30 March 2007


I've been thinking...

Yeah, I know. Been doing a lot of that lately.

I don't know if I want to write sex stories anymore. At least not for a little while. I've gotten a little bored with them. And they're really a lot of work. Especially after a year when everything gets to be repetitive.

I mean, really. How many times and different ways can I talk about fucking Jefferson? Especially since we don't do anything interesting anymore.

Yeah, I went there.

The orgies I could still write about. Every month it's something different, which is kinda cool. Though it's really just more sex with a couple different people. But still, stories = a lot of work.

If I stop writing about sex, can I still call it a sex blog though?

And I'm really not even having that much sex. Two, maybe 3 times a month if it's a good month (A time consisting of an entire date, whether it's 2 days or 2 hours long). Pitiful. I know.

Hey- I might actually hit 4 this month! If the universe doesn't continue to fucking hate me. Which, is entirely possible, and I'm not holding my breath that it's going to stop blowing chunks anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Life is more then sex my sweet friend! I know you know that, but I think you need to start living it! Get out there, and get off this infernal machine which can make you feel so connected and at the same time so isolated. I know there are people who want to be with you, and wonderful adventures you could be having that would joyfully take you away from the computer.

Get out in that spring air!

Avah said...

Yes, but the question is whether or not I want to spend time with them.

Not in a people mood tonight.

(And the frequency of my sexual activities wouldn't be an issue if this wasn't a sex blog. Except that it is. So, yeah.)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is anything you make it to be.