16 November 2006

Dumb People Piss Me Off

Dumb Boy: hey whats up
Me: not much, you?
Dumb Boy: chillin
Dumb Boy: so any fun times
Dumb Boy: how is lexi
Dumb Boy: and jefferson
Me: you mean mitzi?
Dumb Boy: no Lexi?
Me: there is a lexi, also known as emma...
Dumb Boy: yea maybe thats her her blog is elexi something
Me: yeah, exlexus exposed
Me: elexus
Dumb Boy: thats the one
Me: i haven't seen her since august- she started grad school this fall, so she's pretty busy now
Dumb Boy: ohh well your as busy as you want to be
Me: i never saw her a whole lot anyways
Dumb Boy: really well anyway how are you and jefferson
Me: we're good
Dumb Boy: thats good
Dumb Boy: did he smartin up and start to date you yet
Me: what do you consider dating?
Me: we love each other and have sex- isn't that kinda dating?
Dumb Boy: ohh yea def
Dumb Boy: thats good i'm happy for the two of you
Me: thanks
Dumb Boy: your welcome
Dumb Boy: any parties lately
Me: not since october
Dumb Boy: just taken it easy
Me: they're once a month, the next one's coming up soon
Dumb Boy: ohh ok
Dumb Boy: you two should just get married
Me: why would you say that?
Dumb Boy: cause you will always pit every guy against him so really no guy has a chance
Dumb Boy: and he obviously likes you
Dumb Boy: so just get it over with
Me: what, are you jealous or something?
Dumb Boy: no i never get jealous
Me: well you sound it
Me: and he and i would never get married
Me: for dozens of reasons
Dumb Boy: ohh
Dumb Boy: well thats my perception
Me: and he's not the only guy i pit guys up against either
Dumb Boy: ohh well i dont know any other guys you know
Me: i compare guys i date to my brothers too
Dumb Boy: ohh well that doesn't count
Me: cause they're wonderful husbands and fathers, so any man i marry has to be as good as them
Dumb Boy: well thats you

Does that really need any explaination??


Lexi said...
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Avah said...

Woohoo! I'm totally in for a cock fight!