10 September 2006

It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

Well kiddies, I did it.

I switched to beta.

It tempted me.

New features.

It lured me.

"Press here to switch."

It's done. I've crossed over.

Now what to do with all my cool new features?! I've very eager to implement Labels, but I don't know how to do so in my customized template (that took me ages to perfect and I don't want to lose.)

So this is my call for help from someone savvy with HTML and Blogger than can help me!!

Please, I beg of you, help a poor girl out!!


(Also, if you know how to make my side bar not go underneath shorter posts, that would be awesome too!)


Kyma said...

Oh dear Avah, now regular Blogger users can't comment now with their accounts.

Avah said...

I know! I also can't leave comments in my account in regular Blogger blogs. It's a little upsetting!

Bonnie said...


I haven't any good answers, but I definitely know the pain of which you speak. I switched a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely hate not being able to leave comments on some blogs.

Let's hope they fix it soon.


Kyma said...

I'm still on regular blogger, I just used the 'Other' option to put my details in. 'Tis you and Desireous that have gone to the 'dark side' of the bloggers I read.

nina said...

Wow! Quite a switch!!! Good luck!