reading your blog just to find the grammar errors then their opinion shouldnt matter.
But if you want to leave thats fine, but you got to come back tomorrow :p


Anonymous said...

mistyping is what I like to call 'typonese'....typing language and who cares about those that Must have everything grammically correct? Your you...enjoy you for who you are, I dont get people that jut MUST have everything perfect on the internet as if they are a teacher grading things...they dont have enough time in thier day to find faults with others? Whatever ya know?
Anyway I love typonese...and yeah I agree also it makes it more human....I mean its not like we all speak the same either.

Anonymous said...

I meant "Prince Speak" As in, the artist formerly known as, and then turned 180 degrees around again... Prince.

swordfish155 said...

let me join the chorus of encouraging you to continue blogging. i find your posts for the most part refreshing and fun, absent the life control issues of a twenty year old that i've long since left behind. don't be put off by cranky poops.

ella said...

You'll be back, right? I just came back to see you!