09 April 2006

He Took My Panties!

So Saturday was my 20th birthday. Aside from the crappy weather, those 3 hours I spent with Jefferson made this the best birthday ever.

Oh yeah, I met Jefferson Saturday. :-D I'm sure you know him- he's practically famous in the blogging world. And in the sex world. And if you don't know him, you should.

So a few months ago I started reading blogs. After much link following I found Jefferson's blog. Well I was hooked from the beginning. I knew I had to get in on this kinda action- but it took me weeks to get the courage. When he got on myspace, I added him as a friend, to break the ice. And as they say, the rest is history....

But that doesn't make for an interesting story, lol. We e-mailed back in forth and found out we had so much in common- we both liked to have a lot of sex, he like to whip girls and I liked being whipped, he likes to tie em up, and I love being tied. How perfect is that? It was decided that on my birthday, I was his. And we only had a week to wait, but it was the longest wait of my life. And the back and forth e-mails and my writing him fantasy stories made me that much more on edge. Saturday could just not come soon enough.

And then it arrives. I woke up already excited because it was my birthday, but even more so because I was finally getting to meet Jefferson. I was supposed to go after lacrosse practice, but the rain cancelled it, so even better I got to go straight to him.

Driving into the city (yes, I drove in the city! Can you believe it??!!) I wasn't sure if I was more nervous that I was driving in the city or if I was just excited I was on my way to have some totally amazing sex. Probably both.

I parked my car in a garage since I wasn't willing to walk to far in the cold rain, and rounded the corner to Jefferson's building. In the entry way I dialed the numbers to have him buzz me in- and I paused for a few seconds before hitting the 3rd number to take a deep breath.

"Go right until you hit the elevator and take it up" I heard him say on the line, and walked through the doors as they buzzed open. As I walked to the elevator and took it up to Jefferson's door, I thought about all Jefferson's lovers that have traveled the same path, and that soon this would become so familiar to me.

There it was. I was finally there. With my hand poised to knock I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to will my heart to not beat out of my chest. I knock on the door and wait. The door slowly opens and his face appears smiling. I come in and look around, replacing the image I formed in my head with the real thing, then Jefferson takes my coat and purse and grabs me and kisses me.

And then I melt. I'm putty in his hands, ready to be molded how ever he wants.

Take off your shirt he whispers in my ear.
I'm wearing 2 I reply.
We'll take it one by one then.
I take off my shirt and he flings it behind him and returns to kissing me.
This shirt too, take it off he commands.
I pull it over my head and drop it on the floor. And he returns again to kissing me.
Now your pants and shoes.
I step out of my shoes and pull of my pants. There I am standing in Jefferson's livingroom clad only in my black lace underwear.
Close your eyes. I want to look at you

I shut my eyes and listen as I hear him walk around me. He comes behind me, presses his body against mine, wraps his arms around me, and rubs his hands over the front of my body. Then his hands go into my panties and he pulls them over my hips and down my legs.

He walks back in front of me and says Get on your knees. And keep your eyes closed. I'm going to give you my cock, but you're first experience won't include seeing it. I want you to just taste it, smell it, and feel it in your mouth.

I obediently kneel and wait. I hear him unzip his pants and I open my mouth ready to taste his cock for the first time. He places his cock on my lips and I take him in my mouth. I'm in heaven. I run my tongue along his cock as he gently thrusts in and out of my mouth.

He pulls out and I hear him zip up his pants. He squats in front of me, says into my ear, You did good.

He places his fingers in my mouth and I lightly suck on them.
On your hands and knees, I want you to follow me he says and guides me with his fingers still in my mouth back to his bedroom.
I crawl along, feeling the hard, cool floor on my palms and knees, and noticing the pattern of it. We stopped in front of my bed and wait for instruction.
Climb up on the bed.
I climb up and lay back. I sink into the bed and feel the softness of the comforter brush against my naked skin.

Jefferson lays down next to me and we embrace, kissing, and exlporing eachother's bodies with our hands like the new lovers we are. The heat and excitement builds between us.

Is it alright if I tie you up now?
I answer hoarsely.
Good he answers as he throws the pillows on the floor and grabs for the ropes behind the bed. He takes my right wrist in his hand and wraps the rope around it and ties a few simple knots. Then he moves and does the same to my left wrist.
Lose knots for our first date Jefferson explains to me.
I nod my head, but I already know this from reading his blog.
When he finishes tying my left wrist, my eyes follow him as he reaches into his bedside table drawer and pulls out a pair of clothes pins. My eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning.
Do you mind clothes pins?
I shake my head no. I watch him closely as he places them on each of my erect nipples. I don't even flinch or wince, as my nipples have grown accustomed to the feeling.

Jefferson bends down over me and bites down on the underneath part of my breast. He moves down my stomach leaving a trail of bite marks eliciting moans and grunts from me. Then he moves to the bottom of the bed, spread my legs apart, and taking my clit into his mouth. Jefferson takes his time working my clit and slipped two fingers in my pussy producing a feeling I have never, ever felt before. The g-spot does exist! I'm squirming and moaning under Jefferson, my body coming close to sensory overload with my nipples starting to heat up from the clamps, and intense pleasure Jefferson's producing from my pussy.

He gets up and stands at the foot of the bed. His eyes are on me, and mine on him, as he undresses and slips a condom on his hard cock.
I'm going to fuck you now he tells me.

I watch him as he climbs on the bed and positions himself over me. I look down and see him slip in me, moaning as I feel his cock fill my pussy for the first time. I pull on my bindings lightly, wishing I could feel Jefferson and wrap my arms around him. Instead I look at him up and down taking his skin in through my eyes. He's fair, like me, and as I learn later, his skin is soft and silky. My eyes move down his body and I watch as his cock moves in and out of me.

I close my eyes, feeling his cock pumping, moving my hips to match his rhythm, and feeling my nipples tingling and heating up more.

These are going to have to come off soon
I think to myself.
Not now, I can take more, but in a bit I tell myself, knowing I'm gonna push myself as far as I can go today.

Jefferson's speed starts to increase, and my moans get louder, and my breathing faster. He takes my legs and pushes them back, then ties them back at the ankle with the rope holding my wrists. Faster and harder he goes, watching me, watching my face, pulling moans and grunts deep from my lungs. The pain in my nipples starts to overshadow the pleasure from being fucked, they feel like they're on fire. But I hold out for longer still.

Slap! I feel Jefferson's hand across my right cheek and jaw. I feel the heat immediately. Had it been anyone else other than Jefferson that did that, I might have said something, but with him, oh man with him I just wanted more.

His hand goes over my throat and restricts my breathing slightly. Anything he wants is his. He backs his hand off and I breath in deep.
What are you thinking? Tell me what's on your mind Jefferson asks.
I pause momentarily, finding breath to speak My nipples are on fire I forcefully whisper.
Can you feel my cock in your hot pussy?
I nod my head yes, but it's my nipples that a drawing all my attention and concentration. I bite my tongue waiting still to say anything. Pushing it, 10 more seconds, 2o more, 30 more...I can't take it anymore, I feel like they're going to explode.
My nipples...I can't... I muster, forcing out the words past the haze I'm in from the searing pain and hard fucking I'm taking.

Jefferson stops fucking me, and I watch as he places his fingers on each pin, ready to unclamp them. I clench my jaw waiting for the pain I'll feel as the blood rushes back into my already aching nipples. 1, 2, 3, and Jefferson's taken them off. I let out a small cry and arch my back, thrusting my chest up as the pain peaks and falls to a hot, but less intense ache. He goes back to fucking me, thrusting steadily in and out.

But within seconds Jefferson takes my breast in his hand and flicks at my nipple making my body jump and I cry out louder. His mouth moves and takes my nipple in his mouth sucking and biting on it. The fire was back and I writhed underneath him and screamed from the pain. He fucked me faster and slapped my mouth hard, for being too loud I'm sure, but I can't keep quiet the pain had just completely taken over my brain. My eyes are clenched shut with a white haze under my eye lids, my face is twisted in pain, and my mind is blank, overloaded from the torture on my nipples. Jefferson covers my mouth to muffle the sound. The pain contintues to increase as it travels from my nipple through my whole body. I scream louder into Jefferson's palm. Jefferson slaps my mouth again before covering it back up.

My body shakes and I dry sobs escape from my throat.
You sound like you're going to cry I hear from far away. I breathe in as Jefferson takes his mouth off my one nipple, then scream again as he takes the other one back in his mouth. There are no tears, and none even forming, but sobs break their way in between screams.

I have never experienced any kind of pain like this. I had a bruise on my shin after a car accident that when touched would make me lose my breath and see starts, but now that wasn't even 1/100th of the pain I was feeling then. Didn't compare in length of time of feeling it, in intensity, and certainly not in my willingness to endure it.

I had never felt this kind of submission before either. I had been experimenting in submission for nearly two years, but knew I wasn't submitting fully. The first few times I played with Rick, the fellow who would occasionaly bind me, I let myself test my limits, but I was never all that attracted to him and wasn't overly concerned about pleasing him. I wanted it to be about me and I had no problem trying to manipulate him to get what I wanted.

I was cheating myself though too. I wanted to submit. I wanted to go as far as I could, then take one more step for "him" (Him being whoever it was I trusted to take me there). And I found that in Jefferson. Reading his and his friends' blogs I saw how much they all trusted and respected him. Everyone seemed to automatically defer to his authority. And I could see the trust respect people had for him was earned and well deserved. And Jefferson gave it back out where it was due. He never broke a limit or crossed a boundry. I could see it was important to keep people's trust and respect.

Without ever meeting him, I trusted him and respected his dominance and authority. I was comfortable enough to share my secret desires and hidden secrets. I wrote about my fantasies of submitting, being bound, fucked, and beaten, and wanting to feel safe and guided through it all. I shared the story of the first time I was with a girl and how it's her I still picture in my girl/girl fantasies. I revealed about my growing desire to see two men together, and I opened up about my newest curiousity to dominate a man.

And I let him in my my most guarded sex secret: I have never cum with a man. Not once. Not even a tiny one. Well, alright, maybe a few slight shudders, but nothing deemed worthy of being called an orgasm. I could only produce them at home with a vibrator. I was used to the quick fix I got from using a vibrator. It was fast, usually producing an orgasm in 5 minutes or less, and on occasion, even under a minute. The orgasms are great- very intense, and it is nice not spending forever to get them. But it was only about cumming for me. It wasn't about feeling good even. That's what sex was for.

Sex felt good- hands on my body, kisses on my mouth, and a cock filling my pussy... I stopped caring early on that I wasn't cumming. I learned that if I worried about cumming, it would spoil the whole experience. It's gotten to the point where I even get close to cumming, I reach a peak, but can't get past it to cum. With each new lover, I've thought about telling them I can't cum, thinking they're someone who can help me find it, but usually do to a lack of emotional intimacy between us, I hold back. I'll get to my peak (or when I'm tired) and let out a cry satisfying my partner's want for me to cum, and then concentrating on drawing out their orgasm. So while I wouldn't get an orgasmic release, even though it was something I wanted to experience with a partner, my constant hunger for physical intimacy was temporarily relieved.

But I told Jefferson. We had that emotional intimacy. Even after only a few days of talking. I knew he would have enough patience, stamina, and skill to help me find my orgasm. I didn't know if I'd be able to do it the first time we got together, but I was confident he wouldn't give up on me. Boy I think it's good he didn't know how much pressure was on him for when we met, lol. But I wanted to give him my orgasm. And I'm guessing he wanted just as badly, maybe even more, to give me my orgasm.

But now, back to the action, that was a long enough aside, so where was I? Ah yes- the excrutiating pain in my nipples. The seconds felt like hours. I didn't know if would ever stop. But that was OK, I was Jefferson's to use as he wanted. It hurt like an SOB, but asking to stop never occured to me. There weren't any words in my head. But saying stop wasn't even an option in my mind. I was straddling my limit, but intent to stay there until Jefferson decided it was enough. Standing on the edge for what seemed like an eternity, Jefferson finally releases my nipple. Relief comes quickly and my lungs expand finding breath.

Jefferson slows down his thrusting as I catch my breath.
Do you need a break? He asks me.
No, I'm OK.
He stays with me, making love to me slowly. My body relaxes into the easy pace. After awhile he pulls out and
moves, pulls off his condom and takes a bottle of lube from the bedside drawer.
I want to finger you for a bit now.
He squirts some lube into his hand and rubs in into my pussy, gently inserting two fingers. Pumping them in and out he curls his fingers, hitting that sweet spot again and again. I feel as Jefferson places another finger in me, filling me up.

He pumps deep into me and puts his hand on my lower abdomen and presses down firmly. I can't say why it works, but it makes me moan even louder (and makes me have to pee, but I'm tied up with a few fingers in my pussy, not the best time to want a bathroom break, lol). Jefferson stays fixed on my g-spot. I can feel my pussy getting hot and swelling up, my pussy feels so full, maybe he even has 4 fingers in me.

My body is just on auto-pilot. My breathing is fast and shallow, I'm squirming, fighting against my bindings, moaning, groaning, and grunting as Jefferson manipulates my pussy. I really can't describe the feeling. It's unlike anything else in the world. The warmth and pleasure just radiates through my body taking over, driving me crazy, like a wild animal. It sounds kinda corny, but that's what it's like.

After a thorough work out on my g-spot, he pulls out slowly and gently unties the bindings from my ankles and wrists while I catch my breath.

Are you thirsty? Do you need some water?
Yes, I'd love that.

He goes to the kitchen to get the water, and I relax, looking around the room, reading some titles from the books on his shelves, and taking in the city view in his window. Jefferson returns with 2 glasses in his hand. He puts one down on the bedstand close to him, and the other by me.
That one's for you. He indicates.
Thank you I say turning and reaching for it. My mouth is so parched and the water tastes so good. I set the glass down on the table and turn back to Jefferson.

We lay still for a bit, quietly resting, my hand nestled in his. I try and fight the sleep but ultimately can't help drifting in and out of a light sleep. I feel a finger brush lightly over a nipple making me flinch and waking me up.

You're going to have to leave in a half hour, so what would you like to do until then? Jefferson asks me.
I think about it for a second, but nothing specific comes to mind. Anything you want is fine with me.
I'll fuck you for awhile then he says pulling out a condom and rolling it on.
He's about to push inside me when the phone rings.
Sorry, this is so rude... he says before answering.
It's OK I say and grab for another sip of water.

Yeah, she's right here... She does anything I want....You might just meet her...OK, see you in a bit.
That was my friend Meg, she's staying with me for the weekend, and was very nice to vacate the apartment for a bit so I could meet you. You read her blog?
Yeah, I read all of 'em
Well she's on her way back, so if you're not up for meeting her you can run now, or just think it over as I fuck you.... from the other room
he says as he runs out of the room for a second (unlocking the door I'm guessing)
I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere, I was having such an amazing time, and besides, it'd be cool to meet another author of a blog I read all the time.

Jefferson comes back in and starts fucking me again. I think it's a given I have no interest in leaving. He fucks me hard from the start.
Your pussy feels so tight and swollen from so much fucking he says.
I muster a nod, acknowledging what he said.
Jefferson grabs my wrists and pins them down to the bed by my shoulders. I squirm a bit and his grip tightens. Good. We keep fucking, his thrusts hard and deep. Then he grabs my legs lifting them up on his shoulders, raising my hips off the bed.
Am I hitting the same spot as before with my fingers?
Unh, yeah... I say as you pin my arms back down.
In and out, in and out he's fucking me, never missing a beat, and I lose myself in the rhythm. One hand releases and arm and goes to my throat, tightening around it cutting off my air. I struggle, feeling the blood rushing into my head. He loosens his grip and I gulp in a few breaths of air before he tightens again. He lets go again and moves his hand back to my arm.

I feel the familiar tingling that sometimes happens when I have really intense sex, and it's spreading to all my extremities. It starts in my fingers, through my hand and moves to my toes. Then it surges back up to my face, finding a place in my cheeks, nose, and tip of my tongue. Jefferson keeps fucking me harder and harder. Soon I hear Meg come in the apartment, and I get even more turned on knowing someone's out there and can hear us. So I moan a little louder, lol.

The tension and heat keeps rising in my pussy, coming close to what in a normal person would be an orgasm. This is the peak where I usually let out the fake cry and move on, but I won't do it with Jefferson. I just have to try harder.

My hands clench into fists and pound the bed in frustration. Come on, come on, come on, Fucking cum! What is wrong with me?? Why am I so deffective? I argue in my head. I try and focus on everything I'm feeling. I focus on Jefferson's cock fucking my pussy, his hands clenched on my arms, the tingling taking over, paralyzing my hands and toes, words becoming harder to form in my head, nearly impossible to speak.

Talk to me- what's going on? Jefferson inquires.
I can't cum I force out. I want to, but I can't.
You're close though aren't you?
It's OK, I'm not going anywhere, I'm not cumming tonight.
Ok, ok...

Jefferson keeps fucking me at maxium intensity. The tension keeps rising.
I'm right there I say in frustration.
Come on, come on, come on I tell myself.
Come on, come on, come on I hear Jefferson mutter.
I need my clit fingered for there to be any chance of an orgasm. I try to tell Jefferson, but I can't speak. I can only get the F out.
Fh...fh......fh...finger.....finger my clit I force out.
Jefferson moves a hand to my clit and starts rubbing it.
Harder... I ask and he puts more pressure on it.
Faster I say, but he takes my hand and replaces his.
Here, do it...if you give me what I want, I'll beat your ass good.

I regain control of my hand and as fast and hard as I can, work to coax the orgasm out of me. I'm focusing so hard I even stop breathing. I push my body further and further...and then I feel it- my pussy clamps down on Jefferson's cock and starts pulsing, the orgasm spreading through my body. I gasp and moan feeling the warmth spread, peak, and now start to subside.

I'm laying on the bed, eyes still shut, panting, stunned from disbelief.
Did we get it? Jefferson asks.
I nod slowly, Uh huh I say smiling.
We lay still for a bit regaining a bit of energy.
I think it's time for your birthday spanks...
And one more to grow into...Mind if we invite Meg to watch? It'd be rude not too...
Yeah, sure, tell her to come in. I feel bad she's been out there waiting.

Oh Meg!
Jefferson calls into the other room
Yes? I hear her reply.
Would you like to watch me beat Avah's ass?
Yes! I'd love to!

She walks in the room and I meet another stranger behind a blog. She's nothing really what I pictured. I always saw her as a brunette , yet I was now meeting a red-head!

After the introductions Jefferson tells me to turn over. My body's so exhausted it's a struggle to turn onto my stomach.
Is that how you present yourself? On your knees! And where's the audience? Jefferson says to me.
I get up on my knees and turn until I fnally face the right direction. I'm so buzzed I can't really think straight.
See what I have to work with? Jefferson jokes. And spread your feet, Meg likes a nice pussy shot.
I spread my knees further and wait quietly.

Jefferson starts on my ass with his hand, warming it up with easy smacks. He picks up a whip and works it over my ass and back. I take it quietly, breathing steady as I feel the intensity slowly rise. I'm focused on taking as much as I can today, and I know I still have a ways to go so far.

He moves by my head and brings the whip down on my shoulders.
This is the cat-o-nine he informs me. Ever have this used on you before?
No I say, shaking my head. I'm breathing through the warmth spreading over my skin.
Jefferson picks up another tool and lands it on my ass. I jerk from the impact.
This is a slapper. It tends to leave marks.
I nod my head, knowing from past experience. This one always smarts. He spends a good amount of time with this one. He brings it down hard against my ass producing louder moans and making my body jump. My ass gets hotter and hotter, my breathing quickens, and I feel my skin getting damp from sweat. Jefferson pauses and runs his hands lightly over my ass, but I flinch and pull away when he goes over an ultra-sensitive spot. My legs shake slightly underneath me. Come one Avah, keep going, you're doing good, you've got so much more in you I say to myself.
Then Jefferson grabs something else and runs it along my back. I can feel it's a crop.
This is a crop he tells me. He takes a few swats with it, landing one in the crack of my ass, making me yelp.
Oh that did sting, didn't it? He swats a few more times, making them harder than the last one. Then he drops it and grabs something else.
Do you like canes? he asks me.
I've never done it before.
It makes a sharp sting. Here, this is what it looks like. He says slowing me as I pick my head up to see it. Oh my god.
Jefferson taps the cane lightly on my shoulders and ass showing me how it feels.
I think it's time for your 21 swats now.
Ooh, Jefferson, think we should make her count?
Meg suggests.
Excellent idea! Avah- can you count for us?
I say meekly.
What was that?
Ok, I say a bit louder.
We're a bit hard of hearing back here...
Yes! I respond even louder.
Good, that's better.

Smack! One!
Smack! Two!
Smack! Three!
Smack! Four! I cry out each time into the bed.
Smack! Five! I scream and recoil away.
Jefferson gives me a few seconds to recover before continuing...
The next set comes making me cry out louder, sweating more, and squirming with each swat.
Smack! Ahhhhgh! Thirteen!! Wretched unlucky 13. The swats getting much harder and more difficult to bear.
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, all come down harder than the last making me scream into the bed and producing more dry sobs like before.
You can cry if you want. Jefferson offers.
After 17 comes down, Jefferson asks How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Smack! 18?
No, no, that was part of 17.

I groan. But we're almost at 21. So close.
Smack! 18!
Smack! 19!
Then I feel a light smack come down. I pause, not sure what to do. Did you want me to count that?
Uh, no, it's hard, I'm trying to avoid that tender spot and but not concentrate on one area too much.
Smack! Ahhh mother fucker!!...20!! I cry out, covering my head with my hands. Last one.
Smack! Ugh!! 21!!! I cry as the last one lands firmly across both cheeks.

Jefferson drops the cane and tends to my ass, but I pull away, it being too tender for even the slightest touch. I relax on the bed for awhile, exhausted, and trying to get energy to get up and leave. I eventually muster up the strength and make my way to the bathroom to finally pee after 3 hours, and try and fix the mess that took over my hair. I see my ass in the mirror and let out and astonished cry. It's bright red and covered in welts and bruises. Not to mention it's on fire.

You could fry an egg on that ass Jefferson points out. Then he tells me to grab my clothes and bring them into the bedroom to get dressed. I go and gather my clothes and bring them to the room with me. I pull on my tank top and take my panties, turning them right side out, when Jefferson swipes them out of my hands!
You'll have to come back and get these later.
You're taking my panties? I love those though!
You'll get 'em back!
But, but, you're taking my panties?
Come here...
No, no, that's ok, you can have them.
Oooh, raw denim rubbing against your ass, that's gonna hurt
Meg points out.
And they're snug too Jefferson adds.
Oh man I groan. I stare at my pants, looking for the courage to put them on.
I take a deep breath, grab them, and slip them on up to just underneath my ass. I pause before pulling them all the way up. I slide them over my ass and wince in pain. Alright, not so bad, but then again, I'm not sitting yet.

I finish dressing then Meg and I say our goodbyes. Jefferson dresses and walks me to the door. He helps me with my coat and we kiss goodbye, both already waiting for the next time we can see eachother. I walk to the elevator on weak legs, drunk from an earthshattering afternoon. As I wait for the elevator, I pull my hair up into a bun, trying to disguise the look of sex. I step into the elevator and swear the smell of sex fills it, and I'm convinced everyone knows. I smile to myself about my secret. I walk back to my car, thinking about the events that just happened, and already looking ahead to when I can see Jefferson again.


Meg said...

thanks for the lovely show, dear. it was a pleasure meeting you!

Avah said...

Anytime! I'm very glad you enjoyed it- we'll have to do it again sometime!