16 November 2006

But I Really Wanna!!

So, yeah, I'm struggling with an inner conflict over the fact I really wanna write about last night except I totally hate the idea of breaking chronology.

I'm in the middle of writing about the orgy where I had all this really hot sex.

And then I still want to write about these times I had some hot sex with Jefferson.

And then there's the story that involves my strap-on, whips, and a video camera.

And then there was last night. Hot sex, of course. And then there was the awesome whipping and caning from Jefferson and Lolita! (She's an expert! Though both made me scream equally as loud.)

So yeah, I'm struggling with whether or not to break order of events...

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Don'tWakeTheKids said...

Sweetie, there's nothing wrong with breaking chronology--the important thing is to write about what you want to write about. If it's fresh in your mind, all the better--you can always return to chronology later.

If you're excited to write about something, then by ALL MEANS, do so!!!