10 March 2007


I checked my stats this afternoon and was shocked to see I'd only had 8 visits so far today.

Aww crap- in my template changing last night, I must have forgotten to put my statcounter code back in.

That must've been it.

So I went and added it back in.

And now I'm up to 20 visits. Um.... Have I been blacklisted or something? Or are people just that busy? I mean, this is really unprecedented. Maybe Statcounter's on the fritz? Hmm...

Just strange.

Don't mind me.


James said...

And to think the most hits I've had on my blog is 50 in a day. I'd take 20 hits if I had them. Also take into account people reading your site from the RSS feeds, which wouldn't show up on the hit counters, I'm guessing.

I'm not sure where everyone else is today, but I know I'm extremely hungover, which is why I'm not reading too much today.

Take care, my dear.

Callie said...

Why the new format? I liked the old one. :)

Avah said...

I wanted 3 columns, and um, was bored. And I'll probably change it again somehow.

Hot Lips Houlihan said...

Personally, I think the black font on the brown background is difficult to read. Just my $0.02.