19 November 2006

It Occured To Me...

It occured to me last week as I was being caned and getting to my threshold basically, that I didn't have a safe word.

I've never had a safeword.

I know to some people that would sound insane. But I guess I've always felt I never really played rough enough to warrant one.

I'd never felt the need to use one before either.

Whoever I've been with has always stopped before I got to that point or just stopped if I said it was enough.

But I was at the point at the end of my caning where I would have used a safe word if I had one. I could not have taken one more strike.

Luckily Jefferson listened to me because I don't know what I would have felt if he hadn't.

Yeah, that could have been bad.

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Lolita said...

If saying "stop" or "enough" stops the scene, then that is the same as a safeword.

The only time you really need a formal safeword is when you are doing roleplay or resistance play. At those times "stop" does not mean stop and "no" does not mean no, so you need a word to let the other person(s) know that you really mean it.