23 October 2006


I have a profile up on AFF. I've had a profile since I was 17. There are times I turn it off, there are times I turn it on to actively seek out getting laid, and times when I just turn it on to see what interesting e-mails I get.

Lately my profile has stated I want to meet girls, and with that comes the e-mails from couples. Couples are always looking for the elusive bi girl willing to join a couple. I could be that girl. I'm comfortable in group situations and certainly know what to do with a girl.

But I have a certain "limitation," if you will. And I'm well aware of it, and though it hasn't really limited me in my sex life, it creeps up now and again. My body is far from perfect. I'm undenyibly chubby and I am in fact heavier than I would like to be. I'm not obese, and I don't even shop in Lane Bryant.

But I'm also aware of bi girls wanting to be with thin girls. They state it in their adds and it's quite obvious anyways.

So when an attractive couple from the city e-mailed me, I ignored them. She had to have been a size 4 and so wouldn't want anything to do with me. But they kept e-mailing me. 3 times in like a week, total. So, I gave in and IMed them.

We traded a few hellos back and forth when they asked to see some more picutures. I sent my most current ones, trying to find the most full bodied ones, but didn't really have any. After they sent some sexier ones of themselves, they asked to see something that showed my body more. I sent the one nekkid one I had that showed most of my body, and was promptly rejected.

Sorry, I'm not their type, but good luck in my search.

Gee, I freaking knew that!


IgnoreThoseKids said...

Uh, we're on AFF, we like the chubby bi-girls, and we have a lot of Tito's...whenever you can come to Texas. :P

Sorry you had a bad experience, I also hate it when people don't READ THE PROFILE.

ButterflyTemptress said...

When I was single and actively seeking people to play with, stick figures were NOT on my list. I had no desire to be with a woman who wasn't curvy, chubby, voluptuous, or otherwise adequately padded. Just a personal preference, but there were many others who agreed.

I'm not tiny. Hell, I'm not even chubby...I'm more. It didn't stop me from being on peoples lists or being met. Maybe it's the site. I didn't use AFF because of the same problem you're having.

Just food for thought. Oh and by the way- I like your stories and I'd love to know why you took your blog down that weekend.

Here if ya want to chat it up-
The Butterfly Temptress

Anonymous said...

Have you tried posting an ad on Poly NYC?


Don't Wake the Kids said...

LOL! I was going to make essentially the same comment! My own husband beat me to it! I actually don't like the skinny, twiggy bi girls--I like nice, soft, yummy ones. So come on down!

And we have A LOT of Tito's. And Hornitos. And bourbon. And 4 different kinds of vanilla vodka (gifts).

And people on AFF tend to be ... slow, I've noticed. In the mental sense.