31 March 2007

Good News Kiddies

You guys got me for at least 12 more months.

I just purchased designingintimacy.com

Expect more changes over the next few months!



Bear said...

i don't like typing the name, because i always mess it up when typing it, but it's a good idea you own it.

Avah said...

Haha, I mess up the name too, lol.

I'm going to try and make it so the blogspot address redirects to the new address.

Preheated said...

I can't wait to witness the evolution of your blog. Per your previous post on sex stories - I agree. Writing a good one takes a lot of effort.

My heart melted like the molten center of a Chocolate Lava Cake when you commented that you don't like splitting desserts. Me neither! Where's the sense of accomplishment in eating half a slice of pie?

Half of an entire pie, however...