19 November 2006

Owie, it hurts :-(

This is a bad sick. Not a simple runny nose.

It hurts to swallow. It hurts when I rub my glands.

And my head has been fucking killing me. I literally thought it was going to explode. There was all this pressure pushing outwards from like every direction.

It was really hard being at work like this! I was miserable. My manager let me go a little early since I wasn't feeling so well and also because I stayed late last night.

It was getting really difficult to even talk to the customers.

I came straight home and stripped out of my work clothes and put on sweats and climbed into bed.

I didn't do a lot of sleeping. I just needed to keep my eyes closed and be horizontal to help my head.

But I did have this dream. And Jefferson was in it. And so was my (virgin) roommate, Leslie. It was strange. I went to Jefferson's when he wasn't there and then he came home and was sleeping on the couch and I woke him up and he was surprised to see me. Then he said he wanted to fuck and I said I didn't feel well and just wanted to cuddle. Then Leslie was there all of the sudden. Like behind Jefferson on the couch. And it was a little awkward to be talking about sex in front of her. And then I just sat in his lap since I'm wasn't feeling well.

He was also in a dream last night, though I don't remember it well. My body seemed to know already as I was sleeping that I was getting sick so I was taking cold medicine in the dream. And Jefferson was there at some point. But that's all I remember.

Strange. Dreams are interesting. Like how my body incorporates my cold (or whatever) into it. And I guess since I've been thinking about stuff with Jefferson lately that's why he showed up. Though I'm not sure why Leslie was there...

I'm feeling a little better though now. My head doesn't hurt so badly. I was in tears when I got home because of how much it hurt. But I took some Aleve and I guess the nap and resting helped. And I'm drinking my fluids now. I'd really like it if I woke up feeling better tomorrow because I have so much to do tomorrow.


I hate being so sick.

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