12 March 2007

Why Aren't You Naked?

My pussy ached and throbbed as I chatted with Kyle online, laying out our fantasies for when we would get naked later that week.

I could feel it dripping, and I whined at my horniness. 2 fucking weeks without sex. Psh. Huh.

"What's wrong with you?" Noelle asked me as she played Scrabble on the computer with her boyfriend.
"Nothing," I moaned.

"and you'll pin me down as you fuck me, right?" I typed onto the computer.
"yes! of course! mmm" he responded.
"what else do you want me to do wednesday?"
"mmmm that's a good question. what do you want?"

Blushing a deep shade of crimson, I responded.

"um, i like being called names"
"mmm perfect. i'm extremely verbal"
"and i like being made to beg"
"i'll definitely make you beg. beg to suck my cock, for me to fuck you, to cum"
"and, um, i like breath play too"
"and being slapped"
"good girl. we really are kindred spirits"

God damn I really needed to be having sex at that very moment, not talking about it.

"i have to run some errands, will you be on later?" he asked me.
"i'm leaving for the city in an hour"
"oh right, your concert with jefferson. have fun and tell me how it goes"
"will do!"

God damn!

I packed my bag for the night and headed to the bus stop, texting Jefferson along the way.

"I'm on my way and so horny I could cry. Be naked and ready to fuck as soon as I get there!"

"PS I'm starving. Got any food?"

I pushed my way through the crowds and made my way up to Jefferson's, dropping my coat and bag on the floor as soon as he let me in.

"Why aren't you naked? I was serious!"
"Ok, ok, I"m coming! Man, you've got it bad."
"Hurry up! We don't have much time either," I said smiling as I pulled off my shoes and socks.

I pulled Jefferson into the bedroom and stripped him naked before throwing my own clothes on the floor. Climbing on the bed, we wrapped our arms and legs around each other and kissed deeply. We bucked our hips against each other's thighs and I felt Jefferson growing hard against me.

I was dripping already.

I pulled him on top of me, my signal I was ready. He grinned at me as he grabbed a condom from the drawer and seemed to take an eternity rolling it on.

I mean, seriously, had I not fully conveyed how fucking horny I was?!

Finally he was in me. He held me close and we kissed as his hips rocked. I pushed mine up against his, faster, trying to get him to quicken the pace. He got the hint and pushed up on his arms a bit, fucking me a little harder.

I moaned louder as Jefferson's cock kept hitting my g-spot and I felt my body get closer and closer to release. I bucked my hips up, rubbing my clit against Jefferson, and soon I was groaning and grabbing at Jefferson as I came hard.

He slowed down for a few strokes as I caught my breath, but quickly resumed fucking me.

He sat up on his knees and pulled my legs over his shoulders, pinning my wrists down to the bed. I moaned and grunted as Jefferson fucked me hard and deep. His hands moved to my shoulders and he fucked me even harder.

My hips matched his pace as I felt myself getting close to orgasm again.

I felt my cheeks tingle and knew I'd put this up there with some of the better fucks I've had.

My toes curled as I felt myself approach the edge. I grabbed Jefferson's waist, keeping him close to me as I pulled myself over.

I came hard. My nails dug into his skin, my back twisted and arched, and I screamed as my pussy clenched down, almost forcing Jefferson's cock out. He held my hips firmly, holding himself in me as my orgasm wiped through me.

He kept fucking me though. I whined and twisted as the sensitivity got to me. My pussy still twitched from my last orgasm and and here I was on my way to another.

I screamed even louder as I got hit again with another powerful orgasm.

"Fuuh-ck!" I moaned, pounding on Jefferson's chest.

My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath, the throbbing in my pussy subsiding.

Jefferson pulled out of me and rolled to my side.

"Well?" he asked me.
"Yeah, that took the edge off."


Edtime Stories said...

incredible description of love, lust, and desire. Thank you for the vivid view into your life.

Phain said...

damn i think i need a cigarette after that one...

Anonymous said...

eep. HOT!

The Fury said...

shit I need a cigarette and I don't smoke. You took the edge off yourself and put it on us!

Tom Paine said...

Another Jersey blogger!