21 November 2006

I Couldn't Wait!!

I couldn't have possibly waited until December, and not even until after Thanksgiving!!

I broke out my Christmas music!! (Yes, I'm an extremly unconventional Jew).

And I pulled out the good stuff first. Harry Simeone Chorale. Even though it reminds me of my dad and I'm mad at him right now.

Oh yeah baby. Christmas season is just about here!! I'm so excited! I'll see about bringing my tree to the dorm and I have these pretty decorations for it. I got them last year when I was with my ex. I got gold and silver balls and then got this gold and silver ribbon that I wrap around the tree and have a bow at the top. It's soooo pretty!!! Yay Christmas!

And now I'm starting to think about what to do for presents!! So exciting! I already got my sister her's because I had an extra discount at work this year (meaning I could get something a bit nicer and still stay in the price range). I have to think of something for my parents next. And my niece and nephew too. But kids are easy to buy for. And then my friends. I love giving presents!

I just wonder if I'll have to do anything for my dad's side of the family though. If we're still not talking...

But yay for Christmas!!! And Christmas carols!!

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