24 October 2006

Bored and randomness

I've gotten bored with writing my sex stories. I mean, how many times can I write about fucking and have it be interesting? Not to mention no one seems to even notice I haven't written a story in a while...so, like why bother?

I've been wanting to finish up my series of stories from when Jefferson and Mitzi visited me at the end of August. So here it is: reader's digest version.

So, we ate dinner then we all fucked and Jefferson gave Mitzi and I spankings then Mitzi blew him until he came. I passed out and woke up after a bit and hung out with them in the living room until we all went to bed. I slept in the middle and it's really crowded there. I was really happy to be sleeping between my two closest friends. Mitzi's dog was barking because she didn't have a pillow on the ground to sleep on, so I put one out for her. Mitzi moved to the couch at one point in the morning, and when Jefferson and I woke up we fucked a bit, and then he started eating me out and Mitzi came in to watch. We eventually pulled ourselves out of bed because Mitzi and Jefferson had to get back to the city. I went to WaWa and got us all milkshakes and some stuff for breakfast. Breakfast was slow, and we ended up missing some trains, even though I raced a bit. It was sad going back to an empty house, and I wished they could have stayed longer, but we should definately do it again next summer.

And there's not a lot to write about in September. I saw Jefferson a bunch of times, and it was all pretty low key and nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe I'll get back into writing stories with the return of the sex parties and the "really, really" nice time Jefferson and I had on Friday.... and maybe I'll finally explain why I took my blog down that one weekend (if anyone's even still curious or rememebers that, lol)....

I'm really kind of a role with my paintings. I've done 14? I think in the month. And I just purchased rolled canvas and am making my own custom canvases now, in a shape that I can't get in the store. It's fucking awesome!

And I'm taking a class at the local AC Moore (craft shop) on crocheting so I'm going to learn how to do that and make some scarves for Christmas/Hannukah presents. Though I don't want to give everyone scarves, so I'll have to figure out what else I can make.

And let's see. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a new psychiatrist. I left my old one of like 5 years cause he's a douche, and my parents' agree. I hate seeing new doctors. But apparently he has a good reputation, so we'll see. I don't know if I'll necessarily go on medication, but I at least need to see a dr. to get diagnosed as depressed for school.

So, yeah. That's all.


Lady A said...

Just so you know, I consistently love your sexy stories. And I would like to know what happened when you took your blog down. *smiles* For I do thoroughly love your blog.

FritzVonT said...

Avah, Just to let you know I really enjoy reading all of your blog entries, sex stories, life stories, humorous stories...the whole ball o' wax. Just keep writing, I'll keep reading!