30 October 2006


I feel like running away again. Just getting away for the night. I have my 2nd drs appointment tomorrow evening, so I'd have to be back for that.

I'm just pitifully sad and blue tonight.

I could easily cry right now. Just need something to set me off.

And I hate everyone right now. I'm mad at my mom, I'm frustrated with Jefferson, I don't feel like being around my roommates.

And I really, really want to binge. On lots of sugar. Dear God I'm missing my sugar. I even had some today. A couple of those fun size halloween things. (But seriously, they're not FUN when they're that TINY!!)

I did take a nap on the couch before, so I could drive.

Though "What About Brian" is on, and I like that show.

I kinda really just want something with sugar. But I'm not, cause it's bad, and I couldn't be sure I'd keep it down.

Yeah, big *sigh*

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